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  1. Howdy guys!

    Just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel that's a simple how to instructional on making DIY liquids.

    As a bit of clarification I wanted to point out a few things:

    The amount of nicotine I used (6mL) is based on the total amount of liquid I make (30mL). For smaller batches, the amount will need to be changed!

    Same holds true for the flavors... Everything is percentage based... So for my 30mL I used 3mL for a 10% flavor. For a 10mL batch, I would have used 1mL.

    I didn't bring it up in the video because I had already done the math before shooting.

    If you have any questions about a recipe PLEASE ASK FIRST! Don't mess around with nicotine percentages unless you know beforehand exactly how much to use to get the end concentration that you're looking for!

    And on with the show! It is 30 minutes, but the DIY How to only takes up maybe 15 minutes, so it's not as bad as it looks :) The rest is all testing it out, talking up TPA flavors, blabbing about how to get a cheap ProVari and make it look good, and a thank you message to subscribers :)

    Thanks for watching! If you have any questions you can ask here, or leave a comment on the video!

  2. Aloha!

    Just finished uploading a new video review / unboxing / breakdown / build of the Terminator C. This is an Odysseus clone, and a mighty fine rendition.

    Readers digest version... It's built really well... It's NASTY dirty out of the box, wash it before you use it! Once you start filling it, do not unscrew the mouth piece from the atomizer or you'll get juice all over yourself! (Edited out of the video!)

    I really like this thing... Great vapor, and like I said it really is built amazing. I would get a real Odysseus if I could find one, but since I can't I feel this is a solid choice!

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you have any questions, just ask!

  3. Hi guys!

    I did up this video this past weekend, and it covers the steps necessary to building a stainless steel mesh wick all the way from cutting the mesh to working out the hot spots and vaping it.

    Hope it helps some folks out there who are still having a rough time with these things. They can sure be a pain in the butt!

  4. I see a lot of folks that are new to vaping who get discouraged because the flavor is not what they expected... It's burnt, plastic, metallic, anything but good... I believe dripping is the answer for folks that have these bad experiences to at least keep them interested in eCig's and the healthier lifestyle they offer compared to analogs. At a minimum it will help them realize it was their equipment, and most likely not their juice that was the source of the burnt flavor.

    You can get a dripping setup pretty cheap, it's easy to use, and the flavor is outstanding! I made a video that covers a basic dripping setup, hope it helps!

  5. Aloha guys & gals,

    I've added a new review to my channel about our beloved AGA-T+


    Just got new editing software, so I'm working out the kinks with that, learning as I go... But, I don't want to delay the videos any more than necessary, so until I get it figured out, things will just be a bit strange...

    So, I'm still working on a more defined format for talking points during these videos, finding a spot in my house to do them where the background noise isn't crazy and the background doesn't so closely match the color of my face... Haha!

    Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it! Any questions or comments you guys can leave them here, or comment on the video on YouTube

    Thanks for watching!
  6. Aloha,

    I put up a new video discussing way to "overhaul" a moody Kanger T3. Includes leak points, rewicking / recoil, a bit of some ranting, a few raves, and general good info... It's a bit long cause it covers a lot, and I'm just detailed with the step by step stuff...

    Thanks for watching! Let me know if there is anything totally wrong in it... I know there is a bad statement in there about resistance increasing causing voltage to drop down on VW mods, that's wrong... But it's too late to mess with it now... Takes forever to upload these stupid things!

    Enjoy guys, hope it helps someone!

  7. [video=youtube;8UVZv1Duoj8][/video]

    Here is the video. Hope it helps someone... First one I've done, so be gentle!
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