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Vaping might kill me! And that's ok.

Published by Steam Turbine in the blog Steam Turbine's blog. Views: 282

Will vaping kill me? I don’t know!

Does pg/vg break down into formaldehyde or other carcinogens when vaped? I don’t know!

Does silica shards or dust escapes from the wick and gets stuck in my lungs and eventually give me a nice silicosis or what not? I don’t know!

Does chromium oxides and other nasty stuff escapes from my KICKASS oxidized gennies stainless steel mesh, inflicting me with god knows what chromium oxides does to the body? I don’t know!

Will vaping plasticize my whole body rendering my corpse indestructible for the next million years making me the most sought after remnant of the human kind by future intelligent species on this planet. I don’t know!

Will smoking kill me? You bet it will!!!

I am a test subject in this whole new vaping thing and I am well aware of it. Because of me… because of us, the next generation might have a truly safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes… or not.

If you ask me… That is worth every pennies I’m putting into it. (read several 100's of dollars)

Happy vaping every body!

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