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  1. So in between husband busting some things, needing to reorder some things, still stocking up on stuff, the sore throat, the mouth sores and me feeling like death warmed over for a little bit there. I am feeling better today! Got some sleep, vaping better juice this morning and happily waiting for my new kanger tank to arrive!
  2. Teeth aren't aching as much anymore! Makes this sooo much better on my end! Also! My AGR tank came in todaaaayy! Man this is one pretty tank! I'm going to have to look for I think they are called, 357? Carts? I'd love to try one.

    Waiting for my needle tip bottle cap so I can fill it up or if I can't wait, might grab one at a craft store if I get too impatient lol. Got a stunning aqua/teal drip tip in and waiting on some BwB juice to come along with some ECBlend juice and Alice in vapeland!

    Also my protank is doing really good! Nice hit now, got used to the airy hit and loving it thus far!:laugh:
  3. Seems my teeth aren't liking the lack of analog junk I'm not smoking anymore. This I hope goes away soon. Juice I have isn't quite hitting it there for me just yet but hopefully that will go away. Got some things coming to me soon. Some more juice, new tank.

    I don't think I'd be too bothered but man my mouth is not liking me right now. *Sighs* Hopefully I'm crossing fingers it fixes it's self soon.

    Going to keep on vaping though. Waiting for that new lung feeling too! One of my bigger hopes to come soon. Also, strawberry cheesecake from Velvet Vapors is yummy!
  4. Gosh I hope my mailman isn't late today! They are literally a stones throw away from me now! So excited and can't wait to play with the Segeli Zmax Tele V3 and the Kanger protank!
  5. I'm so excited! 3 years ago mods were so expensive! I'm so happy I was able to get my hands on 2 of these from for both hubs and I.

    Hoping it comes in on Saturday with my Janger protank!
  6. So after 3 years of being a numbskull I'm attempting to come back into vaping. Here's hoping I can get back and quit these analogs for good this time.
  7. This is a fantastic mod hands down and flattens my 510 in the dust! also I'm leaving my cig counter here since i can't have it in my signature lol

  8. I'm usually not so much a poster as more a lurker and it's so odd to me that I sit on here at all hours of the day lounging around, refreshing and itching to chat, debate and hang out with the coolest people on the planet in my opinion! I don't what it is about you all at EFC but I'M HOOKED! LOL

    Major shout outs to my PIF group! Bunch of amazing people and thank you all the responses on my 5volt post in the classified. I got trigger happy though and ordered a RIVA starter kit yesterday and now waiting impatiently for to maybe show me some love and update LOL! Anyways, thank you all for putting up with my awkward phrases, bad spelling, and poor mind thoughts that just usually come out as a pile of moosh. ♥♥♥
  9. I am sooo uber excited. I got my JOYE 510 from and art shipped it out fast and was here in 3 days! Everything was all well packaged and nice and neat. My order was perfect! Couldn't be happier. Now I'm just waiting for it to charge...
  10. My JOYE 510 kit hit kansas last night and is being delivered today! Now I stupidly didn't buy any extra juice till a day or so later so I have to wait for those but lucky I get 5 prefilled carts to suck on til my juice arrives. Incredibly excited and just can't wait!
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