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  1. Thought I would write this up, I sent it as a reply to a private message, and thought it had some good information, but didn't really see a place to put it, so now I have a blog!

    I love the idle chit chat on the forums, don't get me wrong, but even after over a year and a half of vaping, all I want to know what atomizer, cartomizer, device you are using and how it is working. I want to try new things for myself, but if this can be a shortcut for someone else all the better.

    I am not a fan boy and if someone makes something better I am all for it, and will instantly buy it and try it out. That being said this is what I using that I find to be the best as of March 13th 2012

    I use my Darwin every day. I have had just about every mod worth having, and if I had to turn them all in, and keep 4 of them I would say Darwin, Reo Mini, Provari, Kicked Reo Grand in that order. Between those 4, you can do just about anything.

    The Darwin is my meter. I can put anything on it and turn the wheel till I like it. Then I know what I like that Atomizer, Tank, or Cartomizer at. I can then in turn put that atomizer on the appropriate devise. Having a Darwin makes all of your vaporizers better. It's like having a vaping calculator.

    Then enter the Provari tube mod. Using your Darwin you found out how like like an atomizer, look on the screen and you instantly get the volts. Then the Provari has "what you see is what you get" voltage. Put the Provari at that voltage and you are done, and done. Light flashes, change the battery, all is good with the world.

    The mini Reo is just the perfect mod for stealth, at work or on the go vaping. It holds juice, but doesn't eat it like a Cartomizer tank on a 3.0ohm Boge at 4.7v..yet with the Ikenvape 1.5 io6 you get less vapor but still plenty and that heat and satisfaction in a small package. It takes some time to get great at squonking the juice, but once you do, dripping is not an option.

    I am just getting used to the Kicked REO grand, and it is a bit different. But I can use an 18500 battery with the kick! I am using the ones from Nhaler, the purple ones and they are 1600 MAH then regulated with the Kicker they last about the same as an AW 18650 (the old ones) IMO. I can usually vape almost 3-4 mil before I have to change the battery, and it holds 6 mil.

    Usually I use my Darwin as a dripping rig. 1 510 extension, one HH357 2.5ohm, One Drip Shield, "the Universal from Cherry Vapes (this thing has a HUGE hole for dripping, and is long so you never get juice in your mouth) then I put a Cherry Vapes ming on top...or not. Turn it up to about 11 watts and do work!

    I also recently from Drew at Nhaler I got their 2ohm 510 clear colossal dual coil cartomizer!. It is a great vape, cartomizer itself lasts over a week, and is only 2-3 dollars. Holds 2 Mil of juice and the Darwin shuts with it on there. Also it doesn't get that dry need to be topped off taste until all the juice is gone. This has re-invigorated my Darwin experience. I haven't tried it yet, but I think you can take them apart and clean them. I always use my Darwin with the included case when in public. Makes it just look like I have a multi-tool in a case sitting here, and you can push the button thru the side of it.

    Hope this saves you some trial and error and is helpful to someone. Thanks! View attachment 84446 View attachment 84447 View attachment 84448 View attachment 84449 View attachment 84446 View attachment 84447 View attachment 84448 View attachment 84449
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