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  1. To help folks with piecing together some Kayfun Parts

    Tootle Puffers, Part Three! (The Sequel of the Redux)

    Not my post, but a relatively worthy listing....
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  2. Here's a spreadsheet with a number of my regular faves. I pulled many of these from the TFA Thread dropbox of recipes. Others from some different recipe sites. Maybe only one or two are *my* creations (I think the Oatmeal Cookie and the Rumchata are my own creations.

    I have predominately TFA flavorings, so this is the basis of most of the recipes. I call out CAP or FW or LA as I can.

    You're welcome to this, as these were passed to me by others. You may have to download this and change the .TXT extension to a .XLSX to open it correctly. Can't seem to figure out how to upload an Excel file....


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  3. Dropbox - ECF Recipes

    I keep having to look for it over and over again, so I figured I'd drop it here for quick access :)

    Thanks to all for the hard work and continual updates from all the new additions!
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  4. Thanks to MasteroftheVape for this - 2nd place I've seen in the forums, and I don't want to lose it!!!!
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  5. Just blogging this so I can find it more quickly! Thanks Bill!

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