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  1. How do I say good by to you? Nearly two decades have passed between us and now were down to our final week together. How could this have happened? Where did the years go? I knew "someday" some random future date, one I have always dreaded would inevitably steal you away from me. But now is NOT THE TIME! I just can't bare it.

    You have been at my side for half of my life. Half of my life and I at your side always.

    I can't breath properly now, my throat keeps closing in on me. My chest aches, my face is raw from the tears and my heart is shattering into thousands of raw broken pieces. Yet I have to continue on. Life is for the living. No?

    I know our time together was wonderful. No days were wasted nor was love ever with held. I have ZERO regrets but the need for more time.

    I made you that promise years ago and I will keep up my side of the bargain just like you have. I won't let you suffer for my sake. I will let you go but the loss is just so great.

    I will love for the rest of my life and I pray I will hold you again on the other side. You will always be my baby love, my best friend, my dearest, My Ginger.

    The Rain has come.
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