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  1. Lounge Lizards / Misfits / Free Thinkers / Bohemians & the Forgotten :: Young at Heart Only
  2. Vandy Vape BERSERKER (24mm) MTL RTA
  3. Deeming Regulations have been released!!!!
  5. DONE
    Vision Victory & spare coils
    Plenty of both mech & variable mods
    Plenty of RBAs

    REO spare parts
    Spare ARO II coils - Hoosier has 3000+ still in stock
    BVC coils (non-Nautilus)

    Flavorings (esp. Tobacco)
  6. Older Folks and Vaping Front Porch - Part 5
  7. I remember back in the day...

    The center pin wobble is normal for the A7, but I've never had any problem with that. (and I use them on mechanicals) The pin would have to be extended out a long ways before it could touch the ground. (or a mod pin that pushes it to the side) I believe there would have to be something wrong with the center pin of the mod before you would have to worry about one shorting out.

    The real trick to setting them up is making sure that the coil is properly placed over the air flow. If the coil is to low, the air flow will only get the center wraps of the coil, and you will get an uneven temperature across the coil.

    Because you use thin wire for the coil, rewicking is not a good option, so I use silica string for wicks.
    A 6/7 wrap of 30ga around 3 strands of 0.8mm silica string gives me a 1.8 ohm coil. I use a paperclip to wrap my coils which insures that I don't wrap the coil to tight. (which would choke off the wicks)
    A 1.8-2 ohm coil in the 3.7-4.1v range is where the A7 will produce the best flavor. (it will make you use less flavoring in your formulas) Flavors like green apple I use 1 drop/2ml of 50/50 mix @ 12mg. Flavors like hazelnut I use 1 drop/1ml.
  8. From FastTech:
    Acrylic Shorty Drip Tips
    Aluminum Shorty Drip Tips
    White Teflon Drip Tip
    Black/Stainless Drip Tip
    Stainless Drip Tip

    From RTD Vapor:
    Black Delrin Type A

    From Empire Mods:
    Black Delrin Straight
    Ceramic Shorty

    From Mad Vapes:
    Anodized Super Shorty Drip Tip, Black
    Anodized Super Shorty Drip Tip, Silver
    Slotted Transformer Drip Tips
    Concave Transformer Drip Tips
    Short Stainless Drip Tips

    From Nhaler: and Twisted Drip Tips
  9. Proper terminology - Is it a carto, a tank, or what? A Guide to Juice Attachments
    A Good Starter's Setup for a Beginning Vapor
    Spinner/Twist_Ego VV Tank Combo
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