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  1. Hello, I looking to replace a power board in a MOD I have. I've found one (the SX 300) that looks like it will fit and as a bonus, has more power than the original. I can not find any place to buy it though.... well, without getting 50 of them. Anyone know a place I can pick up 1 or 2 of them? I also haven't found a definitive answer on one 18500 powering this, if someone knows this for sure...
  2. As a smoker I signed up for coupons from Marlboro.... Well, in the mail today I get the black envelope, this time it's different, so I open it. Turns out Marlboro now has a cig-a-like called the mark 10. Guess that's all of them now. Wonder how many additives are in their vape when compared to my DIY!!
  3. What's your view on brass in use on atomizers? As a mechanic/welder/fabricator in the metal industry I know all brass contains lead, even naval brass. So as a vaper, I try to find atty's where the only metal used it stainless, so I don't have to worry that my juice will leach lead and give me a vape worse than smoking.... is this even possible to find in clones? Some item's I bought when I first started vaping were sold to me as stainless, I no longer use them as I found this was a lie told to me by my former B&M shop. So, looking around at devices, I have to ask.... how many know that most of their shinny metal items as chromed brass, and how may know the concerns.... how many don't care?
  4. Hello, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.... I've been using 24mm Pierceable Screw Caps on a 125ml bottle for DIY liquid, love them as I don't need to worry about spilling, contamination, ect. My problem is, the web site {myfreedom...."} has not had them in stock for what feels like forever. Does anyone know a place I can get 3-6 of them without ordering 1000+?
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