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2: The starter kits

I would classify 2 types of electronic cigarette starter kits:
“The proprietary starter kit” and the “Custom made starter kit”:

The proprietary starter kit is the most popular, hassle free, widely available and expensive kind of kit. They usually come with 1 or 2 batteries, a battery charger (often USB), 2 or 3 cartomizers (cartridges) and a carrying case that may or may not be able to charge your batteries. They often imitate the cigarette form factor (cig-a-like) which offers less battery power than bigger devices that are less readily available. You can find them at your local pharmacy, gas station, convenience store and over the internet. They are massively advertised on the internet by dubious “reviewing” websites like this one. Don’t be fooled, these sites are nothing more than a masquerade, publicity in disguise.

Being proprietary they are very simple to use, screw the cartomizer on the battery and vape it, when the cartridge is empty, get another one. The down side is that they mostly offer very little flavoring options, very little versatility and forces you to buy the perishable items that you need from their company. Although there is ways around these obstacles they will not make it easy for you to refill their cartridges on your own and will strongly advise against doing so.

While being the most popular type of kit, they’re the least recommended by the vaping community and experienced vapers because of their poor versatility, poor performance, expensive pricing and “client fidelity” approach to vaping.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of proprietary starter kits: Blu, NJoy, Greensmoke, V2 Cigs, Zero Cigs and Eversmoke.

The custom made starter kit on the other hand are the exact opposite. They are usually a lot cheaper, offers an overwhelming range of possibilities, not as easily available and may or may not be finicky. They are mostly found on the internet or in specialized bricks and mortars vaping stores. With these, you have the power to buy what suits your needs and are not restricted to a single vendor to buy the perishables needed to keep you going.

The Joyetech eGo battery became a standard in the premium electronic cigarette industry. With it's larger format it packs a whole lot more battery life than your typical "cig-a-like" batteries making them more convenient but at the same time less appealing to smokers although a lot of people (myself included) that made the switch from cigarette to e-cigs have reported having a very short adaptation period accommodating to the larger form factor.

Due to it's success, innumerable manufacturers have copied the eGo style battery and it's charger, they are now available on every single websites dedicated to electronic cigarettes (excluding the proprietary websites).

The incredible amount of e-liquid delivery systems that is compatible with the eGo battery can be extremely overwhelming to new vapers. Atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers, glassomizers, and all the other mizers... The jargon goes on and on and makes you want to grab a beer and have a cigarette just so your head doesn't explode, we will call them "atomizers" here for the sake of simplification. And then you have to fill them with one of the thousand of different juice flavors that are out there.

Although none of them makes unanimity, some of these atomizers have gained a better reputation than others and some of them that have made their way to the top of the community recommendations are the Kanger Protank and the Kanger Evod bcc for their ease of use and consistent vapor production. The Vivi Nova and the iClear30 are reputable as well. And let us not forget the old school atomizers and cartomizers like the Boge or the 357.

Despite this seemingly nightmarish ocean of possibility, a versatile and customizable kind of kit like what the eGo and it's compatible atomizers can potentially offer is one of the most recommended starter kit by the community, surpassed only by variable voltage or wattage devices that will be covered in the next section.
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