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I'm a new vaper so I hope you'll read my blog entries with that in mind.
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  1. Just got my first-time (and 2nd) order from Wizard Labs. I put in my first order during their most recent nicotine order catch-up. I ordered just a few syringes, and some 50ml dropper bottles. Order placed 4/11, Shipped 4/15, Arrived 4/19 in Detroit. Second order I placed (nic only) when I got their email that their nicotine was restocked. Order placed 4/15, Shipped 4/17, Arrived 4/19. The second order dates are probably more typical.

    I was surprised the nicotine 100mg/ml came in a black plastic bottle. I assumed it would be in amber glass.

    So the second order caught up with the first and I got both the same day. Both arrived packaged very well and got a free pipette and empty 10ml? plastic bottle with needle dripper and cap. The nic order came with an additional free rubber glove(s). I haven't opened that baggie though. Both orders came with an invoice and the nic order had a "Nicotine Safety and Handling" sheet.

    When I say "Order placed," I mean when they record my order. I always place orders late night or early morning.
  2. I ordered some DIY supplies the other day and I'm waiting for them. But I'm excited to start so I've been doing a poor man's DIY.

    I've got two simple already-mixed ejuices I like from Mount Baker Vapor (MBV), their Raspberry and their Watermelon. And I've got my Vamo V5 with a 2 ml tank.

    I had some Raspberry in the tank and when I vaped it down to about halfway, I filled it with Watermelon and waved it around to mix the 2 juices. When that got halfway, I put Raspberry back in and waved to mix. I did that for a day.

    Then I got some concentrated flavors in the mail and one was MBV's Extreme Ice which I like as their already-mixed. So the next time I filled the tank, I added one drop of the Extreme Ice concentrate and it topped off that mixture nicely. It gave me a cool Raspberry/Watermelon.

    So if you've got some similar and complementary ready-mixed ejuices, do a tank mix and see what happens.

    See ya.
  3. Read 101Vape vs. ViperVape - Part 1 first.

    In my last message to 101Vape, I said I got no tracking number from ViperVape but later in the day, I got an email from ViperVape saying my order was now Shipped with a USPS tracking number...

    But 7 days after I placed the order! and it was nothing unusual, a battery, a Kanger Mini Protank 3 and a couple extra replacement coils. All of that was In Stock when I ordered. So 7 days to put the package together and mail it?

    I'm a patient and forgiving person. And I'm sure many of you have had a great experience with ViperVape with great customer service. But from the point of view of a brand new vaper, there's LOTS of businesses,all supplying the same stuff and all with competitive prices.

    What makes the difference between ordering from one business or another?

    Picture a guy sitting at his computer, late evening, looking at his egos and realizing, it's time to move up.

    I need more power, Scotty! And I need it NOW!

    In my case, the difference in ordering a Nemesis clone between Fasttech and 101Vape was a few dollars more from 101Vape but it came down to transit time: days from 101Vape vs. weeks or a month or longer from Fasttech.

    That decision was easy.

    I said in my back and forth with 101Vape that I used to sell stuff I made on Ebay. I also sold on Etsy and off my own website. For around a year I sold just enough to not become homeless - a tough period.

    Go to then click on the 76 by my name and you'll see my reviews. (My pages at Etsy don't exist anymore and I took my own website down because I had to sell my domain name.)

    You'll see from the comments from my Ebay buyers I know a little bit about customer service from the business side.

    So what makes the difference?

    After you've gone through the biggies - Quality, Availability, Price (and shipping costs), and Transit Time (the biggies are usually all similar among businesses) - the difference comes down to many little things, but for this discussion, I'll focus on the all-encompassing - Customer Service.

    You read my experience with 101Vape. Excellent in all respects!

    Now ViperVape:

    I didn't realize that 101Vape and ViperVape are both in Carlsbad, CA.So transit time is same-same. They probably know each other, maybe hang out together, it may even be the same company with different names for all I know.

    April 2, late evening: I order from 101Vape and ViperVape
    April 3: I receive email order confirmations from both
    April 4: 101Vape emails and says my order's been shipped along with a USPS tracking number
    April 5: Waiting...
    April 6: Waiting...
    April 7: My 101Vape package arrives (5 days in transit)
    April 8: Nothing yet from ViperVape
    April 9: I do the back and forth with the friendly 101Vape Support Team, then later in the day I get an email from ViperVape saying my order has shipped and a USPS tracking number (7 days to ship)

    This is when the little things really matter.

    If I had gotten an email from ViperVape back on April 4 or 5 saying "We're really busy" or even "Our dog ate your customer information," then not a big deal, I understand, I've been there, but at least I know it'll be some time. But nothing until Day 7?

    If there's a delay for any reason, they've got my email, they've got my phone number, you bite the bullet and service the customer.

    Here are the steps to complete the order:

    1. Print the receipt.
    2. Drop the stuff and the receipt in an envelope.
    3. Weigh the completed envelope.
    4. Print the mailing label and stick it on the envelope. You need the weight to figure the postage. As I recall, if you print the mailing label from the USPS site, you can get the tracking number at the same time.
    5. Put the envelope in your box where all the other orders are that your friendly mail carrier will pick up when he or she drops off your incoming mail.
    6. Email the info to your customer.
    7. Have a relaxing vape.

    And if it was my business, at step 2, I would have tossed in a free, plastic, cheapie drip tip (anything really - maybe a notecard with my famous chili recipe). And I'd do it with every order. Just because it's the little things that matter.

    I got some juice from somewhere recently and there were a couple tootsie rolls in the pack. Another juice company had a handwritten note on the receipt saying "Have a good vape!" It's personal and it shows me they care. Pennies spent in this way will bring back dollars.

    So there it is. I'm not upset about it. And I may give ViperVape another chance because sh-t happens. But you online companies out there - what's the saying - You only get one chance to make a first impression. Few customers will give you a second chance.

    Please comment with your experiences with 101Vape or ViperVape or any others, good or bad. Because I'm just one guy with one experience.

    Thanks for hanging in and reading to the end.

    !Update 4/11/2014 on my ViperVape order:

    It was shipped on 4/9 and arrived on 4/11. They didn't enclose a receipt- disappointing because I save receipts and note arrival date and anything else of interest, maybe how it was packaged... For example, I also got an order from Mount Baker Vapor (MBV) today and noted that it came one day later than it should have because of a USPS snafu (it arrived at the post office and was out for delivery yesterday but arrived today).

    So to recap the ViperVape timeline:

    April 2, late evening: order placed
    April 3: email order confirmation
    April 4: nothing
    April 5: nothing
    April 6: nothing
    April 7: nothing
    April 8: nothing
    April 9: email saying my order has shipped with a USPS tracking number
    April 10: waiting
    April 11: arrives

    ViperVape took 9 days from order to arrival. As a comparison, that MBV order took 3 days from order to arrival.

    Again,not upset, but every other vape company (so far) has been next-day shipping.

    But I'm just one guy and this has been one experience.
  4. I got my Nemesis clone from 101Vape (see my previous post for my First Look) and while fiddling around with it, I fubar'd the kick tube. So I went to 101Vape, got on their contact/customer support page last night and sent the following message then went to bed.


    Hi - I damaged the kick tube in the brass nemesis I recently purchased. Can I order a replacement for just the kick tube?


    When I woke up, the following message was waiting:

    Hi Dave,

    I'm sorry to hear this but we do not have replacement tubes for the Nemesis.

    101Vape support team

    Not a surprise. So I sent another message:

    Thanks for the quick response. I didn't think you'd have parts for the nemesis but I figured I'd ask anyway.

    But what about buying a different version also from HCigar, like their nemesis gold ring. Might I have problems with threading between my brass and a gold ring? or my brass and HCigar's nemesis stainless?


    And just minutes later...

    There shouldn't be any problems with the threading between the different versions.

    101Vape support team

    I had one more question:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I figured as much. But please indulge me one last question - about all nemesis clones:

    Is there only one manufacturer of the nemesis clone? Does only one company make nemesis clones and then the different suppliers or retailers put their name on it?

    For example, Fasttech had the same nemesis brass as you but I went with you for a few dollars more because of the difference in transit time.What was 5 days from you to me might become a month (or more) between Fasttech and me. It was not worth the wait because of a couple bucks.

    I'll understand if you don't want to answer that or you don't know for sure.


    I'm happy with my experience with you guys and you're bookmarked as one of my initial places to check for availability and prices. An example- I also bought from ViperVape, on the same night as you and they didn't send an email with a USPS tracking number (just a receipt email) and I haven't received my package yet, I may get it today but no tracking number? I won't buy from them again. The tracking number is so easy to get and they may have had to send an extra email but it makes a big difference. I used to sell on ebay and I know I got repeat orders because I included a tracking number. The little things mean a lot. And your quick responses mean a lot, no matter what the answer you give from my question above. Thanks!

    Minutes later, their reply...

    Hi Dave,

    There are several manufacturers actually making the products. There is some re-branding going on but it is very difficult to figure out which are which. For the Nemesis specifically I have personally seen 4 different logos and quality levels.

    Hcigar is known for better quality on their clones but there are many rumors that they just source their products and place in their box.

    101Vape support team


    Also from 101Vape, when you contact their customer service, you get an immediate notice back in your email saying they received your message. You don't have to question it. They got your message and they know, you know.

    That's top notch service!

    In Part 2, I compare 101Vape and ViperVape and talk about some of the little things that really matter when it comes to customer service.

    Continue by reading 101Vape vs. ViperVape - Part 2

  5. Ordered from 101 Vape - Carlsbad, CA: 2 April 2014 evening
    Received an email with USPS tracking number: 3 April
    Arrived in Detroit: 7 April
    Time in transit: 5 days

    This is my first mechanical mod.

    My new brass Nemesis clone by HCigar from 101 Vape comes in a nice box but no instructions or description of the pieces. Just the mod and the box.

    First Look:

    WOW- it's so small! On the computer looking at mods with my big screen, they look like tree limbs. But this thing is so tiny. I was shocked! First mod I ever saw in real life.

    But anyway, it's a beautiful, shining brass that will soon become covered with fingerprints. But I really don't care because at this point in my vaping experience I don't care about looks; I only care about performance.

    Threads are very smooth but since there's no rough features to grip, at times, it has been tough to unscrew and screw the pieces together. I put a fresh AW IMR 18650 battery in to try it out.

    Nemesis fires from the bottom and it took me a few minutes to get the hang of how to hold it and fire it... Locking and unlocking the locking ring is really hard. And weird. Sometimes it's impossible and then at times by unscrewing the firing button a little bit, all of a sudden, the locking ring easily turns. I don't understand that.

    Loaded a SmokTech Vivi Nova tank from RTD Vapor on it and the first couple hits were a strain until I took a closer look and lined up the two air holes on the top cap with the markings. With full air, it hits great. And I mean GREAT. Much better than that same tank on my EgoTwist. It's filled with Extreme Ice from MBV (Mount Baker Vapor) and the flavor seems clearer on the Nemesis than the Twist. And that's not my imagination. It does hit stronger and the taste from the tank on the Nemesis is more like dripping into the atty on a fresh, fully turned-up Twist.

    Because I haven't gotten the hang of locking and unlocking the firing button on the bottom, I can't stand it up so I have to lay it on its side when I'm not holding it. I don't like that much because I'm used to dropping my egos in a glass jar when I'm not vaping.

    While doing my research on the Nemesis, some others reported problems with the springs and the firing button so they changed the springs with magnets. But I haven't had a single non-fire. I guess I'm pushing it just right.

    And it does vape nice. Really nice!
  6. I wish I had a webcam so I could put up some vids of my experiences. Until then I'll have to type stuff out. I had a devilchasnme blog I ran for a short time showing my knot tying experiments. It still exists at

    I'll probably start posting my vaping stuff there but first I'll have to explain my 5 year absence... I had to drop out and concentrate on putting my life back together. But it's funny though that I picked up 30 new members after I stopped posting. That blog really blossomed in my absence!

    Anyway, I'll post what happens here and eventually switch over to that devilchasnme site.

    I hope you find it interesting to see things through the eyes of a brand new vaper.
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