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  1. So I went bat.... crazy on a closeout of IKEA solar things this past week. I bought $500 worth of solar lights for a project to light up my room at night off the grid. Here's a preview of what I've got started thus far:


    crap in the boxes i don't need

    solar cells with 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries inside with lil pig tails to plug into the lights

    piecing it together

    where are those pig tails???

    That's what $100 and 3 hours looks like

    IT'S ALIVE....ALIVE!!!!!

    testes testes

    Beer is from the heavens :p

    The final project will probably replace the NiMH batteries with lithium ions, and the lighting will most definitely be changed over to something that has some better light throw to it. If you have some suggestions lemme know.
    Oh, and there should be a pass through in the works once I get this settled down a bit.
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