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  1. vamo5s control head on chiyou mech using sigelei bottom cap instead of the chiyou bottom switch.

    View attachment 374877
  3. How Fasttech insults their Customers:

    View attachment 342934

    When you get your package in the mail you can tag your shipment as "Delivered".

    But if you do not receive you package after 3 months, Fasttech changes the status to "Delivered"
  4. [​IMG]
    standard workhorse tank.
    - glass
    - eGo thread
    - changeable mouthpiece
    - common, easy-to-find replacement coilhead.

    - you can get an airflow-control base for it

    - you can use the miniprotank's base on a protank but to fill the space you will need to add an extra silicone cap like this:
    Protank on miniprotank eGo base.

    - you can dryburn and/or rewick the coils easily:

    Tomcatt's pics:

    - you can recoil with kanthal:

  5. [​IMG]
    pic showing how close the 510 threaded tanks are to a complete hard short.
  6. The Vape 400!
  7. 20 sec clip showing silica wick dryburn.

  8. clearer pic showing
    1: ac/dc adapter
    2: 2-prong to 510/eGo adapter cable
    3: 510 threaded vamo5S control head.

    View attachment 336837
  9. another adapter


    better pic after tape:
  10. ego to radio shack dc volt adapter

  11. Vamo5S control head hooked up to the wall - more detail

    View attachment 335862
  12. Vamo 5S control head hooked up to wall via 7.6 vdc adapter

    View attachment 335859

  13. View attachment 333802 vamo5 control head on mag-254 2500mA 40 Watt Universal Power Supply @ 7.5 volts
  14. [​IMG]

  15. Nice set of pics to illustrate dryburning and rewicking!

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