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Wanna feel good ?

Published by DJ Colonel Corn in the blog DJ Colonel Corn's blog. Views: 403

I feel pretty good and I'll tell you why !
I just donated to ECF Forum.............and it feels great.
Feels good to give something back and to know I'm helping support this great forum !
So, adventures in vaping.

I've been using my ecig with no problems in 4 cafes, however, #5 was a disaster.
I was there using my laptop and occasionally using my vape discreetly , as I do in the other 4 locals cafes.
Well, a large heavily built man approaches my table aggressively, and says, "I saw you using your thing on the video camera ! THAT'S ILLEGAL and you CANT SMOKE.... "
So i said , calmly, well, OK I won't use it any longer.
He says "PUT IT AWAY NOW", as I had it sitting on the table.
I said "Sir, I won't use it, but just so you know, it's not smoke, I wouldn't be that offensive and ignorant"
He says, "It's smoke, it's smoke!!! I can SEE IT!! I've seen you on camera !!!"
I said fine sir I won't use it.
Then it came time to refill my cup, and as I paid for it , I mentioned to the woman at the cash register that the man didn't need to be so rude about it.
She says "Well , he's a citizen (the man is full-blooded Mexican), and, he's the Owner, so there's nothing you can do!"
I was astonished. I replied, "Wow, ma'am, you people are very rude."
So she says "Well then, DON'T COME BACK..."
Just amazing the reaction some people have to the ecig.

Remember to read my post "Websites 4 U", it's got a lot of great links. Find it here .
So folks that's the entry for tonight.
Vape on !
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