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  1. Now that I no longer smoke, I realize there were several times when cigarettes - and the fact that I smoked them - altered my life's journey. Take for example, my first carton acquisition...

    A bunch of us 'hippie' kids were hanging out in Evergreen, Colorado, in front of the grocery store on Main Street. One of us, Huck, a guy I had a massive crush on (or I probably wouldn't have been hanging out there) was leaning against the front window with his friend, John, knocking against the glass with the heel of his waffle stompers. Next thing you know, the big plate glass window shatters and cartons of cigarettes rain down on us. Naturally, we all grabbed a carton and ran. Around the block, Huck and John ran into an alley and I followed blindly. John realized he had grabbed a carton of Kools - which none of us smoked. So he stole my carton of Marlboros...

    Huck was killed in a skiing accident a few years later. I saw John on the news a couple of years ago, petitioning to be released from psychiatric custody, where he'd been for nearly 30 years. When you try to kill a president, they tend to lock you up.

    Yeah, John Hinkley, Jr., stole my smokes. I wonder if he still smokes...?
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