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  1. Madame Blueberry......what a silly girl! She thought that if she just got one more thing from the "Stuff Mart" that she would finally be happy. I watched this Veggie Tale years ago with my then young daughter and laughed at the poor forlorn Veggie. I knew well the concepts of thankfulness and contentedness. Consumerism really wasn't a part of my life.. I never had to shop at the name-brand department store, I never had to make a big show of what I drove or where I shopped or what everyone else was collecting. I wasn't interested.

    And then I started Vaping. Before I quit smoking and started vaping, I was rolling my stinkies at home. If I had to buy cigarettes for whatever reason, I bought what was on sale.
    I never dreamed that I would struggle with stuff the way I have recently. I quit smoking with Halo G6's. But then it wasn't quite enough. Someone introduced me to the eGo and clearomizers....and I was in heaven! But then....I needed different juices from different vendors....I was on a never ending hunt for an adv. And then I started DIY eliquid mixing... And then...I needed more eGo batteries! And I needed eVods!! And I needed a Protank!!! And then I got an eGo Twist!!! Warmer Vape = Best Vape Ever!!! Oh! I need a MOD!!!!!


    I Drooled. For over a Week. Over a VAMO V5 that I found for under $30 on I wanted it. I needed it! Because......if 4.8volts were so good....5+ just has to be better!!!!

    Take a step back. I have a husband. A husband who doesn't and never has smoked. A man who is amazing, intelligent, supportive, and patient. Who has been watching me spend hand over fist in this new obsession. A man who, while he is thrilled that I am no longer smoking, is not completely convinced that "vaping" is better.

    So that Vamo sat in the cart at fast tech for a week..... and I waited and watched and looked for an opportunity to say to my husband......just one more? And then I did. Tonight. He didn't holler (he rarely does) or get super annoyed, or growl at me. He just said.....can it wait? I said Yes! it can! We don't have to get it this week! We don't have to get it this month! It could be a Christmas present!
    I was so thrilled that he wasn't mad at me.....something that I felt he would be totally justified in being, given my spending habits of the last several months.......that the rush and the need to have it just sort of ......melted away.

    So today, at this moment..........I am finally satisfied.
    Will it stay away....that need for the next new mod??? Probably not.
    But for now, I am working on gratitude. And contentment.

    Because really.....I have ego batteries that work fine (even if I cycle through 2-3 a day). I have juice that is delicious. I have evods and a Protank, and replacement heads for the eVods enough to last me a year. I do have one twist battery for those times I need a little more Oomph. I don't have need of anything. I am truly blessed. :) :vapor: Anyone else???

    Thanks for Reading!
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