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  1. This was going to about something totally different today - I was going to rant on about why I think the FDA and WHO need some serious regulation because of the way they act and try to interfere in people's lives but none of them are elected by the people but my Buzz came today so I'm afraid that will have to wait :oops: Buzz..
    So far (and Im talking hours not days of use) this thing is impressive. My fave liquids are suddenly producing tons more vapor (even at 20% VG these vapor clouds are amazing I think Ill be scared to try my all-VG liquids) more TH (cough cough) more 'nic hit' (even at 12mg I can really feel the nic) and the warmth of the vapor is an eye opener. I'm actually interested to try my 0 nic liquids on it - I think they might be wonderful on the Buzz.
    This is the biggest battery mod I own, and have ever owned, its around the size of 2 AA batteries standing on top of each other in height and thats without the atty on it. WITH an atty attached its around the height of 3 x AA batteries. The width is slightly smaller than a quarter.
    It doesnt feel 'too big' but it DOES feel alot heavier than my eGo - that's ok its bigger - but it doesn't feel TOO heavy.
    Its solid too - looks like it could withstand daily life easily and even some punishment without crapping out - lets hope looks aren't deceptive; I'd like this to be as reliable an sturdy as it seems to be.
    So thats how it looks and feels.
    The push button is small but not too small - my minivapestack has one about the same size (about half a regular 3.7 PT button size) so Im used to that.
    It arrived with the batteries and charger I also ordered at the same time (from the same place as I got my Buzz, if you're curious) so I was able to throw it together and use it right away.
    I think my standard 510s just got retired - I can see no use for those any longer (kinda sad isn't it? lol). The 510 eGo Im going to hang onto for taking out n about in public but my 5v PT is also being retired lol. I doubt I'll ever use the eGo at home again either - the Buzz replaces it easily.
    Right now Im experimenting with the 'variable voltage' - the one it comes with 4.5v I think ( a TRUE 4.5v) was alittle too fiery for my Tv Pina Colada - I think that one likes things a little softer so Im messing with the nifty screw to find its sweet spot. I dont want to mess too much yet though cos I want to try some other liquids and see what voltage they like.
    Im still debating whether to get a multimeter or not - it would be nice to KNOW where I'm at when Im turning the dial.
    I'll report again in a few days to see how I'm getting on with the Buzz!
  2. My fave forum
    I think one of my favorite parts of the forum here has to be the Newbie zone. I love reviews, and the supplier threads and success stories is always good to give that warm inner glow, but the Newbie area seems so positive a place to hang.
    Lots of excited new vapers, vapers-to-be, and the vaper-curious, its probably the busiest and fastest flowing forum on ECF.
    I remember being new and coming here.
    I had lots of encouraging helpful people put me on MY road to vaping and I think I'd be a lot poorer (emtionally speaking) if I didn't pay them back by offering advice in the same way to OTHER new people.
    Sometimes it does feel like I'm a company spokesperson lol - but I can only recommend the suppliers I have dealt with and loved - there are quite a few of those - and who can say that with OTHER industries? If you ask me to name a lost of stores that Id happily recommend over and over I honestly can only think of one, and that's in England (Marks and spencer if you're curious).
    I love helping people (I hope I acheive that at least) and hearing stories from new vapers about how they love to vape now, or they got a juice I mentioned and love it, well thats payback enough.

    Flavors that I can't live without.
    I'm sure this list is subject to change - it certainly HAS been over the last few months but not as rapidly lately lol
    I buy from MANY vendors but 2 more than others; Tasty Vapor and DIYFlavorshack.

    Dawn who runs DIYFS is the nicest lady ever, so helpful and eager to keep customers happy (my fave thing about small businesses is this part) and I love her pre-made juices. She does a lot of DIY supplies and help as well (as the business name suggests) but Im too lazy to make my own especially when hers are so nice.
    She does a range of 'poundcake' flavors that Ive come to love - my favorite being the orange one (has a marmalade richness to it). Odd because normally, apart from OJ, I hate orange flavored things lol
    She also does a wonderful Caramel RY4 which is like molasses+tobacco, and very sweet. Her Shack555 (a nutty tobacco) is also very good as is the popular Fried spiced Apples ( a fave of mine). She has a huge range actually and I havent scratched the surface yet but recently tried her Ripe Banana (it is) and strawberry champagne that were both awesome.
    I recommend DIYFS a lot because they are worth it.

    Tasty Vapor is another supplier I use regularly. I started off with his Butter rum, which is rich, rummy and divine. Some days you can't vape it all day though so I branched out after a while to try other flavors of his.
    My current 'must haves' are Pina Colada (can't praise this enough its both sharp AND sweet and I can vape it all day) and german choc cake (sweet and decadent, cocnut and choc and other things I cant begin to pin down lol). I keep a steady supply of these 2 as I get twitchy when I run out.
    He also has a big range to choose from and although some of them do need some 'maturation' time it is worth the wait.
    I recommend him too because I do believe his juices are also worth the effort.

    Other vendors I have tried and liked:
    Ms Ts bakery - wonderful bakery style/deli selection although her chocolate isn't as good as TVs (for ME). Her blueberry cheesecake and Banana fosters coffee though were awesome.

    VSvapor - undervalued supplier imo. He sources his juice flvors from India which gives them a different and unique flavor, in a good way! Cafe sumatra is my fave from him with VS4 running a close 2nd.

    Cignot - my fave 510 hardware supplier has some nice juices in their BASIC range. I liked the cherry and chery cola alot.

    Halo - only ever had one of theirs, Freedom. Its still hard to pin down an actual flavor (its tobacco but thats about allI can pin down) but it really very vapeable. However I found it tends to clog my atty so I dont vape it so often these days.

    Well thats my list for now at least - hopefully someone can find something useful in it :)
  3. Ok so the cartos experiment worked reasonably well - I do find they pack a big TH though so I've shelved them for everyday use - too much TH is too much as they say (well they might say that if they roamed the 'Net long enough lol) but they certainly have their place in my arsenal now :)
    And so to - the eGo!
    I took another plunge this week and finally got one - omg its so much more TINY than I thought! About the length of a cartomizer, and not much thicker. Its pretty cute actually :)
    I broke down and got one as Im travelling next week and I didn't want to risk my normal 510 kit to loss or confiscation.
    I know from people's testimony that they should be FINE to take on a plane (unlike snakes...) and MUST be carried as they have li-ion batts that might explode in the hold (Im sure they wouldn't but who wants to take the chance?!!!) Funny thing is I'm loving hte eGo so much maybe thats the one I shouldn't risk! lol
    It is a nice battery indeed and unusually for me I didnt get it at cignot (I think I will get a full kit from them at some point though now i know i like it); I got the el cheapo one from TV as I needed more Pina Colada juice anyway. This way if something bad does happen I'm not out a lot of $.
    The TV logo on it btw is pretty subtle at least on the black one, and I use his juice so I dont mind advertising his business. Also I think things with logos tend to look less 'suspicoious' than plain ones. SHady people dont want attention drawn so maybe it'll help :)

    If you love the 510 and dont own a mod then may i recommend the eGo? Its great for longer battery life or journeys where you cant use a car charger and alot small than you might think!
    Talking of mods Im still umming and ahhing over a Buzz mod - I like it - its just a lot of outlay. We shall see! I'll let ya know!
  4. So I deciede to take the proverbial PLUNGE and get some 510 cartos - me, a dripping advocate! :shock:
    madvapes :wub: who are my go-to for lots of accessories had a decent deal on 5 pack for $10 - blank ones btw, so I was buying some batteries (trustfires) there and figured what the heck, and grabbed a box.
    I've been trying it tonight - managed to work out how to pop off the white soft endcap to fill the things (had a few 'um...' moments lol) and then actually filling them, trying not to shove a bunch of juice down the center hole. I figured 'its supposed to go on the white filler isn't it?' and went for a drip down the inside edges.
    Seemed to work ok - kept rolling it between my hands to work the juice down some - that seemed to work too but not sure if its a 'good' method or not.
    I have to say so far..I'm liking it. I dont think it will totally replace drippping for me, cos I happen to find that really easy to do and not at all fiddly, but for journeys I can see the 510 cartos being useful.
    The vapor seems, so far as the ONE juice Ive tried in the carto, (which is my TV German Choc cake + extra choc) to be more than I get with dripping - the taste is pretty much on a par though. TH, well I dont rate that much as its not a big deal for me, so it could be less or the same - its not intrusive at least.
    Thats the verdict so FAR - I'll update this blog as I progress; but I am impressed with 510 cartos - they do seem a bit better than 510 CARTS.

  5. If I ever fancy a fag I just have one - rather than sit and bite nails wondering if it would 'satisfy' me or give it any power over me. Two days ago I really wanted one, so I had one, (didn't manage more than 4 puffs off it) and it almost made me pass out from the head rush. I felt so ill, I could hardly believe it. My chest didn't hurt, and the taste was blah, not very inspiring and left a nasty after taste, but the in-rush of nicotine and chemicals - oh mah gawd lol. I honestly thought I was going to faint and had to steady myself. It rang a distant memory bell of when I first tried cigs - so it was quite a shock.
    I was on ultra lights myself - for over 20 years (and over half of those reg ones not lights) and figured my 12mg was my sweet spot but I guess its even less than my cigs were. That's actually GREAT news - it means I've cut down without even trying to!
    It also means that if I want to go to zero nic full time it might not be as hard as I thought it would.
    Cool eh? :toast:
  6. So...I decided to Blog and not clog up the user success forum with my ramblings - at least here I can warble on to my heart's content safe in the knowledge that no-one (or very few) will actually read it :D
    My quit story or at least the story so far, is in that forum - under baby steps - if anyone's interested so Im not going to repeat everything I put in there already :)
    I will mention up front that I'm English, so if there are some phrases or words you don't get, that would be why. I became an American when I married my hubby and moved here from London - so I guess Im Amer-English or something lol.

    Why Blog?

    Well this time it was because I had something to say that doesn't actually have a forum thread or a category - at least none I could really pin down.
    I have found some great 'drip mixes' but as they contain various liquids from different suppliers I can't really put them in one suppliers thread - seemed kind of rude to extol the virtues of a juice they don't actually MAKE in their thread :)
    MOST of my liquids are 12mg but I do have a few a bit higher and its usually a mix of 70-80% PG and 30-20%VG (tho ecopure and BASIC are all VG but its a clean no tongue coating type of VG)

    So on to - accidental mixes!

    VS Vapor VS4 (yeah its Ry4 but under 'their own special name'). This is a nice juice on its own - I have to say that ALL the juices are nice on their own - I only mix them up cos I'm
    a. Lazy at blowing out my atty sometimes
    b. Experimental by nature
    and c. Not scared of new things!

    I also drip-mix so its usually couple of drops of both flavors.

    so VS4 + Ecopure toffee = omg yum!

    Ecopure English toffee is a really nice vape alone but it can get a bit boring - at least to me but you can shove it in just about anything :D

    Dulce de Leche (TV) + Cignot Cherry cola (BASIC)
    I know that sounds horrible but its not lol

    Tobacco (TV) + AC (TV) = wow
    This one at least is the same supplier but it has to be one of my fave mixes. AC on its own is way too strong for me, and the tobacco is very pleasant but a bit boring, but together is wonderful blend!

    Dulce de Lece + Butter Rum (Both TV) = ambrosia
    Not kidding - cant have one without the other for long. Mixed its just perfection. I'm lucky I have a doubler of no nic with the B'rum cos I vape myself into woozy headed heaven on this combo at 12mg.

    Hmm can't find my list of other combos atm - Ill add it if I find it though :)

    So yeah - dont be scared to drip-mix stuff - its a whole lot easier than doing it in bulk and maybe ruining juices in bigger amounts or ending up with what I call a bottle of 'what the crap is that' because I didnt put a label on it and the smell is offputting :lol:
    Also drip-mixing avoids having to switch cart filler all the time - I just love dripping with my 510 but its convenient for me so its not a bother.

    Now you read all that (and well done if you made it this far, there should be a prize but there isn't lol) you can go experiment on your own kit and see if you find something super delish!
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