This section of the blog includes a list of abbreviations and a section called Tips and Whatnot, which includes links to posts providing bits and bobs of info that people might find useful. Other sections cover beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) and cereals, candy/desserts/bakery (in two parts), cheesecake and frozen desserts, fruit/vegetable/floral, mint/menthol and miscellaneous, stones and bases, and tobacco.

ABBREVIATIONS (of flavor manufacturers' names)

BF - Bickford
CAP - Capella
CC - Chef's Choice
CCW - Cupcake World
CSC - Chefs Super Concentrates (Chefs Flavours)
CSL or SL - Silver Line (Capella)
CV - Chemnovatic
DV - Decadent Vapours
DIYFS or DFS - DIY Flavor Shack
EF - Euro Flavors
FA - FlavourArt
FC - Flavour Creative
FE - Flavors Express
FJ - FlavorJungle (formerly ecigexpress)
FLV - Flavorah
FM - Flavormonks
FR or REV - Flavor Revolution
FW - Flavor West
Gremlin - Gremberry Farms
H or HS - Hangsen
INA, INW - Inawera
JF - Jungle Flavors
LA - Lorann Flavors
LB - Liquid Barn
M&P - Mom & Pop Vapor shop
MB - Molinberry
MF - Medicine Flower
NF - Nature's Flavors
NR - Nicotine River (now River Supply)
OOO, ooo, 1O1 - One on One
OSDIY - One Stop DIY shop
PUR - Purilum
RF - Real Flavors
RS or River - River Supply
SA - Super Aromas (same as Sobucky Super Aromas)
SC - Super Concentrates
SSA - Sobucky Super Aromas
TPA or TFA - The Perfumer's Apprentice/The Flavor Apprentice
VSO - VSO Flavors
VT, VTA - Vape Train Australia
WF - Wonder Flavours


Brandy and gin as enhancers

Caramel and butterscotch: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 (contains recipes), part 5, part 6 (contains recipe), part 7 (contains recipe)

FA MTS Vape Wizard and TFA Smooth (#ShowMeTwice's much more thorough take)

Flavor notes - champagne and fizzy flavors

Flavor notes - coconut

Flavor notes - creams

Flavor notes - grapefruit (P.S., note on INW's grapefruits)

Flavor notes - lemon

Flavor notes - liquor

Flavor notes - pineapple

Flavor notes - raspberry (and a little extra on TFA Raspberry Sweet)

Flavorah's "Mastering The Art Of DIY Vapor"

Green Tea (Flavors Express)

Maximizing mango

Smoky Blue's FLV Notes and Recipes

Using flavors to add sweetness and/or creaminess: part 1, part 2

Vanillas (part 1, part 2)
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