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  1. Well, a few of you know that I build mods, and I truly enjoy doing so....ever since I was 8 years old I've always loved electronics, and my first kit was almost like a breadboard with oodles of springs attached to it, this kit came with a bunch of small wires, a battery, an ear phone (ya know, the old ones that used to plug into tvs back in the 80s, lol, and it came with a book with around 100 experiments for different circuits, so it began, my love of electronics, now some may say i'm a geek or nerd but i don't see it that way, and if so, oh well, doesn't really change anything anyhow, then I joined a company after i graduated from high school making knives with the handles being exotic woods, and that's where 10 years later, working with woods, and electronics, and computers comes into play when i discovered vaping, I started 2 years ago, tried it for a bit, and got all scared because someone said there was the same ingredient in juice that's in anti-freeze, so why so long later, idk, but i googled the ingredients, and was surprised what else pg is in, anyways, i had those little 510 manual batts, and got sick and tired of charging em, then i found ecf, thankfully, and on to the modders forum for some answers i needed although i haven't posted many things there.....made my first puck, loved it, gave it to my buddy, but not before i made a mini puck for myself, then on to a flashlight mod i went, and then a beer tap handle rechargable mod, then a bottom feeder, then a ff tin, a sucrets tin, and then an altoids tin....oh forgot about the other 3 pucks i made for my friends, so, i got thinking when i saw some awesome wood mods on the classifieds, ..., i love wood, electronics, vaping, and building mods, so why not, buy my domain name, make 5 wood mods, see what happens, and that's exactly what i'm in the process of doing, the funny thing is, i didnt even start yet, and 2 people at work want me to build them one before i even started. :), i guess i'm making 7(hopefully will turn into 700), and so it is becoming reality now, who woulda thunk it, lol, , handcrafted personal vaporizers coming September 2012. Vape on my friends, Vape on!:p
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