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ORDER 2ND COILMASTER 521(or other quality ohm reader), 2 COILMASTER MATs, 2 COIL REMOVAL TOOLS(YELLOW), 2 VAPE CARRYING POUCHES, 2 v3 coil wrapping tools,

Check to see what CoilMaster (or other lab company that supplies you need) has for sale that you want.

## (NEXT 90 DAYS: BUY ALL) Label maker, non conductive tweezers, wire snips, mixing bottles, nicotine test kits, battery powered drill FWD/REV/ADJ Speed, fishing tackle swivels, Argon gas spray, scale, (desiccant) silica for packing electronics away, O-rings, screws, ultrasonic cleaner, BUY TWO 510 Vulcan(BEST) heat sink (so you don't destroy 510 threads on mod ... and use a dab of removable Locktight to secure the heat sink to the mod so it does not FK up the threads. MUST BE ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE!!!), Battery wraps, ...


You need to buy high quality hex driver for the Twisted Messes SQ RDA. The shipped one is not that great, and then I would replace the screws with better screws.

Contact Twisted Messes for the size of the O-rings, screws...see if you can purchase separately. If there is someone in your area who does optometry/watch/clock repair they likely have the correct sized screws. Take the O-rings and screws to "Menards/optometry/watch/clock repair" and have them measured with calipers.

Orings and More | Affordable and Quality Gaskets and Seals

Check McMaster Carr: But as for RDAs, whether they use Phillips head screws, or grub screws, just about everything will be M2, M2.5, or M3. If it's American made, they may be 4-40.

Model shops for toy trains, toys, quad-copters, etc.

Check Fastech if all else fails.
$8.14 Replacement Phillips + Hexagonal Screw for DIY E-Cigarettes (200 Pieces) 200-pack - stainless steel at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

ECF: @avpx1 Recommended O-Ring Shelf life
- 5 years: Polyurethane (millable), SBR, Natural Rubber, Polybutadine, Polyisoprene
- 15 years: Nitrile, Neoprene, HNBR, Polyacrylate, Butyl
- Unlimited: Ethylene Propylene, Fluorocarbon, Perfluorinated Elastomer, Silicone, Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (Aflas®), Fluorosilicone.


- Scale: Amazon - American Weigh Scales LB-501 Digital Kitchen Scale $23.00

- CON:::: When I'm mixing by percentage i use 2 syringes, a cup with an pure alcohol and that's it. One syringe is for Nicotine, PG and VG, the other one is for flavors. After each flavor clean the syringe in alcohol and and go to next flavor and that's it. When i'm done i soak the syringes in the jar of alcohol for couple hours, usually over night, in the morning dry them out and put them back in secure storage. This method is not most precise, but it is consistent, and never had problems with it. Tried with weight and drops couple times, ended up pouring everything down the sink
- for mixing by weight you need an application to convert ingredients to weight measurements. Your scale should read to to the hundredth (.01) to be percise enough for mixing juice.
- The ejuice me up calculator already gives you grams. Just punch in your info on the left and on the right it will give you the recipe in mls, drops and grams. You use the grams for weighing. You have to go to tools and grams set and set the weights. I read somewhere that pg was approx 1.038g, VG 1.26 G and flavouring varied but most use 1g. Not sure of the nicotine. Mine is 50/50 so I might have to weigh it first as well.
- I use 1.06g for nic, 1.08g for pg, and 1.27g for vg. I have the flavor set at 1.03. Any adjustments I make in the recipe I make by adjusting the %'s. I also use the ejuice me up calc.
- The only thing with the ejuicemeup when setting your mixes to grams from mls is you have to save the new grams page as default and redo all your mixes into the new grams default. It wont automatically save your grams setting into your old mixes.

This might help:
Weight of PG: 1.038 grams per ml
Weight of VG: 1.26 grams per ml
Weight of Pure Nicotine: 1.01 grams per ml
Weight of 100mg in PG: 1.0352 grams per ml
Weight of 100mg in VG: 1.235 grams per ml
48mg 50VG/50PG based nicotine solution 1.14 grams per ml.
Flavors range of .93g per ml to 1.07g per ml.

I have the 48nic weight since I cut my 100 into 48 for my own convenience. I run all my flavorings at 1 gram per ml

Weight of PG: 1.038 grams per ml

Weight of VG: 1.26 grams per ml

Weight of Pure Nicotine: 1.01 grams per ml

Weight of 100mg in PG: 1.035 grams per ml

Weight of 60mg in PG: 1.03632 grams per ml

Weight of 50mg in PG: 1.0366 grams per ml

Weight of 48mg in PG: 1.036656 grams per ml

Weight of 36mg in PG: 1.036992 grams per ml

Weight of 24mg in PG: 1.037328 grams per ml

Weight of 100mg in VG: 1.235 grams per ml

Weight of 60mg in VG: 1.245 grams per ml

Weight of 50mg in VG: 1.2475 grams per ml

Weight of 48mg in VG: 1.248 grams per ml

Weight of 36mg in VG: 1.251 grams per ml

Weight of 24mg in VG: 1.254 grams per ml


- If you are tired of giving it all you have to syringe 30 mL's of VG, try using a 60 cc catheter tip syringe. You'll save your arm and be doing your happy dance!

- 25ml/50ml are convenient

- 1 - Ultrasonic Cleaner for cleaning parts and making/aging home made e-liquid

- a good professional grade UC can cost $90+. Some are buying as large as 6L, but don't go big and go cheap. Think abt what your use is going to be.
- 40,000+ Hz frequency may be needed. Don't buy a weak UC. Some have dual transducers that vibrate the liquid.
- stainless steel is a good option. Wipe down/clean the SS all the time or you will get water/lime deposits.
- Should come with a VARIABLE heating/warming element and an ON/OFF switch for warming/heating, and be able to be on for 30 min straight. Don't over tighten bottles going in to the UC or the tops might crack when they cool. WATCH THE HEAT - TOO HIGH AND IT WILL KILL THE FLAVORS! Stay btw 120 > TEMP < 150F and test the results.
- NOTE: Just having the UC ON will heat the water!!!
- Think abt the size of the unit. Can it clean large syringes, 30+ ml bottles, several tanks/rda/rta/ etc, and be used for steeping of several large (125ml) batches of e-liquid?
- The reason that they have cutoffs (3min for the cheap UC, 30min for the better UC) is that the 'motor' needs to cool down between cycles, as a rule of thumb let it rest for an equal amount of time as the cycle. Your cleaner will thank you by living a long and happy life.
- It has been suggested to electrical tape the UC seams so "water" does not get in to the electronics. Also, you might want to tape the mixing bottles shut.
- for a cleaning solution a lot of people use distilled-water/everclear/alcohol. Make sure the alcohol you use is safe! Don't put anything in the UC to clean parts that cannot be digested.
- My UC has a degass mode to rid the UC fluids of air.
- Can be used to quickly steep mixed nic/pg/vg/flavors. Steeping drops from 2 to 3 weeks to 2 to 3 days.
- LEAVE THE TOPS ON THE BOTTLES WHILE STEEPING IN THE UC! You may need large rubber bands on the bottles to keep them upright.
- ECF: @bobalex says to steep un UC for 15 to 25 cycles, others say far fewer <10. The bottles I use hold about 100ml. I make 70ml of juice per bottle. The last batch I had 6 bottles with a rubber band around them so they'd stand up straight in the cleaner. I filled the tank to just under the "max" line on the inside of the tank. I tried putting just one bottle in the cleaner but it fell over and floated on its side. I thought there might be a problem with water leaking into the bottle so that's why I bundled the bottles together with a rubber band.
- ECF: @DigiManTX i have some smaller jars that i use when doing test batches... i rubber band them together and let them float... leave them in there for 2 days... every time i think about it i go run it for the 8+ min cycle... every now and then i'll check the water and if it's still warmer than "warm" i won't turn the heat cycle on... when it cools off a bit, i turn heat back on... a couple times a day i go in there grab them and give'em a good hand shake... don't think it's required, but that's just what ive been doing... other than that... 2 days of cycling then take them out.
- ECF: @Mowgli to test if the UC is running properly, "hold a strip of aluminum foil in the water while it's running. It should shortly develop pin holes."
- ECF: @Mowgli "I start with hot tap water. The UC activity maintains temp pretty well. I dump & refresh with hot tap water again when I start a new cycle after a cooling cycle."
- ECF: Dannyv45 "always taste before you steep. It creates a baseline to compare maturity progress and can even let you know if you have to steep at all."
- AMAZON CUSTOMER: "I have been warned by others that you sould never reach into an Ultrasonic Cleaner while it is running. No immediate buns or damage, but over time it can make the bones brittle... Do not know if it is true, but I thought I would pass it along."

- Might introduce too much air, which would KILL the flavor and oxidize the nic quickly.
- some have been looking for a lab bench blender. might be worth it for mixing steeping.
- do not use glass beads in case they break up. use some type of metal that is spun within the liquid
- some blenders have hot plates to warm liquids as they stir
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