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  1. Ordered a new shipment from EVcigarettes, and it should arrive today. They have never been late and never made a mistake so I am pretty much off the hook about FINALLY having some more coffee-flavored e-liquid. I got low this time and I am a little nervous about the lower nic level, but I have noticed that with my senses of taste and smell coming back, EVERYTHING I have now just tastes mostly like pepper!

    I read that nicotine tastes like pepper, so I am assuming that I will be vaping a lot more but with more pleasure. I also ordered a few other kinds of e-liquid. I really think that after only 6 weeks of vaping, flavor and enjoyment have become much more to me than addiction. I really feel I could stop vaping at any time and be fine- I just don't want to! (not one of those who EVER felt that way about cigarettes)

    I also recently switched back to using cartomizers because I am not great with taking good care of my equipment. I would notice my clearomizer ends (just the part at the very end, the little rubber end stopper) would disappear after a while. At first I missed them but now I don't and the cartos are a lot more economical, anyway.

    I am still not sure how much I should order each time. Now that my husband is sharing supplies with me, I am not sure how much will do. EV offers free shipping with orders over 100.00 so i just ordered about 120.00 worth of supplies. This will hold us both for a bit. My husband is sneaking cigarettes, which i know means his supplies will increase when he does stop using cigarettes. I don't mind at all that he is still smoking some but I do find it humorous that he doesn't think I will notice them. I don't think it's intended to deceive me, just that I was the one getting very sick from smoking and he is probably afraid I will relapse if I see cigarettes.
  2. There really didn't seem to be a point in taking up space there just to make this comment, but I just found the group treasure chest and I think it is so considerate of everyone to look out for each other.

    I am the type of person who likes to shop at thrift stores just because I know that once you have used something one time, it is not new anymore and love the thought of saving money and helping others in my community at the same time (the store I use also helps by donating money and items to others who can't afford things even at used prices)

    Recycling things that we don't want anymore by giving them to someone who does is a wonderful way to look out for each other.

    Just another reason I really like this site!
    Hope everyone gets an awesome vape for their respective holidays. I've already informed my husband that a provari is probably about the same as the Kindle fire he was planning on getting me for Christmas :blush:
  3. I have manaed to white-nuckle through one week of not smoking before but this is the first time out of dozens that I passed 7 days of not smoking and DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE.

    I just don't miss it. not even a little bit. I never thought I would say that. I will lower my nicotine from extra-high mixed with high to only high. I really needed that 36 for a bit but i'm already noticing the throat hit now is a bit more than i need and I am vaping too much for the 36...

    I want to end up at around 4-6. not planning on zero nic anymore as I read that there is much less flavor in the 0 nic. :banana::banana::banana::banana:
  4. 1. Glad I got some 36...need it because I'm still having cig cravings.

    2. the vGo is working right now, and i like the tanks much more than the carts.

    3. Since I can't afford lots of PVS, my next and last PV WILL be a PROVARI.

    4. need to get some 0 nic so i can keep vaping constantly :D

    5. I really like this forum and the people here1

    6. I love this because its a "me thing"-about my only one.

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