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Why does my atomizer crackle&pop and spit hot juice on my tongue?

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The simple answer:
Too much juice on your coil.

Then when the coil is heated (crackle) bubbles of superheated vapor will violently expand outwards (pop) and in the process throw hot droplets of liquid into your mouth hole (spit).

What do I do about it?

The simple answer:
Reduce the amount of juice on the coil using one or a selection of the steps below.
  1. Increase the density of your wicking. Tighter wicking through the coil will restrict the flow of juice being delivered to it.
  2. Increase the viscosity of your juice. Using a juice with a higher proportion of VG will make the juice thicker and less of it will end up on your coil.
  3. Check your coils for hot-spots. This can produce produce excessive popping and spitting along with other nasty symptoms
  4. Hit the power before you put the drip tip to your mouth.
  5. Reduce your wattage. Less power will decrease the violence of said pops and crackles.
If you use premade factory coils, then choices 1 and 3 and possibly 2 are not an option. This might be a good time to move to a rebuildable system like an RDA or an RTA.

Bear in mind that some popping/crackling/spitting is a part of many atomizers normal operation especially at higher power levels.

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