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  1. A new carto that seems to be picking up steam is the E2 (actually not entirely new but their latest edition/revision is the E2 R4, out for about the past month). Those who have been using it are experiencing almost an auto-feed system (their XL carto version of this will hold almost 2mls) in a carto that uses a wick dropped down into a reservoir that feeds into an atty coil which rests in a cup nearer the mouthpiece. There is no filler or poly in these and, from personal experience with other cartos, you have no 'affected' taste as you do from the aformentioned.

    It has some issues in its early weeks of release and one of these is that some of them have a few speed bumps to deal with:

    • Wicking problems seeming to come from the fact that the wick enters the coil area in a very tight environment. A filler cap sits around the cup and little slots are niched out of the silicon filler cap to allow passage of the wick
    • Reports and actual experience of some of these having a lubricant fluid and/or primer that causes your first vapes to have an acrid petro taste. Not all of them have that and ECF forum members have been communicating with the factory floor and are getting assurances that these problems are being addressed. In the mean time you are advised to rinse and dry your cartos before first use.
    • Some of the wicks do not extend to the bottom of the carto (also beign addressed on the factory floor) which has obvious wicking ramifications.
    Some of us for now have discovered a syringe modification outlined in the thread below:

    This thread is authored by an active participant of a massive RoyalSmokers E2 R4 thread started by forum member badkolo. The syringe mod isn't entirely necessary but it does give a GREAT overall vaping experience:

    • You can see the fluid level obviously.
    • The syringe is a bit wider than a regular carto so pinching of the wick going into the cup seems alleviated.
    • When you do the mod you can actually lengthen the wick to a proper length in case it is 'shortened' and doesn't reach the bottom of the carto.
    This syringe mod was inspired by forum member br5495 who started out with a bottle mod very similar to this using a juice bottle instead of a syringe.

    It works WELL, so well I have happily vaped with it for quite a bit now and ordered some more syringes to make up a bunch of them. Its not elegant but we hope the design of this will inspire the E2 manufacturers to incorporate our trials and errors and experiences in an evolution of the E2.

    In the meantime you can still successfully use the E2's without a syringe mod with the caveats mentioned above.

    Happy :vapor:ing!
  2. The cartomizer may have just taken a leap forward. This isn't being talked about on ECF right now but come back in a month:

    The TANKOMIZER - $24.95 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

    • clear refillable tank
    • non-disposeable hardy atomizer part of the assembly
    • no filler, no wick, nuttin'
  3. So I troll the forums on the lookout. I know its coming. I have seen and heard of modders such as raidy from germany doing it. A reliable TRUE self juicing e-cig.

    A cartomizer is as close as it comes to that. I can fill my C-E2 R4 cartos with nearly 2 ml of juice and vape it all day just about. But it has some wicking issues as it goes against gravity and wicks UP to a atomizer coil that sits nearer the mouthpiece than say, a Joye carto. So about half the time you have to tilt it slightly to help the wicking process. are limited to 2 ml.

    The bottom feeding mods such as the REO, Ali'i, Wetbox and others require you to squeeze a 3ml or maybe 6 ml, bottle. Now that bottle may be stiff and you might squeeze too hard to compensate but like, as they all say..."You'll get a feel for it". Even so you still are looking over your shoulder for the dry-hit even though I am sure as you get accustomed to it you will learn to stay ahead of it. Its maybe a good intermediate step but its a stopgap for what is envitable.

    I'll just refer you over to a thread in the modders' forum started by a German guy name of raidy. Look it up. I don't have a link here cus I am afraid to leave the blog post right now but maybe edit this later with the actual link. You have to see what this guy is doing. The stuff he has created could be likened to a Mercedes compared to our Ford Pinto experiences.

    Once that's all sorted out the next big challenge is getting juice vendors to provide all of their juices in sampler packs of 3ml. I know it can be tough on a juice vendor to individually package 3ml bottles in an on-demand ordering environment but like, those who do and do it cheerfully will be greatly rewarded. I mean, wow, I am sitting at a desk right now with 20 bottles of stuffs (with about 10 more bottles of stuffs coming) and can count on one hand the keepers (and that may be being generous). The rest will either be donated or sold at fire sale. Its not that its bad juice as much as it might just not agree with me.
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