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  1. So out of 8 flavors I have found one flavor I really like. Thought I would make a quick blog post so in a few weeks (or months) I don't have a "what was that flavor I really liked" moment.

    Ready 2 Vape 0 Nicotine Bubblegum purchased from CanVape.

    I say "few weeks or months" because I still have those other 7 10ml bottles with varying amounts of juice in them that I need to go through (and another couple that I ordered from jugheads last night). I mean I have only had 2 that I really didn't like but combined those two left me with something that works as a backup.
  2. Well it's been a while (well a couple of weeks) since I started vaping and I have to say that I am so thankful for this community and for vaping. Because it's not smoking Aaron has no problem in letting me vape around the house (though not in the bedroom). I have no desire for analogs and it works great on smoke breaks. Now I just need to find the right juice for me.

    Looking for a nice sweet vape and I think I am going to go for some of the nice ones from jugheads when they open again on tuesday. My short list is:
    Cocoa Mint, VG V'nilla Mint, Organic Mint Chocolate, Organic Candycane, Organic Eggnog, Original Nommy Nanaimo Bar and/or Original Nutzilla.

    I mean out of everything I have tried I love the menthol type the best. I am sure I will go for the Nanaimo bar and the Nutzilla and most likely the candycane but I keep bouncing back and forth for the rest.

    V'nilla Mint
    Mint Chocolate
    Cocoa Mint

    That seems to be how I leaning in order but I hope I am able to order before they get overrun again.
  3. So I have to admit that my first e-cig order has left a bad taste in my mouth in regards to customer service. The sad part? The originating problem was something beyond their control!

    The problem happened after the vendor shipped the item. They shipped it the 2nd/3rd and after the early hours of the 4th the thing disappears! It left Richmond but there was nothing in the system after that and the expected delivery date was the 7th. In fact as I write this it *still* says the 7th. I admit I was a bit worried when days went by and there was no update of where the package was in the system but figured it would show up in the system over the weekend.

    When the 7th came and there was no update in the system I got even more concerned because at the very least it would have shown up in Calgary by then (our closest processing center). Yesterday evening I started getting agitated because at the very least it should have corrected the delivery date by then.

    So this morning I started reading and searching the Canada Post website. I found out that the package had been sent under one of the delivery types that has a guarantee that if it is delivered late then the shipping cost can be refunded. I also found out that pretty much anything that can be done to start any type of investigation has to be started by the sender and not the receiver. As time went by today I started getting all my information together and wrote the vendor. I asked that they fill out the form on the website to start an investigation

    Now is where the customer service thing comes into play. Vendor replies back to me and gives me the tracking number once again, tells me I am wrong about the delivery guarantee and that the Canada Post site "is acting wonky" and that I should just hold tight and it will eventually get here.

    My issues:

    -I already had the tracking number. Vendor knew I had the tracking number! I felt talked down to at this point.
    -Vendor tells me I am wrong about the guarantee. To be honest I could care less about the guarantee because I have no intention of going after them for a refund of the shipping cost. I had hoped that the info that by filling out a short form would earn them a refund would make it worth their while. Also I believe that by taking advantages of such things hurts a company where it counts and makes them fix any problems.
    -Vendor makes comment regarding "acting wonky website". Acting wonky is being unable to enter a tracking number or some other technical glitch, it is not a package vanishing.

    I have shipped and had delivered to me so many packages from all over Canada that it isn't even funny. Fish/Aquarium stuff alone is ever 4-6 weeks and that is being shipped from Ontario and has never just disappeared into the Canada Post system. I can take the long route from Calgary to Richmond and it doesn't take four freaking days! Also I have never had an incident where the deliver date passes with no delivery and no change to the expected date happens. When I called Canada Post even they were concerned when they saw that there was no update after leaving Richmond 4 days ago!

    I mean after I got the "pat pat on the hand it'll be alright" e-mail I even called Canada Post and the person I talked to understood why I was concerned. I felt like I wasn't even taken seriously by Vendor. It would have taken less time for that vendor to just fill out the form and they would have kept me as a return customer but as it stands now.........:glare:

    I mean I ordered 50$ of some ejuices and some hardware so I could try vaping and I had the intention of buying a proper start up kit if I liked it but if this is how this Vendor acts towards customers then I guess I will be giving another Canadian vendor my business!
  4. So my order was supposed to be here yesterday and here I am still waiting. Now I understand stuff happens and orders get delayed but what is really got me upset is that on the tracking page it still says it was supposed to be delivered on the 7th and has no real update since the 3rd! I can't believe that my package has taken that long to get across the province!!! It has left Richmond but then nothing!

    Either give me my package or give me some kind of update of where it is!
  5. So my first order is scheduled to be delivered today. It's just a battery and some flavors. I ordered banana, maple rum tobacco and chocolate lovers (along with a free one but I gave a few options and I don't know which one is being sent). I am just so hyper because I want to try it.

    I also placed an order for a kit that pretty much has everything one might want to really figure out what you want. I also added some stuff so I can try dripping.

    I am hoping bloging here will keep me from pulling out my hair.
  6. I haven't even gotten my setup and I may have gotten someone interested in vaping.

    I started work again after the christmas break this past week and I was chatting with a co-worker and I happened to mention I had ordered an ecig setup and was disappointed it hadn't gotten here yet. She commented that she had a bad experience with one of those cheap pieces of crap that you buy in some of the gas stations here and didn't see the point in buying the setups they sell in Shoppers Drug Mart because the ongoing cost is more than cigarette smoking. I explained that those were just two small options that are actually available for purchase in Canada.

    I told her about this forum and how it was possible to get something so much better than those above mentioned options for even less. When she said she didn't have a credit card to order I had to laugh because the vast majority of vendors I found don't accept credit cards. I explained how pretty much all of them did interac e-mail transfers or COD. I also explained that at the end of the month I plan on making another order for a different setup (I really want a twist) but I told her I would be okay with sharing on an order with her to save on the shipping.

    I mean I wouldn't mind knowing another vaper here because I am just starting and I figure it would be nice to have someone else buying juice that I can group with so we can both try out the most flavors so we can find the right fits for flavors. I mean I can read up on websites and read reviews here but what might taste great to one person might taste horrible to another and 10ml bottles add up.

    I mean my setup gets here on Monday and I have 4 or 5 10ml bottles of juice in the order so I try out a few different flavors but what are the odds that I am going to find the best flavor with my first order :glare:
  7. My first order hasn't even been shipped yet and I already know what one I want to order next. I don't know if I will be ordering it with my next cheque (the 10th or the 24th) but I know I will order it before the end of the month.

    When I first joined a couple of weeks ago I looked at all the large collections and thought they were impressive but had the attitude that I would never have that many setups. One with a backup, maybe 2 backups but not more than that. Now I am planning on double that before the end of this month.

    So I guess that is why so many people here have those amazing collections.
  8. It's 9:30pm and the phone rang. It was one of those "on the behalf of (our bank)" telemarketers.

    Me: Hello
    Telemarketer: Hi may I speak to (Aarons name)
    Me: He isn't available
    Telemarketer: May I speak to Heather (horrible mispronunciation of my last name)
    Me: Speaking
    Telemarketer: Hi Mrs. Co-bull....
    Me: Ko-bell (it's how it's pronounced)
    Telemarketer: (goes on with spiel and every single time she says my last name she doesn't say it properly and I correct her)
    *when she hits the point of trying to sign me up*
    Me: Sorry not interested
    Telemarketer: (keeps pushing the matter)
    Me: You realize it's 9:30 here right?
    Telemarketer: You live in Cranbrook right?
    Me: Yes
    Telemarketer: Then it's only 8:30 there!
    Me: No it's 9:30
    Telemarketer: You live in BC and it's only 8:30
    Me: ..... are you really trying to argue with me on this? We are mountain time here and I know what time it is.
    Telemarketer: No, it's only....
    Me: *hangs up*

    I have done telemarketing so I tend to be pretty nice to the people doing the job but I have to admit my inner "rhymes with witch" comes out in situations like this. I used to light up a smoke in these cases to keep me from becoming overly aggressive but I can't smoke in the house because Aaron vetos it and I can't just step outside because 2yrs ago they banned smoking on the complex grounds and it's just not feasible to bundle myself up to walk out to the street to stand there and have a smoke.

    So I wish my setup would hurry up and get here.
  9. I've known ecigs existed for a while now but never really considered them an option. I always assumed so many things about them that I am now learning aren't true or have been misinterpreted. Then I picked up smoking again late this past summer and frankly they just aren't a realistic long term option.

    I started smoking when I was 15yrs old. My parents smoked when I was a child and my first boyfriend Paul smoked. I remember being so curious and hated the fact that everyone forbid me from smoking (especially Paul, which at the time pissed me off). My first smoke was a menthol that I stole from a pack that my sister had hidden in her dresser (she was actually seriously holding the pack for a friend). My parents were away on a hunting trip so one night when my sister had a bunch of friends over and I had my friend Joy over we both stole a cig from the above mentioned pack and shared it.

    For the next year it was an occasional puff here and there and tons of second hand smoke from friends.

    It was right around the time that the legal age to buy smokes here went from 16 to 19, it changed just before I turned 16 actually. I had one friend who looked much older so I decided I had enough of mooching a puff here and there and decided to start buying my own smokes. I would give CJ the money, he would go to 7-11 and then I would share with him. Either that or I would buy the occasional smoke from Wodge (nickname), a native buddy who would buy smokes tax free from stores on native land and then would go on his bike between all the jr and sr high schools and sell them for 0.25-0.50 cents a smoke.

    That continued till I was 20. Drinking age here is 19 and I was younger than most of my friends at this time so I didn't equal drinking a beer (or other alcoholic beverage) with a smoke but I went up to 1/2 a pack a day. I hid it from my parents by never smoking where it was likely I would be seen. Around this time I also found out that my mom did not quit smoking when I was 7 or 8. She had just been hiding it. Ashamed to admit it but I starting taking smokes from my mom because I knew she would never call me on it but I wasn't buying my own smokes.

    This continued for a year. I quit the summer I turned 21 but that Christmas my mom passed away suddenly. My stress reaction had me go straight to 7-11 and CJ (who I hadn't spoken to in a few years) was working. He asked how mom was, I replied "dead" and then I bought a pack of smokes and CJ and I sat outside 7-11 for a couple hours and smoked and talked. I continued smoking till I was 27yrs old.

    When I was 25yrs old I met Aaron and moved across the province to be with him. We both smoked a pack a day and when I was 27 Aaron and I quit together. It darn near broke us up because we were both so awful to everyone. For the next 3yrs we would quit, then one of us would slip and we would both start again and repeat it again a few months later.

    When I was 29 my father was diagnosed with Cancer. For the next 2yrs I was smoke free while my father fought esophagus Cancer. A few weeks before my 31st birthday I got the call to come home. Dad was going into the hospital and was pretty certain he would not be coming back out. With the stress of that time I started smoking again but stopped when I came back home just before Christmas.

    Then this past summer I started working for a company that travels around the area counting inventory. I believe it was the first out of town count where I was away for a few days (staying in motels) and I started smoking again. I have been able to keep my smoking down to days I was out of town.

    The truth is that I didn't want to quit smoking. I have replaced smoking with eating and chewing on my nails and my medications for anxiety are used much more when I do not have smoking as an option. I once had a plastic cigarette (that you would put flavored thingies inside) but I kept that plastic cig for the longest time because just the act of smoking was enough to calm me.

    I am here now to find a good starting place for vaping. In the few days that I have been a member I have already learned so much and already have a setup that I am planning on purchasing. I expect it to be a fight to get Aaron to see where I am coming from but I honestly see vaping as my only option to stop smoking for the final time.
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