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  1. Peanutbutter cookie is my all day, everyday vape. I've changed the recipe from what is posted below.

    I have bottles (that I get free from where I work) they hold around 45ml. I squirt in 4ml of FA cookie, 2ml of TFA Peanut Butter, 1ml of TFA bavarian cream and a few drops of sweeterner flavor. Then I fill the bottle with my "base" .... 50/50 12mg. It's excellent!

    Since I use bavarian cream in everything I make, I decided to try it alone. I used 10% TFA bavarian cream and a couple drops of sweetener and it turned out better than I'd hoped :D

    I diy all my juices except one... Banana Pudding from Dark City Vapor. I've tried to replicate it but nothing comes close. It's not all that expensive ($15 for 30ml) so I just buy a bottle every couple months and vape it sparingly. One of my REOs is dedicated to it. I bought a 50ml bottle of Deadly Sin a few months ago and fill a kayfun with it occasionally. It's pretty good but I don't think I'll buy more.. vanilla custards are too easy to replicate.

    As much as I love my REOs... they're not ideal (for me) for trying different flavors. Flavors don't hang around in kayfuns so I can switch around the different flavors that I don't vape every day... like Peach or baked cinnamon bun, Deadly Sin and so on. So my REOs pretty much keep the same juices in them. I had peach in one of my Grands and when I tried to switch to peanutbutter... it took me awhile to get the peach flavor out of it. So for now, as long as peanutbutter is my favorite.. it'll stay in that Grand.

    Speaking of baked cinnamon bun... One stop diy shop is a great place to buy flavors that are premixed. Their "onestop flavors" and "onestop blends" already have all the different flavors mixed to make a great "single flavor". Meaning, they've already added this and that so you don't have to follow a recipe, just add what ever percentage you want to your base. Much easier than trying to buy all the different flavors to mix for a single recipe. It's especially great for those wanting to get into diy.
  2. Just an update...

    It's been awhile since I've bought anything new. Since getting my REOs I haven't really looked at anything else. I finally (think) I mastered the KFL.. for me, more cotton is better than less. I sold one of my Rollers and kinda wished I hadn't. So right now, I've got 4 Provari's.. 2 REO grands, a REO woodvil and an Atmizoo Roller. All of my attys are KFLs, a R91%, 2 DIDs and 3 RM2s. I've got enough wick (koh gen do) and wire to last for a long time. I've got 1500mls of 48mg nic in the freezer. The only thing I'm going to need soon is VG.

    I used to happily spend Saturday mornings building coils and testing this and that. But that's passed. My adv is a peanutbutter cookie mix. I've thought about getting an Odin and trying my hand at dual coils but to do that, I'd have to get one of the REOs milled down to LP and buy an ohm meter. But my husband has had to switch jobs and money is tight.. so I have to make do with what I have. I'm not really "making do" but you know what I mean. Plus... if I did get an Odin.. and it blew me away.. then I'd have to get the other REO milled and buy another Odin and so on and so forth. So I'll just stay where I am right now.

    I'd love to get a P3 when they are available on the site but I've heard the cost will be upwards of $300 and that's out. I'm on the list for Pdib's OliveR (and my turn is coming soon) but I doubt I'll be able to swing the $300 cost for that either. I'm very fortunate that I had all that I have and it's more than enough.
  3. I'm helping a couple people with their kfls. The first is a guy.. I'm showing him how to take it apart and recoil/rewick it. I'm putting it back together and filling it from the top and juice is leaking out the drip tip :confused: Never had this happen. So I turn it upside down and blow out the chamber and it just keeps dripping from the air hole. Take it apart and start over. Same thing over and over. After close inspection.. he had cross threaded the plastic section on one of the metal sections. I was able to snap it back together and then assemble it properly. The leaking issue was solved.

    My second friend is a woman who complains of both flooding and dry hits. When we met up, I took it apart and the wicks were standing straight up! Like they were reaching for me to pick them up LOL. Her problem? She sucks way too hard! She managed to suck the wicks straight up into the chamber/chimney! She was sucking so hard that too much negative pressure was pulling too much juice up into the chamber..more than the coil could handle and quickly flooding it. It doesn't help that she's using my EH Pro clone that has a tight draw anyway. I'm going to let her use my kfl+ with the afc all the way open and see if that helps but if she doesn't change her draw (stop acting like she's sucking a golf ball through a rubber hose) then she may not be able to use the kayfun.

    She tried a protank type device and said that it would drip out the bottom. I couldn't figure it out at the time but now I know it was from her sucking too hard and flooding it. She bought my RSST and it works great for her (wicked with cotton) she can suck hard on the RSST all day and it won't hurt it.

    Here's a list of problems and possible solutions that I found somewhere... supposed to come from the SvoeMesto site. I know it's long but it may be of some help to ones having problems.

    The problem: Kayfun Lite sloshing, flooding, liquid flows out through the duct hole.
    First you need to check if the tank is airtight.
    If the tank is not sealed, e-liquid will pour out of it into evaporation chamber by the
    principle of communicating vessels, and then it will flow through the air duct.
    Check if evaporation chamber (3) is firmly screwed to the base; all o-rings are in place and
    intact: (1с), (3с), (4b), and especially - (4c).
    O-ring (4c) is the easiest one to lose during disassembly/assembly.
    Also make sure that the transparent window (3b) is not cracked in case you use it.
    Also make sure that the screw (1l) in place and tightly screwed.
    If you have verified that the seal is not broken, but the problem still persists - let's try to
    find and eliminate the cause.
    There may be several more reasons for leaks:
    The reason: Wick is too long and/or coil lies too low over the air duct.
    What happens: If the wick is too long and it takes all the available space in the
    evaporation chamber, then, when swollen with e-liquid, it leans to the posts (1d) and (1e)
    at the level of the air duct or even higher.
    Liquid begins to flow from the wick to the poles and then into the duct.
    In this case the duct becomes kind of extension of the wick.
    The same happens when coil lies too low over the air duct - swollen with liquid wick can
    stick out between the coils and touch the poles.
    What to do: shorten the wick, position it correctly on the sides of the poles, lift coil higher
    over the air duct.
    The reason: With each draw, evaporation chamber receives more e-liquid than can be
    evaporated; as a result e-liquid floods the evaporation chamber and flows through the duct

    There may be several reasons for this:
    Reason number 1: insufficient heating temperature, or rather lack of power (voltage) to
    the coil, when coil can’t heat up to required temperature
    What to do: Increase the power (voltage) on the battery mod or build a coil with less
    Probably batteries are depleted - charge/replace battery if it is the case.
    Reason number 2: Too strong/long draw
    Try to inhale slowly and smoothly.
    You need to get used to the lighter draw, especially if you are used to hard draws of
    conventional cartomizers and tanks.
    Find comfortable for your strength and duration of the draw that would at the same time
    allow all e-liquid entering the evaporation chamber to evaporate during the draw and
    Kayfun Lite would not overflow/slosh.
    You will quickly get used to this type of draw and will get the most from your Kayfun Lite.
    Minor leaks may also happen if the tank is filled completely, or it is filled more than halfway
    while Kayfun Lite is lying horizontally or with mouthpiece tilted down for some time.
    In this case, one of the grooves (1h) could be at the top "in the air" and another one at the
    bottom dipped into e-liquid.
    In this case the air will escape from evaporation chamber through the top groove and eliquid
    will flow from the tank to the evaporation chamber through the bottom groove.
    Naturally this process stops as soon as both grooves are covered with e-liquid.
    Make sure that both grooves are always covered with e-liquid, keep Kayfun Lite horizontally
    in such a way that the mouthpiece is always slightly higher than the evaporation chamber.
    Even better, keep it in the vertical (or near vertical) position if your battery mod allows it.
    Leaks may also happen when ambient temperature and/or pressure changes abruptly, for
    example when you walk into a heated room from the cold or in an airplane during
    It may even happen during rapid ascent/descent in express elevator.
    Solid (metal) parts of the device are expanding/shrinking with temperature/pressure
    change, changing the volume of the tank and causing e-liquid to flow into the evaporation
    Pressure drop causes the process similar to what happens when you draw, just without
    heating the coil.
    To avoid leakage in such cases we recommend you to keep/transfer Kayfun Lite upside
    down i.e. mouthpiece down.
    In this case, grooves (1h) will be at the top in the «air bubble» and when the temperature
    or pressure changes, air will flow between evaporation chamber and tank instead of eliquid.
    The problem: Burnt taste. This problem is opposite to the leakage. Dry wick is the most
    common cause of burnt taste.

    The reason: Too high heating temperature, to be exact - excessive power (voltage) is
    applied to the coil. This heats up the coil above desired temperature.
    What to do: reduce the power (voltage) on the battery mod or install higher resistance
    The reason: No liquid left in the tank.
    What to do: Refill the tank
    The reason: Tails of the wick are packed too tightly in the evaporation chamber.
    What happens: Too tightly packed wick may block grooves (1h) and obstruct e-liquid flow
    from the tank to evaporator chamber.
    What to do: Place wick properly.
    It must lie free over the grooves (1h) but should not be pressed against or stuck into them.
    The reason: The grooves (1h) are blocked
    What happens: Pieces of wick are stuck in grooves (1h)
    What to do: Remove pieces of wick from grooves (1h)
    The reason: Holding Kayfun Lite upside down (mouthpiece part down) all the time, for
    example when lying down.
    What happens: In this position liquid does not cover grooves (1h). As a result, liquid
    doesn’t flow into evaporation chamber and does not saturate wick during the draw.
    What to do: Do not use Kayfun Lite in this position
    The reason: Too long piece of the resistance wire is left between the screws and the wick.
    What happens: The pieces of resistance wire that don’t contacts the wick get easily
    What to do: Adjust the coil position to eliminate long resistance wire legs not contacting
    the wick.
    The reason: Resistance wire is wrapped too loose around the wick
    What happens: Coils that don’t contact the wick get easily overheated
    What to do: Rebuild coil correctly: resistance wire should have contact with the wick along
    the length of the coil
    The reason: Resistance wire is wrapped too tight around the wick
    What happens: Resistance wire pinches the wick and obstructs the flow of e-liquid along
    it, this can be the reason of burnt taste
    What to do: Rebuild coil correctly: resistance wire should not pinch the wick
    The problem: Burnt taste and flooding at the same time
    The reason: Yes, this can also happen if during assembly you don’t place tails of the wick
    along the grooves but leave them lifted.
    This is usually done out of habit - wick tails are placed this way in some popular
    What happens: In this case, when you draw, liquid flows into evaporation chamber, does
    not find wick tails to suck into (they are raised up), eventually rises over the air duct level
    and overflows.

    Meanwhile coil remains dry causing burnt taste.
    What to do: Install wick correctly
    The problem: The draw is too tight
    The reason: Very large coil and/or wick
    What happens: Air flow in evaporation chamber gets obstructed
    What to do: Setup the coil and wick correctly
    The reason: The blockage of the air duct (1g)
    What happens: Something obstructs the airflow through the duct
    What to do: Remove the obstruction
    WARNING: Some flavorings that make up liquids for electronic cigarettes have a
    devastating impact on the polycarbonate material transparent body part is made of.
    If you use such a liquid, please use metal body part instead of polycarbonate body part in
    order to avoid breakage.
  4. I have 2 mixes that I use daily. Here is the recipes.

    I start my diy with a base. I've gone down to 7mg nic. I mix 50/50 PG/VG at 7mg. When I make a batch, I make a large batch of "base" then I parcel it out in 40ml containers. I'll have 10-15 40ml containers full of my base when I finish a batch. Then I store in all in an extra fridge downstairs.

    Peanutbutter cream. This is my main, daily vape. I LOVE it!

    To 40ml I add
    3ml Flavor Apprentice Peanut Butter
    2ml Flavor Apprentice Bavarian Cream
    4 drops of sweetener... I use flavor apprentice sweetener flavor

    Juicy Peach. This is also a daily vape. But I don't use it as much as the PBC. It tastes just like you're biting into a fresh, juicy peach!

    To 40ml I add
    3ml flavor apprentice juice peach (you can add 4ml if you like)
    2ml flavor apprentice bavarian cream
    4 drops flavor apprentice sweetener flavor

    Caramel Cappuccino

    To 10ml I add
    ONE drop of flavor apprentice caramel cappuccino
    3 or 4 drops of flavor apprentice sweet cream ....sweet cream has a milky flavor.. if you'd rather have a vanilla flavor you can use bavarian cream listed above.. I tried capella vanilla custard and didn't like it)
    One drop of flavor apprentice sweetener flavor as listed in the above recipes.
    IMPORTANT! Use only ONE drop of the caramel capp.. it is VERY strong and more than a drop will ruin the mix. If you decide you want it stronger... proceed at your own risk LOL
  5. WoW! micro coils with cotton in my DID and RSST is awesome! I was happy with regular coils with silica and then ekowool but cotton in a micro coil is .. dare I say... better than mesh. Threading the cotton down through the tiny coil isn't the most fun I've ever had but it's not really difficult. I almost wish I hadn't traded my zap.. with it's ability to remove the tank without disturbing the coil.. it would be perfect, just thread the cotton down, grab it and pull and then pop the tank back on.

    I never expected this little experiment to go this well. I have to say, I like the vape of a mc with cotton in a genesis a little better than my kayfun. But the kayfun doesn't leak if it's laid on it's side so there's that.

  6. Adding a larger cotton wick to my kayfun lite stopped my burnt taste issues completely. If you think about it.... when you get a burnt taste with cotton, only two things can be happening.
    One) the coil isn't wet and it burns
    Two) there isn't good wick to coil contact and the part of the coil that isn't getting juice is heating up and giving the burnt taste.

    I got my kayfun lite to work from the start but it kept giving a frequent to occasional burnt taste. As long as I kept it near bout flooded, it was good. That should have told me something to begin with, as long as it was near flooded, the part of the coil that wasn't getting enough juice from the wick was able to be wet from the flooding.

    I noticed when I took my next to last wick out that it wasn't burnt, not at all.. so it had to be my coil burning. My coil was perfect, no wayward loops.. so I had to not be getting proper and complete wick to coil contact. Before this, I was careful to roll the thinnest strip I could... going by the advice, more is less.. expecting the cotton to plump up when wet and fill the coil. So this last time I used a thicker strip, rolled it tight to get it threaded through the coil. After it was in the coil, I untwisted it to fluff it up instead of leaving it tightly twisted through the coil.

    SUCCESS! Absolutely no burning with this wick. 2 days and two tanks and not one hint of a burnt taste. I know I obsessed over this but I hate having an issue that has me stumped.

    Oriley factor vanilla custard recipe by JC West's wife.

    For those that wanted that juice recipe for my wifes "Oriley Factor" custard .. Take a 100ml bottle and put half a bottle of thisFrench Vanilla - e juice gourmet flavored coffee e liquid tea flavor e cigarette water flavoring Diet & Fitness Baking & Desserts ($3.29) , Then a whole bottle ofVanilla Custard "NEW" - e juice gourmet flavored coffee e liquid tea flavor e cigarette water flavoring Diet & Fitness Baking & Desserts ($3.29) , 20 drops ofTFA - Ethyl Maltol - ($5.95 and this bottle should last you well through 1000mls of this recipe) then use any nicotine calculator theres several around to tell you how much unflavored nicotine to put in.. I use 100mg per ML just because it goes further and my wife uses 3mg juice so a $5.95 bottle of unflavored nic will make 2000mls of this juice .. so this nice 100mg per MLOur Unflavored Smoke Juice (Nic. Juice, Nicotine Juice) - My Freedom Smokes , fill the rest of the way up with VG (This is her preference as this recipe is about 95%VG.. so no guarantees on what the flavor is on a more PG mix.. but its OUTSTANDING mostly VG, Basically after you spend about $15 bucks on a couple thousand MLS of VG, and you have your unflavored NIC then your costs ends up being around 10 bucks per 100mls.. Not bad not bad..

    so basically its 13% Vanilla Custard, 7% French Vanilla, 2 drops of ethyl maltol per 10mls of juice, and nic to taste.. pretty simple recipe
  7. After a week of working with my kayfun lite, I finally have it setup to give the vape I want. Before, it was good but not great. I've been using 30g wire and this morning I used 28g.. I built and installed a perfect coil, which I'm sure helped too but now there is no weak or burnt taste. It's finally vaping the way I was hoping it would when I ordered it.

    I played some more with my evod (it's saturday morning and I have time) I put ss mesh in it. Flush with my success with my kfl.. I used 28g. Maybe I'm just used to a more open draw but the evod has a really stiff draw to me. My resistance came out to 1.1 and it wasn't bad until I put it on the moneypenny with a fresh batt and then it tasted (and kept tasting) burnt. I keep messing with it because I guess it's something to do.

    I did order a new Provari.. I wasn't planning to, not really, but I went over to Provape to see what was in the clearance section and there sat a standared pink provari for $140.. not listed as blemished either. I couldn't resist! I never thought I'd be interested in a pink provari but she's sure a beauty with the kayfun lite on her.

  8. It's just as awesome as I hoped it would be! A great vaping device that doesn't leak and doesn't have to be held a certain way! Yah! The GP Spheroid is all those things but it holds my peach juice, which isn't my main mix. My Peanutbutter/bavarian cream tastes great in the kayfun lite :D

    My only problem now.. where do I go from here? It really can't get any better than this. I'm glad I didn't get more invested in mech mods because I'd much rather use my Provari's. I'm keeping the Roller but I'm thinking of selling the moneypenny. I might get another Provari. I might get another kayfun lite, I might sell a DID. I might not.

    I've been working with this evod. Everyone loves them but I hate the flavor, no matter how many times I recoil/rewick it has that same yucky taste. Maybe it's the particular unit I got but surely these things are better than this.

    No matter though, it's not like I paid a lot for it.. I bought it to mainly play with anyway.

    Vaping life is good :)
  9. I only have one genny with mesh in it right now. The other two are wicked with silica and the results are way better than I hoped. My concern now is vape quality with a silica wicked device at higher resistance in a mech. Since a mech doesn't have regulated voltage, the voltage will decrease as the batt discharges. I don't want to feel like I need to constantly change out for a fresh batt. I really like my Roller and don't want it to lose it's usefulness. Like I've said before, I don't want to have to mess with a kick.

    Yesterday I took apart my rsst and put silica in it, my resistance came out to 1.3ohm. I've had my DID wicked with silica for a couple weeks now but when I did that, I took off the clear window and have been using the steel part. So I haven't been able to see what's going on inside. I did this just for a change. I gives it a different look. Anyway, now I can see what's going on.. how quick the juice level goes down.. if the juice turns dark with silica like it does with mesh.

    I filled the tank and put in a fresh 18650 panny batt and used it all day yesterday. I am pleased to find that I did get the vape I want all during the day and the voltage didn't drop to an anemic vape experience. I went through a tank of juice and it stayed clear.

    The RSST with silica isn't as positional as it is with mesh. With mesh, if I put in on it's side, it would immediately dump it's juice out through the air hole. I just laid it on it's side for a few minutes and the juice didn't come out. It did go into the top cap but when I turned it right side up it went back down in the tank.

    I can't imagine the kayfun lite being any better other than not leaking at all. I've already got a figure 8 coil all ready to go into it.

  10. After using the same silica build in my DID for almost 2 weeks, I took the wick and coil off of it today. Since I don't have the clear window on it (just something different) I can't tell if my juice has turned dark, like it does when using mesh. I took a syringe and sucked out the juice and it looks to be as clear as new.

    I got some ekowool yesterday and have been playing with it. Since it's basically "silica".. I detect no difference in flavor but it seems to be wicking better.. which is good. The ends do tend to fray but that hasn't been any problem. I don't know if I'll be using mesh again.

    My kayfun lite is supposed to be here Monday!
  11. So I feel in love with the vape from the genesis several months ago. I tried to keep using my carto tanks but I just couldn't do it. Even when going out.. I would still reach for the mech with the genny. Keeping the dang things upright isn't the easiest thing but the vape makes it worth it. Working with ss mesh isn't the easiest thing but the vape has been worth it.

    But it's getting old.

    I've been on the hunt for a device that will give me the same "genesis vape" that won't leak in my pocketbook (yes, I'm from the South and I'm tired of calling it a purse)
    I've looked at the oddy and penny and the terminator-c but they all require twisting resistance wire with nonresistance wire. I just don't want to do that. I traded my zap for a gp spheroid and am very pleased with it. I use it exclusively with my peach mix. But I need something for my daily peanutbutter/bavarian cream mix.

    I bought an evod. I haven't been too impressed. The flavor just isn't there.

    I'm still thrilled with my silica wicked DID. It works so well, much better than I even hoped it would. But it's still not leakproof. If laid over on it's side, it'll leak out the air hole.

    I also want to get away from using mechs so much. Using a silica based device, I can make my coils higher in resistance and use them on the Provari's. I even sold my EA mod. I'm keeping my Roller and my Moneypenny but I've lost interest in buying more mech mods. I'm also thinking that this mech craze will die down once people figure out they're only good with a ss mesh genesis at subohms. I'm predicting that many will get tired of the voltage drop. I'm also seeing the trend turning away from mesh back to silica. People are getting tired of messing with mesh, of having to keep their devices upright.. I don't plan to stop using mesh any time soon but I am finding myself branching out to other options. I'm also not too sure of the safety of a subohm coil and a mech. I've taken mine to work numerous times and I'm always concerned that something will happen. When I first got into mechs I was concerned that my Provari's would suffer but that hasn't been the case. Other than being more portable, I want to get into the silica based rbas so I can build higher resistance and take a provari out instead of the Roller.

    The GP spheroid and my success with silica in my DID has confirmed to me that I can get that awesome vape with something other than mesh and a mech.

    I'm amazed at the number of different mechs that are coming out. Even though I wasn't interested in a particular device, I still liked to watch the reviews to keep current but even I am getting overwhelmed!

    I managed to snag a kayfun lite from intaste this morning! I also ordered some ekowool from steammonkey to go in it. I'm so excited! I've never really looked close at the prior kayfun devices because I'm not going to pay almost $200 but this model is getting rave reviews and it's almost half the price of it's big brothers.
  12. I see all the hype over mechanical mods. I see many people getting them and I wonder if some of them actually realize what they're getting. A non regulated device that runs off the batts voltage. As the batt discharges, the voltage goes down. Plus there's going to be a voltage drop just as soon as they put something on it and fire it.

    with that being said, I have 2 mechs. I do use and enjoy them. BUT I only use a genesis atty at subohm resistance. Adding a kick would make the mech a vw device and give me continuous voltage but changing the wattage requires taking it out of the device and using a screw driver to adjust it. Plus the kick only goes up to 10 watts and I now vape higher than that. So a kick would do me no good.

    If I ever decide to quit using mesh based genesis rbas than my mechs would really not be of any use to me. For me, a mech is only good with a .8ohm coil. For me, a .8ohm coil is only good with SS mesh. I'm finding myself moving away from mesh in a genesis. Silica is much more forgiving, much easier to build and I can build my coils higher and use them on my Provari's. As it's been said before, a genesis rba, with mesh at subohms really needs a mech to shine. I've found that to be true. BUT.. I have also found I can use silica in my genesis rba.. build my coil with higher resistance and it performs just as well on a provari than if I used mesh, built it at .8 and put it on a mech.

    So anyone who cares to read this.. if you are thinking about getting a mechanical device.. first consider what you are going to use on it. I have a igo-l with a 2ohm coil. I can't use it on a mech because the vape is good with a fresh batt. Once the batts starts discharging and dropping voltage, I can feel it and the vape gets rather anemic. If you are planning on use it with a genesis with a subohm mesh coil... go for it!
  13. I thought about getting a kick for the roller so I can use it with something other than a subohm coil.. but the kick only goes up to 10 watts and that's just too low for me nowadays. I am NOT selling my Roller so I'll keep the rsst setup with a subohm coil and mesh. I have mixed feelings about mechs. I can only use them with subohm coils and ss mesh, plus they don't have the protection of my Provari's. I feel much safer using the Provari's. For awhile I watched the cloudsofvapor site and wanted to snag a GG. But the GG has the pinky button so I abandoned that quest. At one time, during my "got to aquire a genny" phase, I wanted a Cobra... but they were always out of stock. I'm glad I never got one now.

    I'm hoping that I can get a kayfun lite and use my daily peanutbutter mix in it. It would be great to be able to use the PB without having to keep a PV upright all the time.
  14. I wish I had been blogging the last 3 years.. there's so much I've gone through on this journey called vaping.

    I started with an expensive mall kit.. the "one cartridge equals a whole pack of cigarettes" deal. By the time I got my kit home (vaping the whole way) I knew this was NOT the case. I didn't really like the taste but I was intrigued, there were possibilities here. So I started researching and I found ecf. I started asking questions and found that the kit I had bought (smoking anywhere) was not exactly a well regarded product. I thought that maybe electronic cigs could work for me if I found the right product. After asking questions, I was immediately advised to go ahead and buy the best, which at the time was either a screw driver, a Buzz or the superTmfg Precise. I went with a 510 kit from notcigs (or maybe it was cignot, I can't remember)

    I also started trying some different juices.. I hated the prefilled cartridges that came with the smoking anywhere kit. I ordered my first juices from totallywicked.. chocolate...and like it well enough.

    My 510 kit and chocolate juice came and after 3 months of smoking and vaping, I was able to finally put down the cigarettes for good. (Yah me)

    I was still using cartridges but filling them myself. I also would remove the cartridge and just direct drip on the atty.

    I ordered a drip tip.

    I upgraded to an eGo and quit using the cartridges and just dripped into the drip tip. I did this for months. I remember trying all sorts of ways to clean attys to keep them "alive". I remember driving to work with my eGo in one hand and a bottle in the other. I had designated stopping places where I could drip. I was also guilty of dripping and driving a few times. :oops:

    I bought my first "mod" from a forum modder.. a 3.7 box mod and was thrilled. The eGos joined the 510 batts and the smoking anywhere batt in a drawer.

    Then came cartomizers.. it was wonderful! I could vape longer than 5 draws without having to drip!

    I bought an Old Goat bottom feeder. Neat little thing. I bought my first VV device.. a Sgt Army tank bottom feeder. I never could quite get the hang of bottom feeding an atty so I bottom fed cartos.

    Then came carto tanks. WoW! what a learning curve! I started with the ones that were made using vinyl grommets.. to fill it I had to slide a needle between the grommet and tank and if I wasn't careful.. excess air would get trapped in the tank and it would dump it's juice. I kinda went a little wild buying parts on Amazon to make my own tanks and aquired quite a few screws for fill holes. After I bought some "dual coil" tanks.. I had no more problems with flooding and leaking. I always punched my cartos with a hammer and sharp screw (hated doing that!)

    I wanted a Provari but geezz.. so expensive! Then the lavatube came out and I jumped on it! At first I was thrilled but quickly figured out that the voltage on the led readout wasn't the voltage I was getting ( I had purchased a voltmeter for the vv bottom feeder) I was outraged! I quickly sold the lavatube and bought my first provari in january of 2012.. I've been in love ever since :D

    I bought a Madvapes VV box mod and used it every day along side the provari with carto tanks for a year. I also started diying my juice. I never thought I would give up my madvapes vv box mod but along came RBAs. well, first came vivi novas. I liked them well enough.. well enough to reach for them over my carto tanks. I started my rebuilding career by rebuilding the vivi novas. I switched from silica to cotton. (I eventually switched back to silica because cotton burns so easily) I bought a drunker tank and never used the vivi novas again

    My first SS mesh rebuildable was a did clone called the vulcan. I could get it to work but only for a little while, but during that little while, I was sold. I wanted the real thing. I bought a real DID in the classys. Getting a genesis to work properly on a Provari, and being new to genesis attys (and SS mesh) was a challenge. It had to be oxidized perfect or the E1 errors would overtake me. But I learned. I bought a Z atty Pro. No wait...I bought the zap first, then the DID. I bought the zap because it came preassembled and there was that video with the creator himself showing step by step how to set it up. It was heavy but it looked great on my second Provari. I couldn't resist the "blemished" purple provari so I bought a third one.

    Right after buying the third Provari I saw Pbusardo's epiphany video. I had to buy a mech! I wanted that "DAMN!" kinda vape that he got with his electric angel and DID. There were a few inexpensive mechs then but not like there are today. I decided to go for it and get the EA mod. I was afraid I would loose interest in the Provari's and that scared me because I had so much invested in them. I was also afraid of the unregulated voltage thing... would constantly feel the need to change batts?

    I got the EA and eventually built a .8 coil and was in love! Sure keeping it upright was a hassle but the vape was worth it! And the batt gave me a satisfying, quality vape all day, the same amount of time I got out of a batt in a Provari.

    I wanted another mech.. I saw a review on the Moneypenny by fsors and immediately knew it was for me...I contacted fsors and got on the list and 3 weeks later I got my Moneypenny. I wanted a Roller. So I got one of those too. Oh that button! It's sublime!

    Now I had more devices than I could use. I also bought another DID directly from MMvapors.

    I bought an AC9. for some reason it didnt work very well for me and I felt that it just wasn't worth what I paid for it so I sold it for almost what I paid for it. Not long after that I bought an RSST and love it. So much easier to setup (with 28g than the DIDs)

    I bought an IGO-L and love it.

    I tried to keep using carto tanks for out and about but after using the mesh rbas, I just couldn't... instead of the carto tank, I would reach for a DID. Keeping a device upright all the time can get old. I wanted to find that great vape (ss mesh) with something I could throw in my purse and not worry (be constantly be aware of) about. By this time I had 4 gennys (not counting the did clones) I had more than enough. I wanted a GP spheroid but they were pricey and hard to get. I placed an add in the classys stating that I wanted to trade my zap for a spheroid. And I did! I love this speroid! No leaking! (unless I don't put enough filler in it) But I had a problem. My favorite mix, a peanutbutter/bavarian cream mix, didn't have the same flavor in the spheroid as it did in a DID or RSST. But my peach mix really pops in the spheroid.

    So now I'm up the the present day (July 2013) Up until last week, my main setup was the RSST on the Roller. I kept the spheroid and the IGO-L on provari's. I was mainly using the Roller.. the button was so comfortable to use and I could adjust the rsst's air hole to be inline with the button. My EA mod wasn't seeing much use. It just wasn't comfortable to use. So, with much sadness, I sold it. I also went ahead and listed one of the DIDs. (oh..a side note...I wanted to get my Sgt Army tank back up and running, so I bought an A7 and got the "oid" for it. But the army tank won't fire the A7 because the 510 connection is too recessed. I didn't quite care for it in the OID config.. it worked well enough but the vape was too hot and I hated the sucking on one of those coffee stirrer straws. So I sold it earlier in the week)

    I got an idea and made a silica wick and put it in the DID I had listed for sale. OMG! It works great! And my Peanutbutter mix tastes great in it. So I decided not to sell the DID. I still can't believe how easy it was to setup the silica in the DID and how great it works!

    So now I have 3 Provari's, a Money penny and a Roller. As for toppers, I have the 2 DIDs, the RSST, the IGO-L and the GP spheroid. Since the peanutbutter mix is doing so well in the DID with silica, I have hope that I can get it to work in another silica based device. Even though it's doing so well in the silica/DID.. it's still not perfect... meaning I still have to keep it upright. So now I'm on the hunt for the kayfun lite. Up until now, I've not been too interested in the kayfun because it was so expensive.. but the lite is a little more budget friendly.

    I've pretty much stayed with the highend stuff. But if the clones works as well as the original, I'm not opposed to going with something cheaper. I guess I learned a lesson when I tried to go the cheap route with the lavatube. Since I bought my first Provari, I've not even looked at buying another VV device except Provari's.. So yes, I am a big fan.

    My current predicament... I do like the mechs that I have. BUT.. unless I have a genny with a subohm coil on it... I can feel the voltage drop too much and I was afraid of this. I remember back in my 3.7 box mod days.. I hated the voltage drop and always felt like I needed to change out to fresh batts. But with a .8 coil.. the vape is satisfying for most all day. The RSST is easy to setup for a subohm coil.. so I'll keep it setup with mesh. I have another DID setup with a 1ohm coil and mesh and it's vaping nicely on one of the Provari's. The DID with the silica in it (1.4ohms) is vaping nicely on another Provari and of course the spheroid with the peach mix goes on the third. The IGO-l currently is my strawberry/bavarian cream device and it's built to a higher 2ohms. It's on the moneypenny but with the ohms that high, I'm back in my boxmod days where the voltage drop is too noticable and I only like it with a fresh batt.. so on a Provari it will have to go.
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