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  1. I have been around ECF since the end of Sept. last year, I dove in head first surrounded myself with as much as fast as I could.

    HI! my name is Josh most of you see me as Dredbull which is an old avatar name from my wow days. I am 34 suffering from a brutal case of FM! I got it from my mother's side. And also a raging case of depression and uncaught ADHD, or at least it seems that way. I cannot get my brain to silence enough to get relaxed or into a state of relaxing enough to sleep.

    Here I sit realizing a few things that deeply impacts me day to day.
    Emotionally I am drained tapped out and spent. Managing my own frantic and hectic pace is bad enough but trying to juggle other crap along with it I think has gotten me to the breaking point. No not going to cause harm to myself but I mean the scrapping it and starting over point.
    Most of my friends are in other states now with families, and lives that do not seem to click with each other any more. Which sucks and sucks worse when I just need a bro to talk to and a bro that has history with me. I seriously think it is time for a vacation away not a staycation but I loathe traveling that is the rub.

    A ton of crap sandwichs have been piled at my plate, some building up for a time others just fresher and stinkier than others. Not matter the choice it has gotten to the point of facing the poo. I will the leave the gory and painful details out but lets just say it is time to chow down or just get up and walk away. I have had my fill.
  2. My collection to date as of whenever.

    Besides making a couple of mixes myself I will include them.

    1. BS#1
    2. BS#2 those are my babies.

    3. Spanish gem
    4. cheese and bacon
    5. quit
    6. bourbon
    7. honey and whisky

    Samuel gawith
    8. black coffee
    9. peppermint gold

    Wilsons of sharrow
    10. HDT #20
    11. HDT #22
    12. coffee and creme umm gave this away so not sure it should be on my list.
    13. menthol plus
    14. peppermint
    15. crumbs of comfort
    16. gold label
    17. vanilla
    18. brunswick
    19. orange chocolate
    20. irish creme
    21. kendal brown
    23. best dark
    24. extra crumbs
    25. country mint.

    26. amarican caramel
    27. coconut toffee
    28. swiss chocolate
    29. apple pie
    30. honey whiskey
    31. orange chocolate
    39. black

    32. bonbon no longer in my collection. thrown out
    33. chococreme
    34. chcoco
    35. peppermint
    36. macuba

    37. clove
    38. hoppen.
    40. O&G
    41. S'nuff

    42. Hedges L260
    43. F&T french carrotte
    44. RR mills macaboy
    45 honey bee
    46 Lorillards sweet
    47. rooster.
    48 Dr. Rummeys menthol
    49. Conwoods peach
    50 Porchel cola
    51. porchel packard club
    52. lotzbeck vanilla

    there are a few more but I am not feeling all that well and do not feel like getting up..
  3. OK a bit of a rant. A few pet peeves of mine THAT I must get out in some fashion or risk loosing what little sanity I have left.

    Rude people, OMFG! It is not my fault you were taught no manners and failed kindergarden. Wait your turn, do not swear at me and make it personal esp. IF I am trying to do my job to help you. The amount of service you receive from me is a direct reaction to how much of a flaming pile of dog crap you treat me like.

    Men who attempt to bully smaller women. Nuff said on this weither it is a verbal crushing sounding like a neolithic walking Dbag dropping F bombs every other word. Or unprovoked physical violence. Mr. woman hater please go light yourself on fire and save us the trouble.

    Women who think men are whipping posts. verbal mental or physical.
    Now do not get me wrong mom raised me to be nice to women, but they lose that statis when they ball up a fist like a man and think they are ready for a boxing match. Act like a lady get treated like a lady. Act like a dude in a bar fight get treated like a dude in a bar fight.. Fair enough ya?

    Smelly people.
    OH the volumes I could rant on about this one topic alone.
    From curry and bo to fresh poop covered with a french bath.
    GO WASH!! SOAP and water not urine and butt.
    Also if you insist on smelling like a purfume counter GO EASY!! chewing on your funky cloud 20' away and 45 minutes after you left the area means you need to shower, perferably with pure grain booze and a blow torch way down wind from me.

    People and their cellphones.
    No I do not want to see intimate pictures of you as a screen saver... Just goes to show you that they have zero class. DO not get offended when I break out a pair of gloves to handle your phone, I KNOW where your hands have been to take said picture.
    If your hygene is lacking do not be shocked if I break out a set of gloves BEFORE I touch your phone. I can see the face slimed sheen from across the store. Or have just watched you cough and sneeze and or pick your nose, scracthed your junk etc. and handle your phone.
    If you have dropped in human waste, feces or even a septic tank USE common sense and do not handle it nor get angery I refuse to touch it.
    A study 5 years ago at a local mall was conducted on 100 random cellphones. 100 came back positive with urine and fecal matter on them... Nasty people doing 1 and 2 while texting and not washing their hands. 2 phones came back so foul they had flesh eating staph on them. 1 had herpes simplex 2 the nasties kept on going.
    Think twice before using someone's phone.

    People who feel the need to help themselves to my hand sanitizer. NO dipwad it will not help you since you are already infected with a serious case of stupid. I use it because I am around filthy objects all day long.. See above. IT is behind my yellow line and my counter stay back.

    Dipwads who LEAN way over in my personal space and computer work area. GTFB! seriously! I have recently stopped working on people's phones when they overhang my work area. 1 warning nicely then they can go away. Breathing down my neck while I juggle 15 things is not getting to go any faster.

    OK I hve vented enough I need to go lay down and or enjoy a rather giant glass of whiskey.
  4. So having been corrupted by OTD and a few others I ventured into the world of snuff.

    I enjoy it bunches but I have sinus problems and not always in the mood or can snuff. I make the best of it and go with it.

    So a bit of a run down, I pack a bunch around with me for what ever mood hits. Sweet to savory just depends and that I love its compact and kick starts me well.

    So lets add the ones I love and loathe a bit to this.

    My mood changes as does the taste of snuff I reach for.
    The makers vary as do the flavors.
    Pretty much new winners in my list of tries and reorders are these.
    Wilsons of Sharrow
    Menthol plus this stuff is no holds barred kick your face in menthol.
    Crumbs and extra crumbs of comfort. Kick your snotbox full of spearmint goodness.
    Brunswick. DARK moist floral tobacco goodness. Not an everyday sniff but a calming scent slight rose.
    peppermint. everyday is xmas.
    High toast #22 is a winner just tobacco.
    Cinnamon is light floral and not what you think.
    Special dark is moist scary darkness, but easy on the nose.
    Coffee and creme for me is a .... out of my collection.
    I think I have a few others but over all LOVE WoS.

    Moline or windmill, old school snuff makers this stuff is heaven in the nose rough on the throat.
    Macuba is a nice lingering rose scented lover.
    Bon Bon is a leaver it shreds my throat.
    Choco, chococreme and peppermint are keepers.

    Torque for the most part I leave along not worth it IMHO to waste money on once my cans are done so am I with it.

    Honey bee.. the one the only its rocket powered fluff that will grab your nice fit and twist into a sweet little ball of nothing. AND IT TASTES GREAT!!

    I have a bunch more but losing it slightly to keep going on my next visit Ill post the rest.
  5. I am finding myself going more toward snus than vape.
    Vape is great but for the punch it is NOT there for me.

    So having been a retired dipper/spitter, I picked up snus by camel a few years ago and always keep a can or three on hand. Less now that my coworker of 5 years is not at my location any longer, and I fell into snus I will not use unless I am in dire no real snus straights.

    So my break downs of wins and fails of flavors inspired by the great folks in the smokeless alternative section.
    OTD and The Wiz have been super supporters.
    For those not on board with the lingo portions are packets, ES is code for kick you .... with flavor and nic, los is loose and a pris is a wad formed by hand or a tool. In a loose sense of snus lingo and what I will be using in my win/loss, also shortening the names a bit after the mfg just the first letter of the mfg.

    Lets start with the fails.
    RJR in general anything is a vomit product for me. Seriously makes me burps belch and fart like a drunken wino not to mention the taste is like licking month old artifical sweetener.

    General anything since PM took swedish catch over.
    G mini mints. I like mint I like snus just not together. It is super light and minty.
    G wintergreen OMFG puke. Skoal is slightly better not by much.

    Discreet. good concept in flavors but the sweet is either to much, not enough nic or just vomit in a packet.

    Goteberg rape 1 and 2, they are nice but not a reorder, both close and far apart in taste. Gin and spit is the best way to describe it. Nice but not a reorder.

    Grovsnus black, OK this stuff is NOT my cup of tea in fact it almost made me irrate I spent money on this stuff.

    WINS! this is a range of strengths and flavors that range from fruity sweet to here is the mighty hammer of thor in nicotene form belting you one.

    Oden (ok the all father what is NOT to like there.) First tried the portions in Kanel or cinnamon. Please do not think cinnamon stick like, its subtle salty tobacco. ordered and reorded and went into los land with it.
    ES and Kanel ES los and packets are my top flavor packers. Roll order and freezer space for these.

    Gotlandsnus flader. what is flader you ask?? Elderberries!! I love elderberry tea, I love snus and was not dissapointed with this stuff. It is a possible summer reorder for me.

    Julesnus, comes in 2 kinds. Nordstrommer and Gotlanskt. Nord is glogg cinnamon and something else. like xmas in a can and very much loving it. Gotlanskt is mulled wine. Both are los and both rock major socks in lasting packing flavor and subtle goodsnusness. Roll orders on both of these. Not to mention the pris packs like a moving company and it is there.

    General Onyx OK I bash the G a bit but help me if I also like Onyx. Some do not and loathe it but seriously its earl gray, and nic. black portions and lasts a good long time.

    Skruf. I mean come on the name is badass enough. The only flavor I have tried is cranberry. I have reordered it and love it for the easy flavor and nic. Not rolls but reorder is a must. In fact I found myself inbetween snus orders and craved this more than oden at one point.

    Claq qui. Umm fruity poo in deer urine. NO SERIOUSLY it smells like the deer pee scents hunters use. Almost tastes like pee smells. Salty figgy fruity. Once you get over the salt hump it grows on you. Darned IF I know why I like it.

    Probe.. Once you get over the name lemme tell you its AMAZING!! portion and los is outstanding. Smokey tobacco and whiskey, not overly done it is like a good cigar and a single malt. Roll order from the first portion. Easy tie for all time best flavor with julesnus.

    ... not sure of a couple.
    general es portion. Kinda gave me the rumble tummy and for flavor is like salty sweet. It might be a love or loathe. To me its almost like a cig in a portion or onynx without the bergmont.

    Nick and Johnny's black.. smells hmm kinda sharp and not as nice as onyx. SOO not sure about this stuff.

    So there is my whole of exploration in snus. Thank you for reading my ramblings of a mad snuser and my first blog ever.
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