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I use my blog to just post thoughts, redundancies, and material not really appropriate for the general forum.
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  1. Perhaps this morning I feel particularly wistful.

    The last couple of years have been a real challenge for me. Not bad mind you- but challenging. All kinds of changes. Personal, professional, and many instances of floating on the wind without direction.

    Two and a half years ago I was the IT Director for a national charity. A homeowner. And a married man.

    Today I have a small apartment, a small car, small income.

    But it's a big life. And very satisfying.

    I've always been a "Early adopter". Early into new technology. Early into new ideas. That's how I got into computers.. back when it wasn't cool. That's also how I got into e-cigarettes- when hardly anyone knew about them.

    Early. It's a theme that repeats itself. In fact... if you are reading this... you are probably one of the "Early People". People who arrive early to the party... before the idiot who throws up in the bean dip.

    I suppose that is why I have such an affinity for this community. For activism.

    Some things will always change. But I think most of the people in this community seem to arrive "Early".

    Good company. It's nice to know you.
  2. Time to move on...

    Sometimes when things happen in this community it is important to stay ahead of the ball. Or better yet, to be where the ball "will be". So in order to make sure there are no questions or controversies, I'm posting the following:

    Today 12.21.2011 I have resigned, for personal reasons, as a Vape TV host.

    I would like to take the opportunity to say that my experience working with Lu and BSP has been exemplary, productive, and fulfilling. In short an excellent experience.

    Vape TV, as a vaping media outlet, has a bright future, excellent hosts, and good leadership. I was given freedom and very few restrictions about what content I could bring to the table. When there were restrictions, they were few and well explained.

    While my reasons for departure are of a personal nature, I have expressed them fully to the management of Vape TV, and my commentary was received with understanding.

    In short there is no drama to feed on. No bad guy.

    There's just the future.

    Bearing in mind that I'm simply a "stooge with a web cam", I just wanted to get this out there into the vaping community before speculation took over. It's important that no one manufactures divisiveness regarding this change.

    Be well,

  3. Tonight!!!! 10pm EST a pre VaperCon Special:

    My return to Vape TV with the organizer(s) of VaperCon! I'll be doing an interview covering the background and expectations of VaperCon- and finding out why the organizers felt it was important to hold an event.

    Also... chat and discussion with those going. And Skype interviews with viewers....

    Feel free to reshare this!! It should be a good show!

    VapeTVLive on Stickam - Join the live stream
  4. Just a note to my friends....

    I'm alive, and not avoiding anyone (been asked that a couple of times).

    Been very busy with Doctors, Lawyers, and various daily management issues.

    Just to give you an idea: I haven't had more that 1.5 hours of sleep at a time over the last 4 days.

    And no- I'm not a person in crisis nor do I need sympathy :) However knowing the reason is always nice right?

    For those who will be attending, I will be at the WCVM this Saturday. And VC is still a go!

    Hopefully things will mellow out this week
  5. Dear friends,

    Lately I've been looking for ways to make more of a difference in our community, especially since I think that e-cigs save lives. In fact in my personal experience, observing my own health over the last year, I know it.

    Lately I've become acquainted with some of the board of CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke free Alternatives Association) and I became impressed with these folks both personally and professionally. They are an organization made up of *us*. They are an open organization.

    One of the things that I liked was the openness about funding during their member meeting tonight. They have just over $8000.00 in operating funds, and a long way to go do the kinds of concise and decisive actions that are needed to advocate for both our community and future vapers. The political and community environment we create now, is going to be inherited by those who *will* vape in the future. So I'm hopeful Some will follow my lead.

    I'm putting my own ... on the line here and asking you to donate to this organization. No I'm not asking you to make a big donation. How about $5? Or $5 monthly?

    The fact of the matter is that this is the only organization that defends us on a national level.

    So how can you find out more?

    CASAA | The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

    Not that I've guilted you- I'm off to make my own donation. And I haven't worked since January 15th 2010.

  6. Hi guys,

    Well I'm all resettled and getting into the routine of elder-care. It's a rewarding experience- although I can see how people who do it for a living would burn out. It's different with a parent. It's demanding and tiring but in my case rewarding.

    Anyhow..... Since I do not have the ability to do videos at the moment, I'm (gulp) going to write a few reviews.

    It's official I'm a mod junkie. I hate the word "junkie".... but it fits. I currently own these: GGTS with AVS, GLV2 Mini, KVS 510n, Goldmine, KVS Triple V, Empire Mod with Drip Shield, Boge Revolution V2, and a Provari.

    Out of that modest list there are two clunkers (for me):

    1. Revolution V2:

    I actually like vaping this. But Boge's business practices and misleading information about battery capacity at launch really got under my skin. Also, the 510 connection doesn't work with all 510 attied/cartos.

    2. The GGTS w AVS:

    My commentary on this may be outdated since there have been revisions to the product. However this was a clunker for me. First off, the AVS really only works well at higher voltages. Which kinda kills it for me because I like lower voltage vaping. On an 18650 battery, it is an anemic vape with a standard atomizer. At the time I purchased it I had only been vaping for 5 months, so I did not have enough background to make a good choice. That part is my fault.

    The second problem is not my fault. The aluminum used (back in October 2010) for the GGTS is really soft. So the threads can, and will, seize up and destroy themselves in dusty environments. So my GGTS eventually locked itself up and became useless in about a month of desert usage. Now in fairness, the new GGTS/UFS/iAtty line is stainless steel. I would expect far better results with the new revisions. And I've been looking around to get an iatty. So I think people should not be dissuaded from this product considering it's current revision. However be aware you are locked into 3.7v, 5v (NMH Battery), 6.v (2 X LiFP0 3.0v), or 7.4v (2 X CR123 3.7v). If those voltages hit your sweet spot- go for it.

    And here's a short list of the winners (No order):

    1. Provari:

    The ability to fine tune your vaping experience is wonderful. the regulated nature of this unit means that your vaping is consistent from the beginning to the end of the battery's capacity. The added testing and monitoring features on this unit are icing on an already compelling cake. It's made of stainless steel. I've dropped the unit on concrete, and it left a dent in the concrete (not kidding). It is however expensive. Getting into one of these (if you need batteries) will push you over $200.00 for the base unit. Ad an extension cap and a couple of 18650s and it's more. But this is one of the good ones.

    (Please note: I also put the Darwin and the Buzz Pro into the same category as the Provari. The differences between these units are really subjective personal taste issues considering the resulting vape is what matters. And all three seems to be outstanding.)

    2. Empire Mod:

    To be able to comment on this is a real blessing. My friends Dimitry and Jason knew money was tight tight for me, and made a gift of it to me. It's nice to have friends like that.

    Anyway, this unit is wonderful. It telescopes a little like a GGTS, so any battery you can put in it just works. It's a 901 native connection- so you have to like 901 atties (I do) or use a 901 to (whatever) adapter. In some respects the battery tube portion of this mod is just as functional as the GGTS and can handle any of the batteries we use for vaping as long as they have a nipple. The workmanship is first rate, and you really have to see and hold one to see what I mean. Even the endcap with it's locking switch is an original design. The aluminum used in it's construction is apparently the hardest and most durable available. However a drop on cement is probably going to scratch it.

    Which brings me to the Drip Shield. One of the innovations that Keith at Empire Mods created is the drip shield. This little innovation is pure genius. 901 atties have the unfortunate tendency to leak out their side vent hole when you use them for dripping. The drip shield soolves that problem and turns a liability into a miniature juice feed system. excess juice goes out of the atomizer and into the drip shield (Which is sealed by O rings). As you vape the excess is sucked back into the atomizer, thus minimizing the frequency of dripping, and allowing huge amounts of juice to be dripped at one time (I can drip 1 drops into a dry atty).

    This is a deceptively good mod. Give it due consideration if you like 901 vaping.

    The conclusion:

    So there's some commentary on the wins and not-so-wins in my vaping arsenal. As a aide note: I use all my mods, except the GGTS which needs a part replacement. They all have their place.

    As we get through the next 90 days I'm considering purchasing a Buzz Pro (which I expect to Vape as well as a Provari), The VVPV (Also from Notcigs), and some of the variable voltage eGo form factor batteries. Also looking at trying to get an iAtty.

    I will also being doing a review of standard eGo batteries in the coming weeks by going back to eGo batteries exclusively, and see how that goes.

    Thanks to everyone who has lent support to me through the last two months which were very stressful. Now that the moving and drama has cooled off: I'm getting back to where I left off.

    Best regards,

  7. Hi guys,

    I'm out for a longish period of indeterminate time...

  8. Hi guys,

    For your consideration:

  9. For your consideration: The CigEasy Go-Go:

  10. Hi all,

    Over the past few months I've been neglecting making "written" review or commentaries on the e-cig scene, devices, or how-to's. And after trying to make a couple of videos related to DYI and e-liquid chemistry, I've decided to go back to basics and write some extended articles.

    These articles will be published here on the ECF Blog, but also at AngusATAT's blog. Special thanks to Angus for allowing me to to have yet another way to publish.

    For the full announcement, please visit the link below and visit Cozzicon's Corner

    Captain Tightpants' Vape-Along Blog |
  11. I had heard a lot about utrasonic atomizer cleaning, and decided to give it a whirl.

    It worked! Here's my initial results:

    Ultrasonic Atomizer Cleaning: A test
  12. Hi guys,

    I've got a lot of backed up e-mail and youtube messages. I'm sorry about that- I've been out of town for 3 weeks caring for my mother who fell ill.

    I've returned home now, and will catch up soon.
  13. Well, late last evening I did a little math an figured out I had been off of tobacco for exactly 8 months. And I got a little emotional...

    I'm not sure why I would be emotionally effected by it so deeply, but I was. This old dude cried, and then announced on ECF IRC that it had been "8 Months"- and I did so with pride.

    I had smoked from the age of 14. And for those that aren't going to do the math- that's 30 years. When I quit I was smoking between 3 and 4 packs a day of Newport lights (Or whatever the new marketing name was).

    It is strange to me, that 8 months resonates with me so profoundly. Why 8 months? I'd never ever made it two weeks let alone a week when I tried to quit previously. But somehow, an e-cig made it doable. And doable in the midst of a divorce, professional chaos, and an uncertain future. That in itself is a miracle.

    So while this may be self indulgent rambling, it's still 8 months.

    Vaping to me isn't a hobby, or a game, it's a life saver. That part I remember every time I take a breath without wheezing- which is constantly.

    Be well....
  14. Shortish followup on the eGo-T.

  15. Hi guys... Something new that couldn't wait until after the holidays:

    YouTube - eGo Mega Cone Atomizer Review and Mod Tip
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