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'Twas the night I would attempt my first RBA...

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(OR, "Why I almost decided to just burn down the house")

After reading the "Rebuildable Atomizer Systems" forum area for a week and a half (including a very detailed "step-by-step" post by eHuman), and logging more hours on YouTube than some people work, I settled in at 10 p.m. to leisurely dive into my first RBA.

With steel mesh between my fingers offering delightfully wispy crunches, I imagined the best vape of my life might be had before the calendar turned to the next day. Tonight's slumber would bring me peace unlike any I've known. After all, if these practiced gentlemen on the interwebs can do this in less than 30 minutes, giving myself 2 hours should be amply generous. Even without a crackle in the fireplace, my chimney should soon be billowing sweet clouds of vapor, certain to confound my neighbours.

I was like a medieval royal smith charged with suiting the King himself in new armour, so deftly I worked the forge.

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As I beheld my matte ebony wick, I felt a deep satisfaction.

Then, it was onto the spiral that would send the billows of fog wafting through my haven, lulling me into an abyss of relaxation. Employing this spell first cast by "Petar K", I conjured the magic of the perfect coil. After making what I considered a rather impressive 6/7 coil from my 32 gauge Kanthal wire, I wondered what accolades the ECF members might bestow on this inaugural marvel. How dazzled they would all be at what this neophyte accomplished so effortlessly.

View attachment 179115

Watching the glow develop from a just a hint of illumination at the median, to then work its way outward so fluently reminded me of so many peaceful sunrises on Pigeon Lake with a cup of fresh French roast in hand.

It was time...

Gingerly, the black steel artery was so readily enveloped by the alloy tendril that shone so warmly just minutes ago. United, their bourn to be realized in but a breath...

:evil:I'm 'bout ready to launch my Vamo right through the front picture window!

Nothing but a red hot top coil that I've been fiddling with for almost two hours!

...I'm going to vape the begeezes out of a Vivi Nova! See you all later. :mad:
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