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  1. While on one of my 'research outings' gathering information on hardware and that "juice stuff" I knew nothing about I saw an 'announcement' by member 'LASTTAANGO'; it simply caught my short span of attention BEFORE i even began to 'vape'.

    To me it was simply yet another in a long list of 'strange names' for that which I knew very little about."JOE KUHR" -
    a paly on words - but it hung in my mind (what's left of it anyway) so I told my great-grandson about it as he is a far more advanced 'vaper' than this old goat. He tried it and raved about how great it was for him. Time passed and I actually forgot about it - and then came November 2013 when I made the plunge and began my attempt to quit the devil-weed after roughly eight DECADES of abusing myself. How i got this far without SERIOUS lung and heart issues I will never know - but I wanted to quit (that is working out quite well - but this wall of words is about that "juice" -
    "JOE KUHR" which I should get back to addressing.:oops:

    I was so new to 'vaping' I was still getting all my 'juice' from my local Brick and Mortar Shoppe; they - of course have their own run of the mill offerings as do so many vendors and "names and descriptions" being just that - "names and descriptions" I didn't even ask. I was still on my quest for my "bottom of the ashtray taste" juice. I;ve come a long way in a short amount of time and while I never found that "perfect tobacco" I have my favorites and for now I am quite content. I have recently delved into the world of "flavors" beyond 'tobacco' and will no doubt find some I like and others I hate. It's still a step forward - I felt I would NEVER agree to even TRY a "fruit flavor".

    Great-Grandson has an ample supply of "JOE KUHR" and I am really sorry I didn't at least TRY IT far sooner (in my long-long two-month journey:D). Fabulous 'juice' - simply fabulous! I hate reading such descriptions - in reality they mean nothing for as we all should know, "it truly is ALL subjective"!
    Perhaps 'RiP' and 'LASTTANGO' can do it more justice!.


    "Special complex tobacco blends pleasant notes of toasty spice, swirled with an exhilaratingly cool sensation. Imagine sitting next to a cozy fire in the middle of a blizzard- this e-juice will really stimulate your senses and bring satisfaction to a new level."

    'LastTango' --- WOW! He really went into detail! He can fill a page - like ME!:

    "While Rip's description doesn't allude to which tobaccos or spices... it is a very accurate description. It is a special juice... a flavor that I have not tasted before in 3.5 years of vaping."

    "I have been vaping it for a week now... and noticed a few things. When it first arrived, I was getting an awful lot of the "toasty" spice. After a couple days of vaping JK, I was able to appreciate the complexity of it. There is a very very subtle sweetness to it reminiscent of a tropical or berry fruit - though Rip said there is none in the ingredients... in any case, I do get a slightly exotic sweetness... which could be attributed to the tobacco flavor itself when it combines with the other notes."

    "When vendors say something is spicy, they usually mean that there is cinnamon in their juice... I do not get any cinnamon in this juice... So I am at a loss for what makes it spicy..."

    "It definitely has an exotic note... that I can't place... to me it tastes slightly like cardamon... or almond..."

    "Overall, it comes together well... and after a few days it is well balanced."

    "It is very good juice... and it's very different than Dorky Stud. JK is much more cartomizer and tank friendly. Instead of sweetness, it has a kick... like a small can of whoop a** I sense it is mentholated generously, but not the slightest bit minty."

    "As usual, these vapetrik juice are tricks... It's difficult to place the flavors... Rip demonstrates some mastery here..."

    I recommend this to vapers who enjoy exotic or different juices... I recommend this vapers who want a kick or strong throat hit.

    "I do not recommend this juice to anyone who wants a smooth or creamy vape like dorky stud... JoeKuhr is Dorky Stud's bad a** cousin..."

    Whew 'LastTango! ! A lot of reading and the old man knows perhaps a handful of folks will ever take the time to read his 'blogs'. It's still worth the little bit of time and to me -- old school guy and all that - a way of extending a THANK YOU to 'RiP and 'LastTango' for simply ........ 'takin' the time'.:)

    A link you say? Why certainly. No need to search - it was already supplied to 'me', so:
    Take gander. You'll NOT find 96 'flavors' like 'the many and no doubt wonderful other guys' plastered all over the 'forum' - but maybe YOU TOO can find a 'surprise'! Yes - 'old dogs can learn new tricks! Sally, Carol, Jennifer, Lise, Karen ...... Oh WAIT! Wrong kind of 'tricks'. Horrible at humor as always

    However - you guys will find a couple beauties
    :ohmy: at: Joe Kuhr | VapeTrik

    Senile and Ever SO Long-Winded Senile Old Man Don
  2. Good Day All:

    Recently a general campaign fundraiser was made on behalf of Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos. The goal amount has been reached, however, when research is the topic a singular financial goal is seldom ever a final financial goal. While I am NOT starting this 'blog' to actively raise funds on behalf of Doctor Farsalinos - I am asking that should anyone actually venture so far as to READ the following - they ar least consider supporting his future research projects. Fair warning - the results of ANY research may or may NOT produce results favorable to any given position. It is entirely possible the current project could produce results we do NOT WANT to hear - but rather NEED TO HEAR. We all consume e-liquids either made by a favorite or several favorite vendors; some of us make our own and this very study may well produce information of paramount importance to each and every one of us.




    Senile Old Man Don

    **In my ninth decade and just now learning what a 'blog' is all about. Darned 'old people', huh?:glare:

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