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I have created a catagory I will use for my reviews of Juices that I have tried since I started vaping and purchasing juices online. I have tried several online vendors for purchasing my juices and have been disappointed more times then I have liked for what I have gotten online and I suppose one contributing factor is that I am not able to "test taste" the juice prior to buying them. I would order a juice simply named Banana and would expect to get a juice that taste simular to bananas or at least close to it and so far I have not been able to findd an online retailer that could supply me with a juice that tatse exactly like i would expect it to.

EC Blends has been the one vendor I have been sticking with simply because they offer a lot of different juices and they even have several options where I can create my own blend should I be brave enough to do so. Well I wouldn't say brave enough but I dont think I would even dare try to fabricate a special blend just yet until I get an idea on what their base flavors taste like and I could make a better decision on what I would want in my own special blend of juices.

I would be encouraged and delighted if anyone who reads these lines share their taste experiences if they should have happened to try the same juices I have written about and reviewed.

Thanks for reading.


Not sure if you're aware, but there's a place called JuiceDB that could really benefit from more people using it.

Way better than some hidden blog feature on here, and they have individual review/rating sections for vendors and juices.

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