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Blog entries by caffeinator

  1. My cat eats better than I do. But, she's worth it. :) [IMG] My Tiki going NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM on the aforementioned food...DO NOT GET IN THE WAY!! [IMG]
  2. It happens with cartos. I don't fill them on the batt as I usually condom fill the first time, but then I just add drops as needed to keep it "shushy" like. But, sometimes it drips down. You can tell immediately from the drop in performance and/or gurgles. Just take the carto off, and check...
  3. Saw this on the imgur blog, made my day. =) It’s in the letterbox..
  4. Vaped a bunch while watching GoT with a nice Fat Tire Amber Ale, then decided a nap was in order. =) Woke up and reached for the E-Pow like it was normal. Yay! I haven't rolled a stinky (not THAT kind ya weirdos) since I got the kit. I even put my beloved Zippo in a drawer...outa sight outa...
  5. Well, I'm officially a Vaper now. w00t! I'd had a buddy mention it as a solution after I found out my Apt. building was gonna ban smoking after I'd lived here a decade. ACK! So, I looked for alternatives, researched it all for like a week and then joined here, researched some more....and...
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