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  1. bcc head with extra cap

  2. vamo with extra ext tubes on top.
    View attachment 321965
  3. For simplicity you might want to consider something like a pack of vision v-nanos and automatic cigalike batteries. That would give you the simplicity of the blu but you can see your liquid and you can put whatever liquid you want in it.


  4. View attachment 320097

    Try looking at this and looking at the connection between the bottom of the tank and the top of the battery.

    The red thing in the middle has to make contact.

    Everything is so close inside that 510 threadwell, no wonder it always causes problems; that's why eGo threads are better.[/QUOTE]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. View attachment 310514
    You can use the vamo in short mode with a 18350 battery (35 mm long) instead of the 18650 (65 mm long) battery, plus the bottom tube you remove to do that can thread onto the top to protect your tank!
  7. The 2 tubes at the bottom of the vamo for holding 650 or 350 batteries, can also fit on the top to protect your tank!!

    View attachment 305933
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