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Ok, I've decided to start blogging. I just started vaping less than 2 months ago and i thought it would be helpful to those who maybe just a little behind me on things to watch my journey unfold. Also it hought it might be nice for some of you veterans to see and maybe remember the beginnings. every new discovery i make will be blogged here. from attys, tanks, batteries, mods, every note worthy juice i try all of it. im gonna start by making a bunch of posts about things i discovered up until now and then it'll slow down while i discover new things. One thing your going to get here is honesty. This blog is not meant to put down any company or thier flavors or items. But if your stuff isnt that good im gonna say it, and if its awesome im gonna say it. im not gonna bore you with every single flavor i vape ever, like i said note worthy. Unless of course you guys end up really liking my Flavor reviews then go ahead and let me know and ill try to do more. you might hear about a few B & Ms but that probably won't be widely popular for ECFers cause those will be my local shops. As far as juice is concerned if i give a negative review on a flavor im gonna try real hard to balance that with a positive review on another flavor from the same company if i get the chance. past the first positive and negative for a company im probably not going to give anymore for that particular company unless it really strikes me to do so. This blog will probably already have more juice reviews than gear only because lets face it ALL of us buy more juice than gear lol. OK here it goes welcome to my journey.


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