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  1. Lol

    Wow, first week of fall semester. I'd just like to say I hate I'm sure everyone does! Haha...

    Well my struggles to keep vaping have been futile. I got some juice from a friend of mine to hold me over till I can buy more or trade for some has failed me. Now I have 30ml of pure crap! It was a marlboro flavor and unfortunately it was 36mg nic when I can barely handle 18! So she gets the bright idea that we should cut it and delute the mixture to make it closer to 24mg or less...we didn't account for the flavor change...and it tastes like unbaked cookies instead of an analog! isn't a BAD flavor but it is NOT an all day vape! It's a good hit...but the draw makes me sick. If I vape it I can't take time to taste it or ill get grossed out. Not saying the taste of cookie batter is's just not what I would choose to vape. Also it's hard to taste cookies when you're supposed to be having a marlboro flavor. Think ill borrow some of her tobacco flavoring next time I'm over at her house and ill mix in that to bring back the analog flavor. It's worth a try...I'd hate to waist 30ml when I could be using it!!!

    Speaking of flavors and DIY...a wonderful friend of mine has encouraged me to look into DIY! Since I don't really have the time or space to do it now I'm waiting till next pay day to buy my supplies! I know for sure I'm going to use MVB DIY supplies. (Mt. Baker Vapor / Do it yourself) Their flavors are some of my favorite and they're cheaper than most places! For alternative flavors...I'm going to buy from who have a big selection and good prices! My boyfriend thinks its the beginning of me selling my own juice...and I'd like to think he's right. I really have a deep aspiration to start my own vaping business. But recently I received a AGA-S RBA and trying to make that thing work makes me mad. If I can't even rebuild my own atomizer I have no business with having my own shop. This makes me mad...but at the same time I know I can do it if I set my mind to it!

    On a very VERY happy note...I got paid yesterday and I ordered quite a few lovely things! First I bought a little RBA and it came with a very nice stone drip tip! Both are very interesting and I'm still actually attempting to make the AGA-S least I'm trying to work with the atomizers instead of ignoring them! Next I've purchased a nice drip tip from a friend that glows in the dark! Can't wait to try that out! And then I've made a big purchase! I got a bundle from a friend, it's rather huge! From what I can remember there's four or five cartomizer tanks that are (I'm questing) 6ml. Then two mini carto tanks that maybe take 3-4ml! So having these backups is going to be wonderful! But on a side note I probably need to get a better case for all of this stuff! Next I purchased a bolt/bullet clone from was cheap and I got some batteries that would work in it! So that's great! Now I officially have a backup! But having a real bullet or bolt might be an option later down the road! Also I picked up some 555 juice from; a full 30ml bottle should tide me over for some time! And on a trade note I got some juice from a friend that will really help the next few weeks! And I'm planning on grabbing a bottle of Kool from my local shop. So MAYBE this month I won't have a juice attack!

    As I progress on this website and learn more and more about the community I have to say I love you guys. Everyone is helpful, kind, and listens when you type! I've had great success here...I've learned everything from filling a cartomizer to how to make my own juice! It's been a pleasure working with everyone! I hope one day I will be the one giving advice and not the newbie who doesn't know the difference between a RBA and a carto tank...

    Until then I am thankful for everything you all have given me and shared with me...every one of you are priceless! I couldn't wish for better friends or for better help. What you all do here on ECF is precious and unique. You all care about each other and about living life as best as you can. You give so much life, and even though you probably didn't save my life...I thank you for every single person that you have saved. I could never stop thanking you for healing our world one smoker at a time. I appreciate you all, and I'm glad to see you all here.

    Now I must go before I sound more like a sour sapp! Thank you all who have sold me or traded me this week! You have been more help than you can possibly imagine!

    Thank you,
  2. Wow...I've never been so stressed. This week has had dramatic ups and downs and I'm really having a hard time holding on! So let's not get into my personal life...but I had collage registration this week and I swear every new semester has been harder than the last to get registered for! Then today I spent an eight hour drive with two fussing yelling people who obviously don't need to be in a confined quarters together. All around today was a bad day to get out of bed!

    The vapeing side of my stress has really taken a hard hit! I was at a gas station this afternoon and I stared at a pack of reds for a good ten minutes while in line. I haven't craved an analog in months, not since I've started vapeing.

    But on top of my personal stress my equipment is FAILING ME! I traded my iTaste MPV for a nice Zmax and I thought I wouldn't have a problem with equipment seeing as I have a backup volt V2 from Smokeless Image...and even for extra backup I have a little 78mm battery. My stress is killing my V2 and my 78...they're dying like crazy. When I'm out and about they're both dead way before I get home to charge them...ugh.

    But hell...I just got a Zmax...and I have THREE back-up batteries for it...yay right? NOPE! I have only one carto tank for my Zmax...and this week out of all weeks THE CARTO DIES! I, being optimistic, only got one carto to try out the tank until pay my big beautiful Zmax is useless since my other stuff is threaded for 808 and not 501.

    And to top it off with a cherry...I have maybe 50ml of juice that I can't stand that I got bit by bit to try out but now I'm vaped out of all my good stuff...and now have seriously nothing I can force myself to vape. I'm going to have to trade all this juice on PIF just to get through the month without buying a pack of analogs. I did however get a PIF of juice from a sweet heart! Unfortunately I learned I hated half of the stuff she sent me...but the other half is almost gone BUT HAS SAVED ME FROM SMOKING THIS WEEK...god bless her soul. I learned I love she was very helpful!

    I'm ashamed I haven't found a solid back up juice...half my trouble with vapeing has been that I'm way to damn picky with juice. The good news though is I know what I do like and what I don' there should be some help for me in the future.

    As for my trouble with equipment...I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! I need an extra backup V2 and defiantly some cartos for my tank. It's on my to-do list if I ever get the money.

    This is one big I'll say something positive. From my PIF I learned I love MVB Cotten Candy! Very yummy. Also...I've recently had some majorly good marlboro juice! Think I should try more e-juice like that...might curve my appetite better!

    But thanks for reading my little rant...just needed to vent my troubles away!
  3. Hello my fellow vape-a-holics

    First off, I've been sick for three days now. My lips are chapped and my nose is stuffy. This is seriously a vapers' worst nightmare. It's the head cold of the year and it has ruined my taste for vape completely! The fact my lips are normally dry from vaping means I can't even pick it up. As I'm typing this I'm struggling to even breathe. I hate getting sick. Maybe I should vape more orange juice! Haha! Oh...and even though I can't taste, the menthol flavors have cured my sore throat! Weird, but my boyfriend Caleb told me that they use menthol in cough drops? That's true...weird how that works out. So next time you're sick try a menthol flavor juice! :)

    On another note I won a contest in the PIF forum! It was the Independence Day contest. I won an ego-T kit! Which I planned to give away but now am debating on keeping it. I've been wanting an ego battery but maybe a pass thru I guess I'll see when ever I get it. I didn't really think I'd win...but I guess it was fate! It was an awesome prize and I'm just happy I won! Plus it's my birthday coming up...I might enjoy it as a birthday present to myself. Then again the whole ego-T system is rather confusing to me. I'm used to just filling up a tank and screwing it on; I haven't seen a lot of info about filling a ego tank yet. More research for me to do.

    It's been a few days that I've been tossing this idea around in my head. I was sitting in the covered doorway in a hall waiting for my English class to open up from the pervious class session. Every Monday and Wednesday I sit there for an hour and stealth vape. My campus is "tobacco" free, and even though vaping isn't tobacco...I'd rather not have to explain that to one of my crazy southern classmates or overly judgmental teachers. So I sat there and was thinking how I stealth vape...I wondered if we'd ever go back to the days where you'd walk into a business office and you'd be flooded with smoke and every woman and man had something in their hands or mouths. Except now it would be a vape cloud and they'd all be holding huge mods or slick little customized e-cigs. I don't know if that's the best idea or the silliest. I would much rather have everyone understand it than everyone trying it and making it a "trend"...It especially irritates me when I go on Instagram and see #girlswhovape! I can't stand seeing these freaking Barbie doll-wannabes. Real women of the vape are ex-smokers...we do NOT look like a Barbie. Excuse my language. But once we start sexualizing vaping we become the tobacco business all over again. Do we want that? Where our models and spokes people are effing beautiful but the truth is we're not cool because we vape. WE VAPE BECAUSE WE'D LIKE TO LIVE LONGER!

    Love longer > Look cool
    I'd like to think its not just me...but vaping is a delicate task we shouldn't take lightly. We save ourselves and our friends around us. We are the pioneers of the future in this corner of the world...and if we don't make the best of this opportunity than we might as well be blowing smoke. I know I sound a little too invested in this silly argument but I don't want to see our kids looking down at us for making vaping into some sex symbol like they did with smoking. Once someone finds one fault about vaping they will run with it and we all will suffer for letting scene chicks and Barbie dolls run the show. Make a commercial about the benefits from a doctors point of view...make an Instagram about REAL PEOPLE who vape. Is that too much to ask for?

    Most vapors are past smokers and lets be frank...not one looks like a plastic doll. Sorry to rant...but I'm really irritated that were looking like the tobacco companies.

    So those were my rants for the day...besides that I've been thinking about vaping in public. Is it smart or is it just asking for trouble. I'd like to think its paving the way to a brighter tomorrow. But I suppose we will see.
  4. Welcome my fellow vapers!

    It's the Fourth of July! I am not normally a 'blogger' but since ECF offers this I figured I would give it all a try!

    A few warnings...I write on the E-Ciggerette Forum from my Apple iPad and so my grammar and spelling is rather atrocious. Forgive me. Also I tend to go into tedious detail about things I'm sure no one but myself cares about! So if you'd like to learn more about my journey and my thoughts on the matter of vaping from the standpoint of a young vaper who is just starting out...stay tuned!

    So first I am sure you want to know who I am! My username is Ciel, my real name is Catherine. I'd like to say I'm a typical nineteen year old girl in south Alabama, but I am certainly not. I go to school and hang out with friends but that's normal. In my free time I am most always vaping in bed with my iPad searching forums and websites for more and more info on my biggest hobby. You guessed it, vaping!

    It shames me to say it, but when I was around the age of fifteen my friends were not the best of influences. My closest friend at the time was a heavy smoker...even for him to be fifteen as well. He came from a household of smokers and his actions went un-noticed since their house was literally a HOT BOX of smoke. He and I started to grow close as friends and we spent our free time out in the fields smoking cigarettes and waiting time. It went like this for over two years with maybe a couple of packs a week and I never sot to stop my little habit. In the cold months of my seventeenth year on this earth I lost a family member. She had been sick more than half her life with trouble with smoking drinking and doing unnamed substances. I can't say we were ever close. She was...unable to form attachment to anything even in my youth she was already 'gone'. But she always stood as an example of what NOT to do with my life...and truthfully when she died I felt like I should heed her example more religiously. I guess that's what you could say... By the new year I was smoke free by my own hand and I turned eighteen with a new leaf. I started collage and worked and had better friends...non smoking friends. And all the world was fresh.

    Earlier this year just before the new year I started hanging out with friends who were on the wild side. Breaking laws, breaking bones, and drinking when there shouldn't be drinking. I knew better and there is no excuse for being a hoodlum. Haha. The only thing I really had a problem with was the cigarettes. I wasn't much of a drinker anyways...but the smell being around these people was hard to resist. I bought a pack and they sat in my purse for a week before I opened them. Marbrol lights...don't know what I was thinking. I did open them...smoked one on the way to a friends house...and sat in the drive way for a few minutes upset. I felt like I let myself down. I kept remembering how disappointed I felt when my mother looked down on me for those mistakes I had made. When she had found out before that I had drank and smoked at such a young age...she kind of looked at me like she didn't know who I was. It was hard. That day I gave away that pack to a friend and I didn't look back.

    To begin with I have an addictive personality. When I worked out...I worked out every day just to get that feeling of being totally exhausted. When I eat...I eat to fill that hole I feel when I'm hungry. When I smoke I feel relaxed and at ease. I don't like that side of me but I realize it's there. Knowing who I am helped a lot with quitting, but like any addiction that need doesn't just go away even though you know it's there. I find the slightest smell of smoke to be interesting and pleasurable. This all makes it hard to quit. But I didn't just want to quit and suffer every time I'm around a heavy smoker, I wanted to quit FOR GOOD.

    So to quit for good I looked at an appealing option, one that has came up again and again. Smokeless vapor. I did my research, watched the YouTube reviewed, read on forums and blogs. I used any source to gain knowledge on this subject. I had already looked into it before and in total I did more than five or six months worth of research on this.

    On May sixth of this year, 2013, I met a wonderful man. He introduced me to a new world of people and with that I met vapers and everything has fallen into place. One of our friends gave me a couple of disposables and I haven't looked back! That night after getting four disposable batteries and four little V2 cigs cartomizers...I ordered my first kit!

    One black 78mm Volt battery with blue LED, one charger and a 5ml of blueberry juice, and of course a five pack of XL cartomizers! I haven't had one craving since then! It's been amazing to have such an amazing support team to follow my heart and here I am happy and healthy. I still get some problems when I run low on juice...I had one 'slip' or almost slip when my juice was almost gone and payday was really taking its time. But I made a thread on here and talked it out with some nice people who gave me great ideas for back-ups! I got some links to cheap e-liquid and now I keep a back-up or two in the closet! I didn't go and buy a pack but I craved vape instead...which I guess it proves that this stuff works!

    My future plans are to try ego batteries and get a tank for home or long drives...but my smaller batteries have been doing well so far! I'm happy to start a blog also...I've been wanting to try doing reviews on the products I use on YouTube but I need to work out all that later on. Hopefully I help some newbies and inspire some smokers...because all you need is a little help. I got my help and now I plan to help others! :)

    Anyways, thank you for reading all of this! I hope you have a happy fourth and vape on my friends!

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