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Whoops ! Broke it.

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Hello, and thanks for reading the blog.

Broke my Crown IV Checkmate Tank glass last night, dropped the mod onto a metal bar.
Atomizer is fine, but broke a small piece out of the bubble glass.
Mine came installed with the bubble glass. Apparently they don't lube up the o-ring when they install the glass, cuz I never was able to exchange the bubble for the straight.

So ,since the Crown IV comes with a replacement glass, straight one, i proceeded to exchange it. Wasn't easy getting that old glass off.
Did it, but encountered some leaking ! What's this, I thought ? This tank has NEVER leaked on me, even on its side.

In the morning, I saw at my work station, a broken lonely O-ring sitting there, that I hadn't noticed in my dim night lighting.
Ah ! So, went to the replacement O-ring pack that comes with the Crown IV, and replaced the upper glass O-ring, being sure to wet it with e-liquid 1st.

Wonderful ! She's dry again !
Now, I need another O-ring pack, and more glass !

@Uwell_Elle gave me this photo to help me locate the O-ring placement:

However. in the O-ring pack, I noticed a large felt-like washer.
Not sure where this goes.....

Now, I'm back in action !


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  • CorollaGirl1980
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