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  1. Vilifying it won't make it go away.
    Painting it black won't make it disappear.
    Calling it ugly names and accusing it of malfeasance won't stop it.

    What is it?
    It is the tobacco industry.
    It is the pharmaceutical industry.
    It is the Food and Drug Administration in The States and counterparts in other nations.

    Does the e-cig community have the fortitude to deal with it?
  2. The Hatters had always been around in one form or another. Their footprint in the public mind had varied a lot over the years, at times large, at others, barely noticed.

    With Captain Joe Clarkson's rise to power, the Hatters gained new recognition. Empowered as they were, they took on the business of tidying up Usland's public...and private when they could.

    The Hatters gained their name by an activity which was pursued by some of their higher ranking members. A private organization was formed and members were distinguished by adorning themselves with fuchsia hats. The official name was not known by many in the public and the group was referred to merely as The Hatters.

    One of The Hatters' most high profile public works was in the early part of this millennium. The group took it upon themselves to decorate what public events they could with their fuchsia color. Some of these events were high profile public entertainment affairs and covered by the media. Event participants appeared to adopt The Hatter's color according to no particular pattern and to varying degrees. As well, banners here, there and everywhere flew in testament to The Hatter's influence.

    Few publicly commented on these actions by The Hatters, however private conservations suggested they had gone too far and that their displays were a detraction from the events. Allegations of bedroom politics and business payoffs spurned calls for Council investigations of the activities of The Hatters. It seems the investigations didn't go beyond the Council's Sub-Committee on Public Nuisance hearings. No public statement was ever offered by the Sub-Committee.

    Such is an illustration of the power that The Hatters gained while Captain Joe Clarkson was in leadership. As well, Captain Clarkson was busy seeing that The Hatters' agenda swiftly made its way through the Council process... be continued
  3. As the evening came on, Captain Joe Clarkson leaned back in his chair. Gazing across his desk to the secretary against the wall, his eye came to rest upon the humidor containing the favored chigargs. The Captain hadn't really given much thought to the power of The Hatters. It was now becoming clear to him.

    Captain Clarkson came to office about a half decade before the new millennium. He had thought the support of The Hatters was an uncomplicated affair that would be resolved with a simple program created to keep them busy. Little did he realize the gravity of full implementation of their agenda.

    The Hatters held positions throughout The Service. Positions of administrative authority came easy to them. They had little trouble convincing lay persons of the justness of their cause. Tending to the needs springing from misfortune seemed to be their natural calling. Their studies had included health matters, but the more successful of them learned policy all the better.

    Captain Clarkson now realized the cost for the support of The Hatters would not be merely the cleansing of Usland from smoching , but the elimination of smochers themselves. be continued
  4. The government's "nudge unit" wants to encourage the use of smokeless nicotine cigarettes, banned in many countries around the world, in an attempt to reduce the numbers killed in the UK by smoking diseases each year. ...

    Try smokeless nicotine cigarettes, says government | Society | The Guardian
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