1st Vape Meet

I went to my 1st Vape Meet on the 30th of October and it was not at all what I expected it to be and some of what I expected. Since this was my first one, I had so looked forward to it for at least a month or better and when the day came to attend, I could not get out of work fast enough. When I finally got there, the room which was roughly the size of a 3 car garage was already packed with clouds and it hung in the air like a thick carpet. The Meet was scheduled to start at 3pm and I had made it there between 3:30 and 4pm.

I was eager to go to this meet as I had purchased a couple raffle tickets earlier and wanted to win a Mech mod so I could give Dripping a go. Shortly after getting there, I purchased a couple more in high hopes of winning something. Well they started pulling names about 20 minutes after I got there and pulled names every 30 minutes or so after that. I sat there in the thickness of the air and watched my good intentions go right out the window. The raffle was bogus as there was one person who had won 3 different times. Before I came to Alabama and before I stepped foot into this Vape Meet, I always thought that if you won a raffle, you were disqualified from any further drawings so other people who have been sitting there for 3 hours might have a chance to win something. Well, not true at this Vape Meet. Then the straw that broke the camels back was when one of the employees of the shop won a drawing. That is when I thought to myself that this was a line of dung and I wasted not only my money on those stinking raffle tickets but also the 4 hours I was holed up in this room with high hopes of at least winning a freaking tee shirt.

They started getting names for the Cloud Competition and that is when I made my move to head on down the road on mark this one up as done and very reluctant to attend another one of these local Vape Meets. I am sure that this may not be the case at other Vape Meets and I will eagerly attend one should the opportunity arise for me to do so. Just a bad experience for me this time. I will continue to frequent the establishment as they sell a particular brand of juice I am very fond of and I can get a pack of coils in a hurry there. Good people work there and with the fact that this is the 1st Meet they hosted, maybe they will do a better job the next time they have one.

Time Will Tell.


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