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  1. I'm super excited to become a jr. Mod :D
    QUOTE=jj2;5335697]A big welcome to AmandaMarie!!!

    She has graciously agreed to help with WWB and the PreVet List!

    She is a brave girl!!![/QUOTE]
  2. Come share your favorite accessory with us!
  3. I daydream about the "posiedon Adventure" one:wub: I wish my hubby would just buy it for me already...:D
  4. I love partying with all of the vets and pre vets!!!

  5. Just great quality information :)
  6. I love my Squirell Queen Lanyard!!! :wub::wub::wub:
  7. I recieved another Treasure Chest! I am so thankful for this community! I am on such a budget(ok,lets face it I'm broke) I couldn't be happily smoke free without wonderful people like this in the world.I never want to take advantage of any "system so this will be my last TC taken until I have one to give up!
  8. this is my next pv...quote me:D I wants the precious,gives me the precious now.:vapor:
  9. Chris pooping on my first win at got vapes! Yahoo!!
    I have that winners high right now but I know deep down inside I am still just a "loser" :D
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