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  1. It's been three months since my first order of DIY ingredients. After mixing 5% samples of almost all of these flavors, I've made a bunch of notes and found a few favorites.

    Right now I'm using a lot of the RY4 Double Flavor (TFA). I've found it to be a pretty versatile base for a lot of recipes. Blueberry Extra (TFA) and Strawberry Ripe (TFA) are two more flavors I'm using in quantity. The rest of the flavors in my pantry are acting as accents, background flavors, or unused paperweights (I'm talking about you, Mr. M-Type).

    I've got a couple of blends my wife and I vape on a daily basis. My current ADV is a simple RY4D (TFA) with a little AP (TFA) and Peanut Butter (TFA):
    RY4D (TFA): 8%
    AP (TFA): 1%
    Peanut Butter (TFA): 2%

    Another easy recipe that's getting a lot of love over the last two weeks; RY4D + Peach
    RY4D (TFA): 9%
    Peach (LA): 5%
    Cotton Candy (EM) (TFA): 1%
    It's still a bit too sweet for me, but it's missing something if I remove the EM. I've got some Juicy Peach (TFA) on order; we'll see if that helps. I'm also going to try this with RY4 type 1 (TFA). My wife likes it as is, but also asked for another one with more tobacco notes.

    As I said, I'm pretty happy with the RY4D, but I'm going to have to branch out a little more and find some more tobacco base mixes. To date, none of the experiments with my other tobacco flavors have panned out; I need to do some more reading and research before I get back on that horse. In the meantime, I'll be ordering some Hangsen and VZ tobacco flavors. They get pretty good reviews across the board, and an easy base is just what I need.

    In addition to the RY4D mixes, I've been experimenting with a few fruit blends. So far I've got one my wife really likes. It's an 8+ ingredient monster, so I'm going to have to pull the recipe card and add it in at a later date.

    Speaking of recipe cards, I'm using the Ez-Mix calculator to keep track of my various blends and experiments. A big thanks to forum member VitalSparks for developing this program.
  2. Original Thread[/URL]
    While on vacation, my wife and I dropped in to Mountain Oak Vapors and had a tasting session. We walked out with 6-30ml bottles:
    Red Drop
    Blue Drop
    Blue Ridge
    Coffee & Cream
    Classic CountRY4
    The Red & Blue Drop flavors are certainly in-your-face e-liquids. Tons of flavor and good vapor. Our bottles seem to have a little more limeaid than the floor samples; that's a little disappointing but may change with a bit of aging. We'll see. In any case, they're both refreshing for about five draws, and then I've got to put them down. My wife is a bit more fond of them and can happily puff on either one for quite a while.
    Nirvana: It's a pretty nice fruit vape. It's a good break from my normal choices, but it's not going to be an ADV for me. My wife, however, really likes it and has it in her daily rotation.
    Blue Ridge: This is my favorite of the bunch. It's a nice, mellow tobacco with blueberry. IMO, the blueberry is a little too artificial or candy-like in flavor. When I say a little, I really do mean just a touch; it's not enough to put me off. I've had it in my rotation every day since we bought it and will probably order some more when it's gone.
    Coffee & Cream: Just like the name says, it's coffee with cream. It's a pretty realistic coffee flavor, slightly heavy on the cream. I don't love this one right now, but it's got the potential to grow on me.
    Classic CountRY4: Huh. Until now, the only RY4 I've had has been a DIY using TFA RY4Double. This is nowhere near the same animal. In fact, it's not even in the same zoo. I really don't know what to think about this one. I'm going to have to sit on my review of this e-liquid for a bit while both the juice and my taste buds mature.

    Other trials:
    Pendragon was a distinct possibility; I'm starting to wish I had bought a bottle, and will probably order it when I buy some more Blue Ridge.
    Shangri-La was another one my wife loved and I liked; it's likely to make the next order list as well.
    Gold label NETs: way over the top for me. I'm glad I tried a few of them, but won't likely try them again unless I pass by their store.
    All in all we had a great experience with MOV. Some tasty e-liquid and a great staff made our stop worthwhile.
    Thanks to all for your recommendations!
  3. I've decided to start working with DIY E-Liquids. This blog post represents my first order of stuff from Wizard Labs, and will contain a few notes to myself as well as links to some interesting recipes. It's going to be boring, but feel free to follow along :)

    (3x) 30ml Amber Glass Bottle w/ Polycone Cap
    48mg Nicotine solution - 60ml
    - Carrier Base Liquid: 100% USP Propylene G..
    Propylene Glycol - 60ml
    Vegetable Glycerin - 60ml
    (3x) 14ga Blunt Tip Luer-Lock Needle 1.5"
    (3x) 20ga Blunt Tip Luer-Lock Needle 1.5"
    (I have my own sterile .5,1,3,5, & 10ml syringes)
    (3x) 1ml Disposable Pipette

    Cotton Candy Flavor (TFA)
    Smooth Flavor PG Concentrate (TFA)
    Sweetener Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Koolada 10% PG Flavor (TFA)
    Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG Flavor Concentrate (TFA)

    Vanilla Cupcake Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    RY4 Double Flavor (TFA) (x2)
    Caramel Candy Flavor (TFA)
    Vanilla Swirl Flavor (TFA)
    Sweet Cream Flavor (TFA)
    Double Chocolate Clear Flavor (TFA)
    Blueberry Extra TFA Flavor
    Strawberry Ripe Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Cheesecake Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Graham Cracker Clear Flavor (TFA)
    Cinnamon Roll Flavor Concentrate (LA)

    ETA: My second batch of flavors purchased on sale at Capella's
    Raspberry Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Coconut Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Sweet Strawberry Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Sweet Tangerine Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Chocolate Fudge Brownie Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Cranberry Flavor Concentrate (CAP)
    Harvest Berry Flavor Concentrate (CAP)

    Also purchased locally at a Hobby Lobby (Cake and Candy making aisle)
    Root Beer (LA)
    Butterscotch (LA)
    End ETA

    Batch #3 from WL
    Black Cherry Flavor (TFA)
    555 Type DK Tobacco Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    American Red Tobacco Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Champagne PG Flavor ( TFA)
    Hawaiian Tropical Punch Flavor (TFA)
    Tobacco Absolute Blend PG ( TFA )
    Commercial Tobacco Flavor Concentrate (SM)
    Peanut Butter Flavor (TFA)
    Mtype Premium Tobacco Flavor (TFA)
    Vanillin 10% PG Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    French Vanilla Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Gummy Candy (TFA Sample)

    Batch #4 from
    Bavarian Cream (TFA)
    Brown Sugar (TFA)
    Marshmallow (TFA)
    Cookie (FlavourArt)

    Batch #5 from WL
    Strawberry Ripe Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Peach Flavor Concentrate (LA)
    Sour 20% - Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Tobacco Type Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Black Honey Tobacco Flavor (TFA)
    Bavarian Cream (TFA Sample)

    Batch #6 from WL
    RY4 Double Flavor (TFA) x3
    Blueberry Extra TFA Flavor x2
    Strawberry Ripe Flavor Concentrate (TFA) x2
    Tutti Frutti Flavor Concentrate (LA)
    Juicy Peach Flavor (TFA)
    Dulce De Leche Flavor (TFA)
    RY4 Type-1 Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
    Blackberry Flavor (TFA)
    Kiwi Double Flavor (TFA)
    Lemon Lime Flavor (TFA)
    Washington Cherry Flavor Concentrate (LA)
    Key Lime Flavor Concentrate (TFA)

    Additional flavors on my wish list:

    Cream Cheese Icing
    Peach Ripe

    Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco.
    I see a lot of folks have trouble with tobacco flavors, so I'm setting those aside for the moment. The exception to that rule is an RY4 recipe that seems to be pretty popular:

    A good collection of ADV Favorites:

    More Favorites:

    That's all for now. I hope to see this in a week or so, but WL is backed up with NIC orders which may delay processing a bit.
    Last note: I wanted more plain PG & VG, but the larger sizes were out of stock.
    ETA: Tractor Supply had a gallon of PG. As far as I can tell it's flavorless, but leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste.
    RiteAid had a small bottle of Glycerin; no flavor notes yet.
    50 5ml bottles & 50 10ml plastic bottles purchased from Ebay
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