CorollaGirl1980 Apr 24, 2019
Congrats to you for switching to vaping. I have not had bronchitis for 3 years, which is how long it's been since I switched from cigarettes to vaping. I am on 0.10 mgs of nicotine, I will continue to vape even after I no longer need the nicotine simply because I enjoy it. What really gets me is the fact that vaping helps reduce negative health issues caused from all the chemicals in cigarettes that vaping does not have. I no that no matter what we are inhaling it is not meant for us to be doing so, but I choose to and I choose to vape because it is the lesser of the 2 evils. What I don't understand is why we aren't pushing to ban cigarettes, which is worse and why we would eliminate the vape which I understand is attracting the younger generations which I don't support but if they are going to choose to inhale anything I would prefer it to be vaping because there are less chemicals. Why is it that the income from cigarettes and the money brought in from illnesses related to them is acceptable? And its acceptable to keep available for purchase simply because of the money generated from it, you would think vaping which has less health problems related to it would be the obvious option to keep around. I think no matter what we have teenagers are going to have an interest in it. The best thing would be to check ID's for age verification, and stop selling to under age buyers. Do we really want our only option to be the cancer sticks we have tried so hard to get off from and have actually been successful of quiting by switching to vaping?