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  1. Ok, I know some of ya'll aren't as lucky as me....Well, as far as being blessed with 5 kids, a loving wife, and a great selection of local vape shops!! Yea, here in my area, DFW, it seems that vapor shops are so comon they're like Starbucks. In no way am I joking either. It may seem like a great deal for those who don't have that luxury. Well, here's the problem, I guess problem, which one to choose?!?!?! I've lately been able to convince my wife that shop hoppin is a good idea. We're both pretty set on our devices, me more so than her. I've got a couple of mech mods(both clones) and a couple drip attys and a couple genie's(all clones). Say what you about the clones, when you have 5 kiddos, you buy what you can. But hey, back onto the topic at hand. Some of the shops I have been to before, so I didnt want to go back, but I did on the hopes they improved. One DID!! Boy oh boy was I glad I did go back. The juice selection was off the charts. The prices were pretty good, on some of the stuff...and high on others. But I went to a new shop and noticed they had a great selection with sky high prices. So, if a new vaporer were to go in, they'd have their head ripped off......but their juice selection was why I was there. They had a good bit to pick from but none on shelves. That was odd I thought, well upon further conversation I found out why. They make the juice to order, that is pretty dang cool until I asked a question I already knew the answer to, who long should I steep this? The answer I got, about made me run out the doors. Ready, 'What's that mean?' so not to be rude, I told her, you steep you liquid to get the best flavor. It is a must for 99.99% of liquid. It lets the pg/vg/nic/flavor/sweetner become one liquid. Her response, 'Oh you don't have to do that with our eliquid'. Ummm.....WHAT THE F?! I bought a bottle, only because it was 7.50usd. Well, that was the worst 7.50 I have spent in a long time. I will never go back to that shop. Vapin Haze is on the Black list as far as I'm concerned and anyone in DFW, mainly Lewisville, don't go. I beg of you. I also drove 40 minutes to a shop that is in Plano, iSky Vapor. Love the shop. The guys in the shop were super friendly and helpful. Their selection was huge. I will def be goin back!! But heck why not try a few more shops now?!?!? I'm super exicted to Vape Shop Hop now!!:vapor::vapor::vapor::vapor::vapor:
  2. Look many of us are wanting more out of life than we have. i thought i had that when i joined a motorcycle club. it's not a 1%er club. this club actually has what they claim of a mission. The mission was to help kids that are addicted to drugs/drinking/or even gettin bullied. Plus riding with brothers. This is something that is near and dear to me. All of it. But here's the problem, when the Top person, hell the 'founder' has no control over what happens there is an issue. I am a Marine, ret. I loved the love of military, clubs are supposed to give you that feeling again, or so i thought. With the club i WAS in this didnt happen. I couldnt stand it so as of today, i'm out. I'm a 'lone wolf'. I will ride with guys I respect. Not guys who wanna play a MC life. This is not a life for me. I will enjoy vapin, and riding solo...... till later vape strong!
  3. Ok, howdy ya'll this is my first blog, and it's gonna be a lil'complaining and lil'props given. Most is just gonna be IMHO. First I have been a memeber of this forum for about 2 years and this is the most knowledgable people about vaping. So thanks ya'll. Next I wanted to say that i'm pretty ...... at amazon vendors. Ok, it's my fault for buyin off amazon and not a vape site, but hey i was tryin to save money. I ordered a couple of 26650 batteries. Well, the package was all jacked up when it came in. Ok, it happens, but one of the batteries was not in good shape, which again i get it may not have been the vendors fault, but com'on package the batteries better!! Well to my dismay i found the batteries i ordered are NOT what i thought brand wise. Again, i know my fault. But now I know better than to order the 'cheapest' cause frankly i would have rather spent another$5 bux and supported a local shop. Which I'm gonna do next time. Speaking of local shops, they're not all the same. And in some cases I wont step foot into a local shop. There is one that when i was first signed up on here i loved. In fact i raved about the shop. The guy had very good prices on juice, 9.99 for a 30mL. Great deal right? Buy local right? WOW I was proven wrong. I even went and helped this guy out by working a couple days a week for him. Turns out over half of his 'hand crafted' juice wasnt even crafted by him. Since there was a falling out, i have ventured into some really nice vape shops, still local, and MAN what a difference. The people have more than one brand of juice, Nothern Lights, Sucicede Buddy-not sure how much longer, Teleos, 3 Dukes to name a few. The list is actually much longer. Some of them do make their own, but dont push it so heavily. Plus the ladder mentioned shop, barely stocks and MODs or does the owner know about them. He has even said, they're not the people i want in here. WTH?! I dont know, dont ask please. It has been a year since i've been in his shop and wont go back. Now, the other shops I've been too, the people are awesome, super friendly and know more than the customers. Yeah i know they should! Anyway I'm not even sure how a blog is supposed to work, but :facepalm: im gonna post this.
    Ok, so if ya'll wanna know the local shop i'm avoiding, PM me. I wont blast them here.
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