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  1. I have been on this forum for awhile now. I have contributed my bits and pieces. I often click the follow ( for Canadian posters) button. I feel that I "know" some posters enough to sit down and have tea- interesting.

    Vaping truly is the miracle answer to tobacco, unfortunately I believe it will be killed by multinational greed and government interference.

    I would like to see vape clinics and teaching sessions, I would like to see it open to those over 13 years old. I am still not totally convinced that BT is not at the root of the movement. BP has been pumping out NRT for years, it is basically ineffective- in the early days gums and patches were doctor prescribed only.

    I DIY thinking it will somehow be protective for me but I believe "they" either BT, BP or Monsanto are already tinkering with the genetics of the tobacco plant so of course unless I can find a way to grow my own burley and extract the nic I am once again at the mercy of those who profit

    I read an interesting tid bit regarding ammonia - 'twas added to the cigarette in order to trick the government requirement testing for lower tar. Sadly that which government attempts to control leads to more problems than less apparently ammonia addition while tricking the low tar regulations also had the effect of increasing the addiction factor of the cigarette. ( this info seems to be regarding American smokes - Canadian smokes have always tasted different)
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  2. I sort of have it the Imgur thingie almost not quite but almost I did get a pic up there but could not post to ECF because I am on my iPad I suspect
  3. there is in fact a contest like I said in my last blog BUT it was not five thousand to go it was about 47 thousand to go. I believe it is about 40 thou or so now. The list for prizes went up, some very lovely shiny things and I have learned there are various people making classy looking things. I am hoping that one of the names I keep seeing such as old soldier - I like him, or Andria D or Robino1 who was so helpful with helping me figure out the codes for the dancing man :rickroll: or retired1 or trasher or CarolT or dannyv45 or Dr ma -all names I have come to recognize will win a prize.

    I would dearly love a provari 3 (I don't think it is on the list of prizes yet but perhaps it will be or the lovely rosewood pv by Totem Sol or the Ree or the evic vv racing car yellow box mod or perhaps halo juice ( although I am trying not to get too dependent on store bought juice as I really do want to make and enjoy my own juice. ) I have heard Halo is a premium juice.

    I enjoy the civility of this forum and the exchange of ideas and the helpfulness of the people and seeing where everyone is from and sometimes the sheer playfulness of it all.
  4. A contest is running, Smokey Joe announced a contest for the 15 million person to write a post, it is rather unlikely I would hit the right on mark but I can imagine I might win and flavours and winning goodies are pleasant thoughts. Presently there are about 5000 posts left to go to reach the 15 million mark -quite amazing. I told myself I wasn't going to buy more store bought juice but of course I went in and bought three bottles and another for dripping - how did that happen? And I have been looking at more rigs a bat shaped like a cigar.
  5. i suppose I should update this little record. there is a wealth of information on this forum and a collection of incredibly interesting people, everybody has a story. I like reading the stories and I get a kick out of expounding my opinions. I have found a group of mostly like minded people. It would appear that the contributors are a collection of varied individuals, some are funny, some seem especially knowledgable some are angry and some are frightened, a cross section of humanity. I find myself in agreement with many and in disagreement with a few.

    I don't think there is any reason at all to restrict the sales to 18 year olds in fact I think it makes the ecig movement a tobacco movement, the emphasis on the age restriction causes me to wonder if the whole ecig movement is BT in disguise, it is too slick opens the door to an adult only product thereby facilitating taxation and rips off the teens. In my opinion it is bad psychology or agenda psychology. I also question the ecig / vaping confusion I wonder if this also muddies the waters and that is in fact the purpose which would also cause enough confusion to permit excessive taxation. The angel side of the argument is that nobody would understand what vaping was and all would understand what an ecig was however the confusion in the name raises my BS factor as does the age restriction emphasis.

    The benefit of the vape though is real enough and the genuine seeking to assist each other and provide an alternative for the greater community is real enough. Just my thoughts on things at the moment.
  6. Well this little blog is just a way for me to keep a bit of a record of how things are going and what I have learned or tried to absorb. Okay I have a lot of flavours- I was kind of advised not to buy a ton at once but I couldn't help myself they all looked good. I tried a few mixes - don't think I was using a high enough flavour to really taste the juice - tasting is better in the drippers but I mixed them at 12mg/ ml and I can only drip 4mg nic I diluted with pg/vg to bring them down but I think it brings the flavour component down as well. I have swapped out the cotton and burned off the coils a few times.

    I was looking for a "one flavour mix" and finally found a pleasant one -sort of by accident, I kind of like strawberry at 12 mg / ml nic in a 50/50 mix and I like loranns Apple in a 12 mg/ ml nic at 50 / 50 in my evod tank I can't say they are an all day vape like my vader puddin but they are a nice change from very sweet.

    I watched a YouTube video featuring a DIY lady and a chemist named Kurt. I had quite a long conversation regarding the surgeon generals reports on tobacco and the impact of powerful forces regarding tobacco. I have long been a believer in the fallacy of some of the scientific reports -perhaps denial re the evils of tobacco on my part -but I don't really think so.

    I am aware of the patents on plant life that multinationals have been seeking and at least ten years ago I was pretty convinced that powerful forces were messing with crowd control regarding tobacco and who knows perhaps the whole vaping thing is just another link in the chain. I was aware that nicotine research was being done re Alzheimer's way before general public knowledge started showing up so who knows maybe vaping is a continuation of the master plan- if so that is fine but I just wish some of the tragedies I have observed regarding tobacco control had not had to happen. There are still powerful forces at play, of that I am sure. Still, I am quite convinced vaping is superior to smoking and although I have not yet created a vape as nice as my store bought I have at least enjoyed some new learning. I may give a few of my contraptions away to a couple of the patients when I retire. they won't be able to use them in the facility yet but I suspect vaping will eventually arrive in hospitals and seniors complexes there really is no reason for it not to.
  7. Well what a learning experience this is. I am dripping. It is tricky building little coils -even with a jig and wicking with Japanese organic cotton is trial and error and tinkering with the juice to get the flavour and mix just right is another challenge BUT when it all comes together the vape is positively lovely and a hundred times better than any cigarette could ever hope to be. I had an issue with the drippers spitting - issue solved by using the wider drip tip instead of the cute one I bought. I had an issue with the coils - tinker -seems to help and line up the air holes in the atty and don't burn too hot and for me -make sure I drop my nic level and increase my vg - so far it is working quite well. Oh I now have two drippers one is a plume veil clone and the other is an Ell Diablo bael. The plume has two coils and vapes nicely at 1.4 ohms at 19 watts the other is being tinkered with at present. Taste is great on the plume veil now that I put it all back together properly vapour production is mighty fine I must have everything set up correctly - yeah for me!
  8. well today I struggle with making little coils that glow nicely there is much to learn - wish I would have paid more attention to hard sciences in school - but I'm am a nurse and a pretty good one if I do say so myself-so how do I get this new little gizmo - my kayfun 4 clone to work. I actually fashioned an itsy bitsy coil out of kanthal can't remember the gauge but only have two so it was either 28 or 32 anyway it will glow sometimes and sometimes - depending on how I blink my eyes - the ohm reading on the Istick will say 1.7 up to 5 and sometimes say "no atomizer" oh good grief there is a little round seal sitting on the table now I have to take the gizmo apart again to install the seal -on the up side all this playing with the equipment gives me something to do and is a learning experience. And I was able to demonstrate how Vaping works to a couple of patients tonight when I took my prime for a walk and I even sounded somewhat knowledgeable and the youngsters were somewhat impressed with my talents- vape on
  9. I started on a twin evod pack 2 in the box, bought tobacco flavour and root beer was pretty sure I would only want tobacco flavour - I was wrong. I don't like tobacco. A week later I bought another newer evod2 I believe it was called, didn't like the metal tip so I gave it to my brother. A week after that I bought an Istick eleaf 20 watt with a mini nautilaus for some reason the nautilaus mini wouldn't work, leaked and didn't provide good vaper so continued to use the tank part of the evod on the eleaf and gave one tank and the evod battery to my son. I felt I had to have a few tanks because I wanted to try different flavours nothing was truly good for a whole day, so I bought three new tanks. I had to do a little research and learn things such as 510 connections and ego connections.i wanted a bigger tank so I bought a kangertech genie -it didn't provide the same amount of vapour as the evod and leaked around the air holes. I was stymied as to why the nautilaus mini wasn't performing as well as everyone said it should -I had somehow purchased a dud pack of coils and wasn't tightening the tank well enough. the journey contined.
  10. Well I have become a vaper, it started by accident and I quit smoking tobacco completely about six weeks after I started to vape. I had heard of Vaping but really didn't see any point in it- I have been a confirmed tobacco user for over forty years -a solid pack a day -but my mom was sick and I was going to visit her in the hospital and didn't want to keep running outdoors to smoke, next thing I knew I disliked tobacco, cigs were nasty, tasted terrible and simply were totally unsatisfactory so I quit! Easiest thing I have ever done, - still can hardly believe it, it has been two full months since I had a tobacco cigarette, don't miss it one bit-the journey continues.
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