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  1. Starting this blog to add good info I don't wanna forget, sorry if it brings up a notification for quoting anyone lol.

    Info on amp draw on regulated mods:

  2. [​IMG]

    ^^^ current ecig spendature 1968.54$ ^^^^^

    Listed as Left to right, back to front...

    Derringer rda(holding all my favorite driptips :p one of every color), orchid rta(modded for/and slamcapped), tube rta(modded for/and slamcapped), kayfun monster rta(slamcapped)

    Brass 4nine(kindly sent by an ecf member), 18350 atto, limited edition ss nugget mod, 18650 atto, ijust2 battery.

    What's left of 480mls of "black berry frost diy" - 8% blackberry, 6%koolada, 2%blueberry

    Xtar mc1 charger, battery case (with 510 voltage tester and a 18650 cell), another battery case (with 2x 18350 cells)

    2 *spare bellcaps(to go with the kayfun 4 chamber and used with with either tube/orchid rta or with kayfun rta using regular chimney), 1 *spare "full metal" ss tank/topcap(to be used with kf4 chamber on tube/orchid rta or with kayfun rta using regular chimney), 5 *spare slamcaps(to be used with any of the 3 rtas **after modding certain rta**), chimney top for kayfun rta.
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