Irish Cream

Bottle Size: 5ml
Nic Level: 6mg
PG-VG - 50/50

Finally a juice that I like from EC Blend. I like this juice alot as it has a nice darkish taste with a subtle sweetness to it. This is one of the juices that I will be reordering from this vendor and will probably get the 15ml bottle next. I do not think I gave this juice enough time to steep and I am already needing to get another bottle as it was hard to not fill up a Mini Protank and vape the mess out of it while at work.

This is sure to be one of my favorite flavors yet doubt it will be one to chalk up as an all day vape. There is only a couple that I would consider to be worthy of an all day vape and unfortunately this would not make the cut to be one of them. I still rank it high up on the list though.

I am giving it a 4 out of 5.



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