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  1. Hello everyone .. !

    Just put a new review up at:
    The Divine Tribe V5 - The Vapor Ninja !

    All about the Divine Tribe V5 Rebuildable Concentrate Heater.

    check it out.

  2. Hi vapers.

    Well it was July 4th, good one for me.

    Wanted to share some images, so here :

    These are Wismec RX Gen3 Dual mods with @TheModshiledByJoJo skins.

    Pretty fancy skins.

    Here's the ModShield skin on a Cuboid Mini 80W mod.

    Here's a ModShield skin on my iJoy Maxo Quad mod.
    The iJoy Maxo mod is interesting bcuz it's a 2s2p mod.
    This means it has 2 sets of 2 batteries in series, and the 2 sets are in paralell with each other.
    So you have 8.4 volts and double the mAh of the battery capacity at top charge, which in this case is 5600 mAh (2800 mAh cells).

    Here are ModShield skins. Left to right: Wismec RX Gen3 Dual, Wismec RX2 20700, Wismec RX2 21700.
    I must say the ModShield skins are expertly deisgned and a joy to use.

    Highly recommend, get yours here: ModShield !

    That's all for today, have a good summer !

    As always, check my site: The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014

  3. Hey all !

    I just picked up a new tank, the Aromamizer Ragnar 35mm RDTA !

    What a beast !

    Not only does it hold up to 25ml of liquid, it has great flavor and action !

    Yes, it's a good one.

    Here's some pics :



    (On the left is the Wismec RX2 21700 mod with the Uwell Crown 4 tank.
    on the right is the Dovpo Odin 250C mod with the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA.)

    So anyway.

    Vape on !
  4. Hi vapers.

    I've got a new review up....

    Dovpo Riva DNA 250c review - The Vapor Ninja

    Here are some images :




    So there you go.

    Pretty sweet little mod, check out the full story here: Dovpo Riva DNA 250c review - The Vapor Ninja .

    See you there at The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014 !
  5. Taken from E-CIGARETTE POLICY BRIEF: Seven Things Policy Makers Need to Know - The Vapor Ninja :

    E-CIGARETTE POLICY BRIEF: Seven Things Policy Makers Need to Know

    All references are hyperlinked to official WHO and government reports, and peer-reviewed studies

    The death toll from smoking is enormous

    illnesses, and indigenous peoples (American Lung Association)

    → Tobacco smoking is, by far, the world’s leading cause of preventable cancer, heart and lung disease

    Harm reduction can reduce that death toll

    → Other examples of harm reduction include seat belts, bicycle helmets, parachutes, methadone and condoms

    Safer nicotine alternatives help smokers quit

    → Forcing ex-smokers to vape tobacco flavor is like forcing recovering alcoholics to drink rum-flavored club soda

    Teen vaping is undesirable, but not a crisis

    → If this assumption is correct, then US teen past 30-day ever-use is now lower than it was in 2015 (6 years ago)

    Proposed policy “cures” are worse than the “disease”

    → Higher taxes, ‘flavor’ bans, and online/mail bans protect big tobacco’s main cash cow: deadly cigarettes

    Unintended consequences and logical inconsistencies

    • Probable outcome of ‘flavor’ bans: Teen vapers will switch to THC vaping or to cigarette smoking; many adult
    vapers will relapse to smoking; fewer smokers will quit; an illicit market (with no age-checks) will arise

    • The same organizations that claim teen vaping is a gateway to tobacco smoking, also claim tobacco-flavored
    e-cigarettes repel teens (i.e., banning ‘flavored’ nicotine vapes will reduce teen vaping)

    → Definitions differ: adult current use = daily or regular use; teen current use = past 30-day ever-use

    Full context of adult products that teens use, but should not use

    → Teens should not vape, smoke, drink or use cannabis (and adults should try to avoid irrational moral panics)

  6. The vape mail ban.
    Oh man.

    Here's what you should know, I got this from Reddit:

    u/ElectricHamster89 summed it up here

    The bullet point breakdown:

    • USPS will not be shipping direct to consumers on or around April 27th.
    • FedEx has stated they will not ship vapor products starting March 1st
    • UPS has stated they will not ship vapor products on or after April 5th
    • DHL already restricts domestic shipping of vapor products
    So where does this leave us? Well, likely this still means USPS will continue to allow B2B purchases to be mailed, so businesses like Brick and Mortar vape shops should still receive supplies, and DIY is still (with the likely exception of sourcing nicotine) viable for making e liquid yourself. Non-specific purpose cotton and wire will still be available so rebuildables will still remain viable if you already have them.

    Speaking directly with several DIY Vendors I have been told the following:

    • River Supply Co’s response:
    We are still working on alternative solutions but unfortunately cannot provide any further information at the moment.

    • Nude Nicotine’s response:
    The ban is going to affect all vape products, including the ones for DIY.
    We are working on a plan with alternative shippers to get our customers their products, however, the shipping time may increase.
    We suggest to all our customers to order and stock up now, as there is going to a slight transitional period before our alternative shipping methods run smoothly.

    • Liquid Barn’s response:
    We are working hard to determine the impact of recent legislation. At this time it is too early to tell what the extent of this will have on future business. As we are updated with more information we will begin to notify customers.

    • LiquidNicotineWholesalers’ response:
    The ban is written clearly enough that we will not be able to ship with USPS and FedEx. We are currently in talks with other couriers to find a solution for the vape mail ban. We do not have any plans on shutting our doors. We will reach out to all of our customers once we know more.

    • Bull City Flavors’ response:
    we've been officially cleared by FedEx legal and don't anticipate any issues from the USPS or UPS. … I spoke with several of our key suppliers in Sept/Oct of 2019 after Trump announced a national flavor ban and it was bleak so it is possible that some flavor houses don't survive.

    • Flavor Jungle’s response: In a phone conversation with the vendor they have said that due to the multi-use nature of the products they sell, and the fact that they do not sell nicotine, they do not anticipate any issues for themselves specifically to sell directly to consumers.
    • My Freedom Smokes's response:
    The main issue with DIY supplies is the nicotine part. PG/VG and flavoring concentrates are used in many other applications so we don’t foresee any issue shipping those to DIY customers. We are working with another shipping company other than FedEx, UPS and USPS in case all of those companies stop shipping vape supplies. We are going to try and continue selling as much as we can while staying with in the new laws and regulations. Right now there is a lot of uncertainty and we’re not sure just yet how this will affect us moving forward. We will try to alert our customers as much as possible about changes coming down to us as more information is available.

    That seems the general consensus among DIY Vendors. Nicotine is the sticking point. If there is one thing to stock up on Right now it is nicotine.

    A response from Hamilton Devices (seller of CCell/THC cart devices) hat tip to /u/vApe_Escape

    USPS allowing comments on their proposed treatment of Ecigs hat tip to /u/checkmak01

    Further information regarding excise taxes that need to be collected as part of the PACT act from u/_tk42one

    So there you go.

    I honestly can't believe all this.

    Not to mention the PMTA rules are in effect ! Remember those ?

    Remember to visit The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014 !
  7. Well.

    USPS has been banned from shipping vape mail.

    FedEX says they'll ban vape mail beginning in March 2021.

    Looks pretty bad folks, not to mention, those who will use UPS if they can, will be faced with a mountain of paperwork and extra taxes, fees, and rules will apply.

    Meanwhile, most of my reviews have been elminated from this forum.

    Apparently, the mods that TEMPORARILY host products destroy not only the threads about their products, but the reviews themselves !

    Check it out: Items from DJ Colonel Corn ... look there and you will see all of my reviews, but wait !
    If you click on any of them, you will see you are 'not permitted' to view them.

    What a drag.

    Seeing this wonderful thing called VAPING slowly being killed in the USA.

    What a damn shame.

    I'm speechless.
  8. Hi vapers.

    So..... there's this vape mail ban proposed... I want you all to contact your representatives to try to stop this thing.

    CLICK here to read about it. CLICK HERE to do something about it.

    To find your representative CLICK HERE.

    Also, you can CLICK HERE to see the bill itself.

    This MUST be stopped.


    I've written some more reviews, check them out by clicking: Items from DJ Colonel Corn

    The latest was for the Odin 250c 21700 mod. Wonderful mod.
    Also did one for the Lost Vape Centaurus 250c mod, a beauty that one is.

    So, check em out, and, do your part to save vape mail in the US !

    The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014

  9. Hi Vapers.
    In preparation for the May deadline that's looming for all vaping enthusiasts...

    Here's a nifty little site that helps you make your own E-Liquid.

    It's censored on this forum, actually, but its got handy calculating and recipes.

    Hm. Well it's e-liquid-recipes .com ........

    If you end up benefiting from it, consider making a donation to the site like I did !

    It's nice vaping weather out here, the clouds are forming perfectly. Vape clouds that is.

    Take care and remember to visit The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014 , my site, for news and reviews !
  10. HOWDY.
    Got a new review up here : Freemax 2 / Twister 80w review !

    Got a new mod, and some other cool stuff.

    Thinking about posting my review of the Wismec Tinker 2 mod on the forum.

    Oh wait I already did : Wismec Tinker 2 Mod review

    Big changes coming in my life, I'll fill you in soon.

    Stay tuned !

    Hello vapers and non-vapers alike !

    In light of the recent 'vaping' illnesses, I find it painfully necessary to share this post, and I could go on and on, but I wont.

    So, ECF (this forum) has opened up a new Cannabis Vaping section !!!!
    Very welcomed news by myself and many of the vapers here (you can find that thread by clicking here).

    So what's new in my vaping world ?

    Got a lot of new stuff since I last blogged here.

    You can see my review of the v4 right here, it's a gem of a device (this one is for cannabis concentrates, fair warning).

    For nicotine vaping (and also for concentrates) I have a couple of new mods.

    I've got the Wismec rx2 20700 mod, a very nice mod, although an 'old' one.

    Here's a pic of it:

    Wismec RX2 20700 with Crown IV tank

    Oh, that reminds me , yeah. The last images I had in my blog got erased.... that won't happen anymore. Decided to host my images on my own storage. Can't trust image hosting companies to stay in business for the many years I intend to use ECF. Problem solved.

    Unfortunately, many of my past images are broken now. A word to the wise. Set up your own image hosting or use a reliable company that you think will last (?) for the next few decades. I can't tell you which one that is. I decided to self-host.

    The other mod, the one I've been using most lately, is the Wismec Tinker2 Mod.
    Waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof. This little dual battery mod takes the cake.
    Much better brains and function than the rx2 20700. However, it won't, at this time, take NFE Team's Arctic Fox/Red Panda firmware, like the RX2 does.

    NFE Team people have said they're looking into making firmware for the Wismec Tinker2.
    If you want to support that effort, comment by clicking here. You'll have to register to comment.

    So you can click here to see my Wismec Tinker 2 review. It's still a fairly new mod as of the writing of this post. Hopefully these links open in new tabs, so you don't lose the blog page here. Otherwise, right-click on the links, and select 'open in new tab'.

    What else is new ?

    I've got a new album coming out on October 3rd, 2019.
    You can click here to check that out.

    So, people, that's all for now..... keep vaping, keep living, keep breathing.
    Below this post I'm gonna put some links for you all to check out....

    Peace !

    My Patreon Page

    Colonel Corn

    URL Portal - Welcome!

    Welcome - Hook In The ... Records

    The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014

  12. Hello everyone !
    Welcome back to my blog, and welcome new to new visitors !

    Well, it happened again, but this time, I was on a trip out of town.
    Yep, I dropped the mod and broke the bubble glass on my Crown IV again.
    That's the problem with the 6ml bubble glass for the Crown 4, it sticks out farther than my mod width-wise, and thus, hits the floor first.

    So, if you read the last entry, you'd think no problem, because I got extra tank glass parts for my tank. Yes.
    However, I had FORGOTTEN to pack my spare glass and coil.
    Result ?
    Stranded with no way to vape and 3 days before I'd be home.
    What to do ?
    Should I buy tobacco ? Of course not !!
    So, while in the city, I had to buy a new tank.

    I was in the East Bay Area of Northern California, and nobody had a Crown 4.
    In fact, nobody had any uwell tanks except one shop had 1 last remaining uwell tank..
    The Valyrian I.

    A tank that's 1.5 years old, I got a $10 discount by asking for a break on this old tank.
    The manager/owner of the shop said they don't stock many tanks anymore.
    The reason ? "Because everyone wants pods now".
    He added, "But your vape is more enjoyable".

    Anyway, I bought a Valyrian I, it's pretty nice actually, not bad at all.

    Big problem.

    The package was taped shut, which I didn't think was a big deal, as it was the 'floor model', their last one.
    When I got home and opened it up, I found that it was missing the extra coil and extra glass tank. Bummer.
    The manager/owner that sold it to me was out and wouldn't be back until after I had left the city. Gonna call him and see what he might offer. Not expecting much.
    Again, the straight 5ml tank is much sturdier and smaller than the mod, safer.
    However, ooooh that 8ml bubble tank IS tempting, he he.

    Ordered a few 8ml bubbles and a few 5ml straights from FastTech - Gadgets and Electronics .
    I easily removed the cracked glass from the Crown 4 as I had previously covered the o-rings in e-liquid before installing the glass !

    Enjoying Valyrian, quite nice, and really, can't say right now which is better, the Valyrian or the Crown 4.
    I haven't played around with the different airflow pins that come with it, will give those a try I guess.

    Also wanted y'all to know, I make music, and have a record label.

    My record label is Hook In The ... Records, the joke is, there's a hook in the donkey's ear.
    Check it out.
    Welcome - Hook In The ... Records is the site to listen to my work on may different platforms.

    Anyhow, keep vaping, stay off the stinkies, and keep reading ECF Forum.
    All the best,
    The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014
  13. Hello, and thanks for reading the blog.

    Broke my Crown IV Checkmate Tank glass last night, dropped the mod onto a metal bar.
    Atomizer is fine, but broke a small piece out of the bubble glass.
    Mine came installed with the bubble glass. Apparently they don't lube up the o-ring when they install the glass, cuz I never was able to exchange the bubble for the straight.

    So ,since the Crown IV comes with a replacement glass, straight one, i proceeded to exchange it. Wasn't easy getting that old glass off.
    Did it, but encountered some leaking ! What's this, I thought ? This tank has NEVER leaked on me, even on its side.

    In the morning, I saw at my work station, a broken lonely O-ring sitting there, that I hadn't noticed in my dim night lighting.
    Ah ! So, went to the replacement O-ring pack that comes with the Crown IV, and replaced the upper glass O-ring, being sure to wet it with e-liquid 1st.

    Wonderful ! She's dry again !
    Now, I need another O-ring pack, and more glass !

    @Uwell_Elle gave me this photo to help me locate the O-ring placement:

    However. in the O-ring pack, I noticed a large felt-like washer.
    Not sure where this goes.....

    Now, I'm back in action !


  14. Hey folks !

    I've decided to give more energy to ECF FORUM.
    Today I renewed my lapsed membership to ECF, am now a supporting member.

    Feels good.

    Seems like the forum isn't used as much as it was in the past, or maybe it's just me not looking in the right places.......

    Anyway, thanks for reading the blog.
    Going to use this as my 'blog' entries, outside of my own site....

    LOVING this Crown 4 Checkmate tank, and the Espion 200w mod. They've been great to me.
    If you wanna see my reviews, check em out:
    Items from DJ Colonel Corn

    So , what can I say, except to tell you about some of the goings-on here....

    There's a dog named Daisy, she belongs to the neighbors. Well, she has been coming over every day to play fetch with me. Every morning at dawn she's here and last night she stayed on the porch until really late, past my bedtime.

    So she comes around all day, and stays late.
    I guess she goes home to eat and sleep, hopefully indoors, but I'm unsure.
    I don't know the neighbors, I just know which property they're on.
    Heh. I get a free dog, don't have to feed it, bathe it, take it to vet.... but I get to play with her all day... and she's guarding my cabin ! Ha, ha.

    She makes me laugh.

    Anyway, just trying to share. Oh and always check Mooch's blog for updated entries, he keeps this one entry current:
    Mooch's blog | E-Cigarette Forum

    The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014

  15. Hey vapers !
    I've continued blogging on my own site.
    You can see a few of my reviews on this ECF Forum here.

    Click these colored letters here: The Vapor Ninja - Vaping Like A Ninja , (DISCLAIMER: My site uses affiliate links.) for my news, reviews, and blog entries on my own site !

    A huge thanks to the ECF Forum here, the users and admins, for their support and dedication over the past 5 years.

    Was on an ipv4s mod with an Aromamizer Supreme v1 tank for over 3 years, now on a Crown IV tank on an Espion 200w mod.

    Vape ON !
    (edited 15 FEB 2019)