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The Bearded Vapist - Taking the Plunge

Published by nightlord in the blog nightlord's blog. Views: 442

Waddup G's and G-ettes,
So up until this point, I have been rocking fairly simple VV/VW mods, pre-made head tanks, and the like. Simple doesn't really do that any justice though - does it? EVOD's that notoriously flood, getting a 5 pack of crap coil heads, flavor carry-over, small tank size, battery life, and so on. It turns out, simple is actually the opposite.

Don't get me wrong. I love my VV 3.0, I love my mini protank 3, I love my EVOD's, but it's time for a change. It's time for an upgrade. It's time for VAPEMAIL.

I'm fairly solid in electrical theory, and the like, as a tech nerd - I kind of have to be. So, I figured, why not. Also, it's october - and with my pay-schedule, I get 3 paychecks this month. I'm budgeted on 2 checks per month, which means: disposable income. Disposable income=vapemail. (It also means christmas savings, but I digress)

What I'm waiting on:
  • HCigar Nemesis Clone (white in color)
  • KFun 3.1 (Black in color)
  • Tobh atty clone (black in color)
  • A couple more panasonic 18650's
  • Magnet kit for nemesis
  • A kick from fasttech
  • Some zombie apocalypse from AiV (Which is 15% off through october with promo code WALKER)
  • A sampler from AiV

And I absolutely can not wait.
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