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  1. Alright ECF I'm back.
    Let's give you all an update. I've upgraded to an eGo type PV, quit vaping even for an ENTIRE YEAR.
    Then what happened? I joined a darts league and started hanging out with a lot of people who were heavy smokers. Like an idiot, I reached for the analogs when I was drinking, and said "Oh just while I'm drinking" before I knew it I was just about a pack a day smoker again.
    So I said to myself did I really want this to be me? No. So I went and re-ordered another eGo kit, and found new flavors that I like. So I'm back to vaping, and back to doing this whole thing again. Starting at 18mg nicotine and will once more slowly lower my nic concentration. Maybe one day I can give it up entirely again.
    But until I do, I'm back and enjoying my vapes. So watch for future blogs...I'm at it my boss calls my PV, my pacifier in hand LOL
    Vape away!
  2. Well hello again and welcome back :D

    I must say, I never thought that something so healthy for me could taste as good as it does. LOL Today I started vaping my Pineapple flavor from VB and yeah, love it. As my friend tells me I'm a flavor w****. LOL

    But the thing I find weird, is after smoking the same thing for TEN YEARS, you'd think it'd be the same for vaping...but knowing what flavors are out there for me, I just can't stick to one flavor all day. I have tried, it is just not possible.

    So, I will be posting pictures soon (probably after the holidays when I buy the rest of my stuff) of my WHOLE VAPING KIT! And has reached that point, where I can no longer say I just have a box of flavors and a few is now a kit. In a pretty decent sized toolbox.

    But of course...being female, and being addicted to making things look girlie, I have modified my toolbox, my PCC and the inner boxes of the toolbox so that they look nice and girlie...I know it's ridiculous...but I know there are women out there on this forum...who do the exact same thing as me. So I know I am not the only one who is slightly insane where it comes to prettifying my stuff.

    VAPE ON! :vapor:
  3. Well...for those of you reading, welcome back :D.

    So today begins the fourth week of no more stinky analogs...and I have to say, I feel great and better than ever.

    This weekend was spent with lots of craziness, and of course the holiday decorating was done on Sunday afternoon. I have my cute little tree up...and it's all shiny and twinkly. I got a little bit more to do, but that won't be too tough.

    I made my first mistake ordering juices :( I ordered 100% PG juice from Vapor Bomb, and as much as I LOVE the flavor, I get like no smoke...but hey nicotine is nicotine and I will keep on smoking it till it's gone...and then I shall replace with 80% PG and 20% VG just to get a little more smoke.

    But anyways going well...hope everyone is happy and healthy during the holiday season!

    Vape Away! :vapor:
  4. Yes, at my friends insistence I am starting this darn blog. LOL

    Well as of today, it has been three whole weeks since I've quit analogs. And for those of you out there who may be debating getting one in your head. My suggestion? DO IT! It has made my life so much better. I don't stink, my house doesn't stink, and best of all I'm not killing myself everytime I take a drag!

    I smoked analogs for 10 years, or it would've been ten years at the end of December. Just after THREE weeks of vaping...I breathe better, I don't feel sick all the time, I SLEEP better. I feel all around healthier...I have more energy than I know what to do with. That's not even the best part...I swear food has NEVER tasted better, and I smell things 1 MILLION times better.

    Anyways, simply this has been the best decision of my life.

    Currently vaping:
    -Joye 510 batt/atty combo in shiny blue!
    -Current flavor: Strawberry (with many others in reserve)

    Read later for what I'm using to store my stuff, and interesting little here and there quirks about myself!
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