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Just thought I'd put out my thoughts and opinions in an easy to find place.
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  1. I love this thing! I've been using the Arry tank for almost 3 weeks now.
    I want another one.
    As soon as they are available again I will buy another one so I can have 2 flavors of juice available to go all the time.
    Maybe I'll even buy 2 more if I have the money.

    So very much better than the liquinator tank I previously bought. For the most part it is incredibly easy to clean and reassemble. The only problems I have had with it is an o-ring on one of the ce2's was a bit uneven and it got tore up while I was trying to get it into the bottom cap, I just replaced the o-ring and problem solved. And the other was an extremely narrow o-ring that came on a ce2 and led to a little bit of leaking around the seal. Again, I just replaced the o-ring and problem solved.

    Easy to fill, no leakage when filling.
    Great flavor, NO dry hits, flooding issues, or leaking like I had with the liquinator.
    One tank lasts a few days and the ce2's are lasting me about a week before getting a slightly burnt taste.

    Love it, so glad I bought it!
  2. Why is it that every single review I have found is all about how they love the product? Do these reviewer only test the item for 5 minutes before doing the review? Are the people with bad product experiences just too pissed off to do a review?

    I've had problems with my 5.5mL Phat Vaporescence Liquinator from the start, yet I have only seen wonderful reviews on this thing. I admit, my blog post that included a little blurb about the liquinator was made after just starting on the 2nd carto and before cleaning then trying to re-assemble the thing. While I do state issues about the carto, I had no idea it was all just going to keep going downhill from there.

    Lets start with filling it:
    No mater what I did, and yes I followed all instructions, liquid would come out of every end of every carto as soon as I pushed the carto in. This happened whether i had it full, 2/3 full, 1/3 full. I could fill the carto 1st or leave it dry. ALWAYS have lots of liquid coming out both sides, and not just a drop or two.

    This is using the same juice 80%pg 20%vg everytime
    1st carto - would not wick, at all. had to prime every vape. the liquid would just drain back out into the tank leaving the carto completely dry.
    2nd carto - stayed wet, vaped pretty consistently, turned my juice black within a few hours then died.
    3rd carto - constant leaking, constant flooding, constant juice in the mouth. Lots of gurgling and popping juice at me everytime I hit the button.
    4th & 5th carto - too frustrated to try it at this point... maybe they will get thrown in if I try to sell this thing.

    Their video shows this thing just popping back together. Mine was not like that at all.
    I lubed mine up and spent 2 hours and lots of cussing before finally grabbing a rubber mallet to get the ends back in this thing. I could not get this thing back together without the mallet. Their video also appears to be made before they switched to the poly tanks, so maybe that had something to do with the ease of re-assembly in the video. Maybe they should update their instructions on how to get one of these back together.

    I really am not liking this thing anymore at all. It is a great idea and I was totally excited to get it and try it out, thinking it would be great and that I wouldn't have to fill a bunch of little tanks all day. But so far, for me, it has absolutely sucked and feels like a complete waste of money. I feel like every review I watched and read was a lie. Maybe they didn't try it very long, or maybe I got the worst carto's ever (I bought them with my liquinator direct from Vaporescence) or maybe my liquinator just sucks. No matter what, for me this has been a total disappointment and I wouldn't recommend this thing to anyone.

    This all also makes me leery of every other review I see.
  3. For the new vaper freaking out about still smoking or trying to quit:

    Don't freak out!!

    The more you get into vaping and finding what works for you the more you will find yourself smoking less.

    Don't set yourself up to fail! Don't make it all or nothing from the start.

    Look at it as a change in how you do things, not another gimmick to quit like the pills and gum and patches you've gone through before.

    Make the switch to vaping, once you are comfortable with that then you can start reducing the nicotine if that's what you want to do.

    The best way I have found is to put the cigarettes out of sight. Keep them far away from you, in a cupboard, in another room, whatever. Just not right next to you, not where you have always kept them.

    Keep you PV/ecig with you all the time, either in your hand, or where you always keep your cigarettes.

    Every time you want to smoke, pick up that PV and start vaping. Try vaping for 5 minutes. See if it curbs your craving. Vape a little longer if you think that will do. If you still want that cigarette, go get it and don't feel guilty about it. Beating yourself up because you smoked a cigarette is not helpful. It's not going to do you any good.

    You probably didn't start out smoking 1 or 2 packs a day so getting rid of that habit and addiction isn't going to go away from the 1st vape. These things take time!!

    Change is hard. There is nothing wrong with seeking help, or being frustrated. If you need to vent about it, talk it out, get opinions, get reassurance, whatever. You are in the right place. There are many wonderful people on ECF. People that like to help. People that aren't going to judge you for having that cigarette. Talk to them! Ask questions when you don't understand something. We all came here for similar reasons.

    And always remember that no matter what someone else recommends it might not be what is right for you. Only you can figure that out. By all means ask questions and weigh the opinions of others right along with your own research, but whatever you get needs to work for you, not for anyone else.
  4. Drip-Tips:
    Great for use when dripping or using cartomizers, essential when using a large tank system like a liquinator or map tank, or a juice feeder system. There are a variety of them out there in derlin, acrylic/plastic, glass/pyrex, various metals. I have found that I can always taste plastic on the acrylic/plastic ones, and it really takes away from the flavor of anything that I vape. I have an aluminum one in the mail at the moment and I'm hoping that will work for me until I can get a glass/pyrex one.

    What I still want to try:

    Those glass drip tips! Hopefully trippytips will have some on the website to order soon.

    More juice! LOL I'm always trying new juices. You never know when you're going to find something amazing.

    DIY. It would be great and more cost effective, but I'm not that patient. I would think it would take a while to get this down, plus the wait time for steeping to even see if you made a good flavor would probably drive me nuts, so this is on the back-burner for now.

    A juice feeder box mod. Like I said before, I'm not a fan of dripping on the atty because of the constant need to keep dripping/always have a juice bottle in your hand. But the feeder system is just squeeze and vape, and dripping on the atty does provide good flavor, so maybe this would be a way for me to enjoy it.

    More tank systems. The next thing I get will be a Map tank, as soon as I have money lol.
  5. The Juice:

    Everyone likes something different.
    Everyone tastes things differently and what works for some may never work for you. Even if a place is highly recommended by hundreds of people, it may not be for you.

    Get sample flavors from lots of vendors when you start out, take advantage of freebies, sales, specials, contests, etc. Some vendors you will hate, some you will love. It's all a matter of what works for you.

    Tobacco flavors will never taste like a cigarette, never. Some of them are good all on there own, some of them taste terrible. Again, it's all a matter of what you like.

    Try things that you love as food, try things that you don't. Like I love chocolate, but I have only found a few things with chocolate in them that I can vape. I hate everything in the gummy candy world, but I really like gummy flavored juice. You just never know what's going to work for you until you try it.

    If you get juices that you don't like the moment you get them, stash them away for a month and then check them out again, you would be surprised at how much of a difference time/steeping can make. Sometimes a week or two will make a difference, but it seems that the longer it steeps the better it gets.
    If you still don't like it, sell it or trade it here in the classifieds, or trade or give it away in the pay it forward section.

    Vendors I've tried so far, I'm not listing all the flavors, just those that made an impression:

    Vaperbomb- Love the waffle! It is my favorite vape. The cafe mocha is good, but I feel like it's missing something, I just haven't figured out what yet.

    Tasty Vapor- the custom cupcake blend!- I got chocolate & buttercream and it tastes like cocoa puffs cereal. My second favorite flavor.

    Joogler Juice - I hated everything they sent at 1st, but after a month of steeping it's all good. I really like the gummy bear!

    Mrs T's bakery - I really like the spearmint I got here, not as fond of the bluraspberry as I thought I would be. I haven't tried any of the baked goods flavors yet, no clue why I didn't order any, but I guess I'll have to remedy that soon.

    Vermilion River - Excellent raspberry flavor. They sent me a watermelon sample and though I don't really like watermelon I did try it before giving it away and it did taste just like the fruit.

    Virgin Vapor - I got chocolate flavors and didn't like them at 1st so I'm letting them steep and hoping for the best.

    Currently looking forward to checking out the orders I placed yesterday from

    Blue Mist vaping

    Kick Bass Vapor


    And many more from Vaporbomb

    Hoping for good things!! Wish me luck!
  6. Remember, these are my opinions. Other people may not like them. They may not be the same as yours and what I like may not work for you.

    The liquid delivery systems:

    These are the liquid delivery systems I have tried and how I feel about them, it does seem like my opinions are different from every review I've ever seen and from most of the people here, but here we go anyway:

    Atty & cart - not bad. Flavor was good but they don't hold much/get dry quick. Easy to clean and refill the carts, but not something I used past the 1st day.

    Atty only- Hated it, it is far too time consuming. Ok to test a flavor once you get the dripping amount right, but not something for constant use.

    Cartomizer - ehh... not bad but you better have really strong flavors because these muted/changed everything good about the flavors I liked.

    Sapphire tank- ehh... Great idea, excellent draw, good flavor. Great the 1st fill, tasted like burnt plastic with a side of mildew on the 2nd fill.

    The 510-T (tank and tank atty)- Love it. Excellent idea. But the original 510 tanks are small and the draw isn't that good, also the flavors were somewhat muted. BUT when I got my first XL 510 tanks I fell in love with the whole setup. Great draw, great flavor, and lasted longer because they hold a little bit more.
    Just fill and go. No filler material that changes the flavors. You can see how much juice is left so no need to be worried about running dry.
    The very 1st tank atty I got was a leaker and I was very disappointed, but the second one worked great, and still does 2 months later. I will soon be pulling apart that 1st atty and seeing if I can adjust it.

    Liquinator - Wonderful idea, great if you love cartomizers but don't like topping off all the time or taking extra juice bottles with you for a day out. My 1st time out I got a carto that would not wick, it was extremely frustrating. Also it's still a cartomizer, so it still changes/mutes the flavor a bit. All in all a very nice, easy to use system, but I'm still not a fan of the cartomizer filler material.
  7. So I've been vaping since the end of July, I guess that still makes me fairly new, but I have learned quite a lot here and through trial and error on my part. And now I'm going to make a few blog entries to share with whoever wants to read them.

    Remember, these are my opinions. Other people may not like them. They may not be the same as yours and what I like may not work for you.

    Lets start with....

    The pv/ecig:

    I admit I haven't tried many different versions, but what I have tried, I have been happy with.
    I started out with a Joye 510 starter kit from Cignot. I have a 510 passthrough with inline battery. I recently got a Silver Bullet from Altsmoke.

    I love the Joye 510.
    It's quick to charge, easy to carry several extra batteries with you in a very small container and most people are generally accepting when you tell them that it is an ecig. It is a great starter system. Easy to use, and the small size makes it feel a bit easier to get from smoker to vaper. It's also good for having several different flavors ready to go, each with their own battery. Many people talk about the battery life, and yes the battery life is short, only a few hours, but it worked just fine for me. I do recommend taking several batteries with you when leaving the house, a fully charged pcc will help get you through a work day, and maybe a way to charge the batteries if you are going to be away for a long time.

    The 510 passthrough is wonderful. I recommend them to anyone that spends a lot of time in one place, whether that be in the car or at a desk, or whatever. There are other options out there, I've recently seen a variable voltage ego passthrough that I think I may like to try. But no matter which version, a passthrough is a great thing to have.

    The Silver Bullet is great! The battery life is amazing!! It is large, but what do you expect with such a battery? lol You can put any juice delivery system you want on it. It's 510 threaded but all you need is an adapter if you want to try something else with it.
    I've only tried mine at 3.7v but you can change the batteries to be a 6v unit.
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