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Blog entries by Debian Dog

  1. First off I would like to say that I have had the iClear 30 since almost day one and have been for the most part happy. So when I received my ProTank I knew it would have to be VERY good to sway me away from the iClear. So far I have been more than pleased but anything works well for a little...
  2. Vapor Renu is hit or miss they have some of the BEST Swedish Fish out there, in my opinion. If you get that papaya extract in there it gives it an off flavor... unless you actually LIKE that flavor. We have a new playlist on Youtube. The Worst of the Worst - Horrible Vapes
  3. I have like 40 flavors laying around but, things I can vape :vapor: all day: Pepsii Raspberry Gummybear Chestnut - Usually in the morning with coffee but I have really come to enjoy it. NEVER would have tried it if not for the free sampler from FSUSA.
  4. My PV Shop - great prices for hardware. Juices meh not horrible Easy Cig - Got my first GoGo here quick shipping cheaper than other GoGo venders Nhaler - Go selection of hardware. Juices did not leave a lasting impression VaperKings - Low Res attys are top notch eCig Supply -...
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