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Reviews of juices as I try them. My thoughts on random topics pertaining to vaping and LIFE.... not particularly in that order. All of the juices reviewed here are purchased by myself and are not biased, so read at your own risk!
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  1. So here's what I've been experimenting with for the last month and my personal views on them in a nutshell :

    Front Row: (favorites that have progressed to large tanks - ADV's this week, anyway...)
    Cyclops Vapors: Colossus -- still love it and its been refilled several times
    Cyclops Vapors: Poseidon -- fruity treat, still in good standing
    Gremlin Juice: Vanilla Custard --yep, still in love w this one
    Gremlin Juice: Red White & Blue -- same
    Moon Mountain Vapor: Cosmo's Custard -- same
    Velvet Cloud Vapor: Mewlew's Magic -- growing less fond of this one lately
    Pink SPot: Happy Ending -- favorite refreshing "go to"
    Pink Spot: Swagger -- less popular right now
    GoodLifeVapor: YoPlay Parlay -- taking a backseat to MaddCatts Strawberry & Waffles, but still staying on the favorites rotation

    Third Row: (jury is still out - but moved past dripper test to Nano test)
    Big Willie's Custard - too faint for me most days, but a keeper
    Quack Factory: Goose Joose --- love. - moving to front row status
    HHV: Blade -- loosing its appeal of late, moving to storage for now
    GLV: Deadly Sin -- traded, not loving this
    GLV: El Kamino -- intriguing, but not an ADV, keeping in storage
    Blueprint: C.r.e.a.m. -- love
    Blueprint: a-train -- love
    Blueprint: page-6 -- love

    In the Bull Pen -- the drip test results are:

    5 from 5Pawns ~ 5 standard sampler -- yuk. dont like their base of french vanilla. SOLD

    4 from Nicoticket ~ Gravity, H1N1 "Virus", Doodle, Custard's Last Stand, Altered State - CLS and CB still my faves, Be Mine is lovely twist. Virus and Doodle are not getting used as much, but still very flavoirful vapes

    3 from EC Blends ~ Dragon's Milk, Monday's Donut, and Rasberry Twinkie -- flavor just wasn't what i needed - SOLD

    Jolly Rogers - Captain's Custard - good faint custard, taste disappears in a tank, but its good for toning down overly strong juice or adding a custard note to plain ones - keep

    The Nectar: Cream Puff - nope, I don't get much of anything special in this one. SOLD

    I'll update "what's in the Box" for this month later, until then Vape On !!

  2. View attachment 305791 View attachment 305795
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this setup that I've been carrying around in honor of V-Day, Privadero tank from Kir Fanis filled with Nicoticket's special Feb release eliquid Be Mine with my red/red Provari, and a black leather sleeve with little hearts cut out all over it from Serenity Gear.

    It's really hard to decide what makes my heart skip a beat when I look at it..My Hot Provari setup this month.... OR..when I saw this...
    View attachment 305792

    Yowza!! It's enough to give a girl palpitations !!

    View attachment 305793

    Happy V Day my ECF friends ~~ may YOU find something or someone who gives YOU palpitations, too!

    Be Well,
  3. View attachment 297478

    This weeks' juices:

    Front Row: (favorites that have progressed to large tanks - ADV's this week, anyway...)
    Cyclops Vapors: Colossus
    Cyclops Vapors: Poseidon
    Gremlin Juice: Vanilla Custard
    Gremlin Juice: Red White & Blue
    Moon Mountain Vapor: Cosmo's Custard
    Velvet Cloud Vapor: Mewlew's Magic
    Pink SPot: Happy Ending
    Pink Spot: Swagger
    GoodLifeVapor: YoPlay Parlay

    Third Row: (jury is still out - but moved past dripper test to Nano test)
    Big Willie's Custard -
    Quack Factory: Goose Joose
    HHV: Blade
    GLV: Deadly Sin
    GLV: El Kamino
    Blueprint: C.r.e.a.m.
    Blueprint: a-train
    Blueprint: page-6

    In the Bull Pen -- Steeping flavors for next week:

    5 from 5Pawns ~ 5 standard sampler
    4 from Nicoticket ~ Gravity, H1N1 "Virus", Doodle, Custard's Last Stand, Altered State
    Suicide Bunny - Derailed
    5 from Black Cloud ~ Rose's PB Cup, Flatline, Banana Split, Vanilla custard, Ripe Strawberry
    3 from EC Blends ~ Dragon's Milk, Monday's Donut, and Rasberry Twinkie
    Jameson's - Amelia
    VapeSyndicate - Love Box
    Jolly Rogers - Captain's Custard
    The Nectar: Cream Puff

    Shout Outs from Last Week:

    GLV: YoPlay Parlay -- this was a surprise! This is the first flavors I've tried in months that went straight from the dripper to a large tank. Creamy sweet yogurt w berries and a granola finish...wicked good even though I really don't care for "real" yogurt or granola == I'm not a healthy eater most of the but I LOVE this juice... immediately ordered a larger bottle.

    WildBlueVapes: Vanilla Bean Cheesecake -- Homemade DIY a friend here on ECF sent to me, and it blew me away.. best cheesecake vape I've had so far... immediate tank status!
    Have to get with my friend and get details on this dude - will update for you later :))

    Copper Creek - House Blend: never thought I'd like a tobacco vape, but this one changed my mind and now I have entirely new avenues to explore... got a bottle of this on a trade in PIF and it is scary good. Smooth and full, rich and dreamy! The nice part was vaping in out of the box! Gotta love it when your friends pre-steep for you :)

    That's it for now folks ~ got studying to do ~ check in for the "3rd Row" reviews the end of the week and see who gets filed under "Keep" "Trade" or "Toss".


  4. New Trader here :2cool:

    I have a little of everything, so please read closely. If i leave any info out - please PM me and let me know.

    -- 0mg category -- all Rocketfuel Juices 5ml bottles - new
    (2) Love Potion #9
    (2) Cuppa Jolt
    (1) Rocket Blend
    (1) Dolly's Blue Ribbon

    Born on October 20, 2013
    PG/VG is 70/30
    12mg and approx 18ml in each bottle:

    Dragon Dew
    Smaug's Hoard
    Hazy Red
    Gamers Juice
    Dew Drop 16mg sample - 3ml
    Natural Peach 16mg sample - 3ml
    pending trade to remmy00

    Totally Wicked - Patriot Range born on 10/13
    (all are 10ml bottles ~approx 9ml+ in each)

    18mg Tigers Blood
    18mg Blueberry Tobacco

    14mg Tigers Blood
    14mg Blueberry Tobacco
    14mg Orange Cinnamon
    14mg Orange Cream
    14mg Holiday Spice

    Halo 12 mg born on 10/21/13
    (2) SubZero 10ml each
    7ml Menthol Ice traded to jeffya
    7ml Malibu

    MBV - 12mg 80/20 Sour Grape ~15ml

    HHV - sample of Menthol Ice ~3ml

    Good Life Vapor born on 11/12/13
    Bangkok Dangerous 12 mg ~7mltraded to ccwater
    Corrosion 12mg ~5ml
    Magic Fairy 12mg ~7ml
    Deadly Sin 12mg ~25mltraded to ccwater
    El Kamino 12mg ~20ml

    (2) Pink Spot - Happy Ending - 12mg 15ml

    (2) Wildblue Vapes - Vanilla bean CC - 12mg 50/50 - 15ml

    (2) Grant's Vanilla Custard - born 9/13 - 12mg 50/50 - 15ml - (1) traded to jeffya, 2nd traded to ccwater

    Mountain Oak Vapors:
    Nirvana 9mg 70/30 5ml
    Coffee&Cream 9mg 70/30 5ml
    Classic Country RY4 9mg 70/30 5ml

    NLV Gold 6mg 65/35 born 3/13 - 10ml traded to jeffya
    NLV Gold 12mg 65/35 born 3/13 - 10ml[/S] - traded to jeffya
    Bounty Hunter 65/35 born 5/13 - 15ml[/S] - traded to jeffya
    Tapulles 12mg 65/35 born 5/13 - 15ml

    MVP Cherry Fusion 16mg 50/50 10ml
    Gremlin's EggNog 12mg 50/50 7ml
    Perfect Storm Energy Drink 8mg 10ml
    AquaMax Apple Pie 12mg 10ml
    MiOmi It's Cold Outside 18mg - 10ml
    Rocketfuel - Calamity Jane 18mg - 10ml
    Rocket Blend - 18mg - 10ml

    That's it so far guys and gals !! A few things about me - I only do 12mg -
    I am a total Custard Head - in search of every custard on the planet..LOL... and I love most of them!

    Hit me up if anyone has anything interesting they would like to trade me for :))

    I'd like to try some Heady Vapes or some Goose/Gizzard Juice if anyone has some.

    Cheers! ~ A.[/QUOTE]
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