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  5. the problem with hybrid-look topcaps

  6. my mods lineup
    22mm magma rda on m16 sentinel telescopic with 18350
    30mm veritas rda on grandvapor private v2
    30mm magma rda on nemesis
    flashevapor rta on stingray
    ares rda on chiyou
    30mm kayfun lite rta on chiyou
    flashevapor rta on astro telescopic
    (all the above with kick modules)
    30mm veritas rda on vamo5s control head on a chiyou topcap on a 7.5 volt dc wire.
  7. Been wanting to build on my flash-e-vapor deck, but haven't been keen on the top part, meanwhile been wanting to use my big dripper but haven't been keen on the build deck,

    so last night with the server being down, I realised I could just maybe use any o-ring type dripper deck with my big d so long as its a 22mm! My igo-w3 didn't fit - seems that one is 21.8mm, but my flash-e-vapor deck fits!

    View attachment 394472
    View attachment 394485
  8. Main:

  9. View attachment 392367

    I use the one on the right when I'm watching tv or on the computer,
    or the one on the left if I am going out.
  10. Great pictures of protank vertical coil build

  11. immortalizer rda base disc fits in taifun
  12. for future reference

  13. glass windo rda
  14. rip's video of 28 gauge microcoil in minipt 12 wrap 1.8 ohm 15 watts
  15. Just got an igo-w3 today.
    running at 3.1-3.6 ohms, at about 9 watts on my vamo;
    ribbon wire 0.1x0.3
    View attachment 376762
    View attachment 376761
    View attachment 376763
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